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Legal Online Gambling and How It Could Affect Land-Based Play

After several years of Congressional battles on federal and state levels, the first-ever legal, regulated online poker site went live for players in Nevada recently, and the response has been stupendous (surprising no one). Stations Casinos, a mostly locals-oriented casino chain with 16 Nevada properties, beat some seemingly much bigger players, like Caesars, to be…Read More

The Top Five Gambling Movies Ever Made

Even though gambling movies usually fall into different categories, there are some films that manage to display all kinds of gambling with unflinching accuracy. These are our five favorite movies that deal with gambling, spanning several centuries, and everything from craps to horse racing. Beyond being a blast to watch, most of these films were…Read More

Top Five Casinos Worldwide: The Ultimate Player’s Guide

So you think you know casinos? Think again! On this page, we’re going to reveal our choices for five of the most expensive, exciting, and mind-blowing casinos on the planet. They span three continents, and while they vary widely in size, each selection comes in first place in its own category. Largest Casino – Venetian…Read More

Gambling on the end of the World – Odds of Global Doom

What are the Odds of Global Doom? Discover the chances of the world ending… The world seems a pretty stable place. We go about our lives taking for granted that the sun will rise the next day. Only it almost didn’t – at least not on a world we would recognise. We have come perilously…Read More

Easy Blackjack Strategies: Tips for Winning at 21 Online

Even a quick Internet search will reveal that there are a lot of blackjack strategies out there. Some of these are very complicated, some are questionable at best, and others seem to be totally random. So, we put this page together to give you a straightforward strategy guide to online blackjack. Before continuing, please make…Read More

Customers Cite Top Five Casino Complaints in Annual Guide

People enter casinos with such high hopes: of winning a jackpot, making some extra cash, or even just enjoying some “free” food and alcohol. But while most of us look forward to a day at our favorite casino property, being human, we can also find something to complain about. Now the 2013 American Casino Guide…Read More

Who Placed the First Bet? and Other Questions We Know You’ve Wondered About the History of Gambling

The history of gambling is much like the history of life on Earth itself: full of conflicting accounts about its origins and tied in closely with, can you believe it, religion. Turns out church bingo isn’t the first time a religious organization got involved with gaming. Roots It’s believed that the first evidence of some…Read More

10 Incredible Shots of Las Vegas from Above

Lead Online gambling offers fans of chance and fortune a great opportunity to lay bets on a whim from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. But while meeting up with Lady Luck in the depths of cyberspace can be fun – not to say rewarding – it’s no trip to Vegas. In Sin…Read More

Doing Las Vegas: What Tourists Flock to Most (and Least)

We know all you can think about when planning your next Vegas trip is the money burning a hole in your pocket, waiting to be turned in for poker chips, or craps chips, or blackjack chips, or just to be eaten surreptitiously by the colorful and noisy slot machine of your choice. But let’s be…Read More

The Lottery’s Biggest Winning Losers

The Lottery’s Biggest Winning Losers Ever wish you were one of the lucky few to win millions playing the lottery? Ever wonder how they spend their windfall? Check out some of the most surprising facts about a few of the biggest lottery winners in history. You just might want to reconsider once you see how…Read More