7 Most Annoying People Found at the Blackjack Table

7 Most Annoying People Found at the Blackjack Table

Pulling up and settling into an empty seat at the blackjack table is pretty much the ultimate casino experience. You see it in movies all the time and it’s fun to be pitched against the dealer and try your luck with the deck.

So there you are, getting into the swing of your game, when suddenly you clock that person. And you wonder how it is that this person ended up on the same table as you.

Like, did they come along with the sole purpose of annoying the hell out of everyone around them?

Read on to discover those jerks you don’t want, but inevitably encounter, at the blackjack table.

1. The Critic

We’ve all been subject to the ‘wise’ words of the critic. Whether they’re attacking your strategy, rallying a petition against another player’s latest hit, or bragging about their own expertise, they should just shut up.

Keep your negative thoughts to yourself, you’re only dampening the game and showing yourself up.

2. The MIA Server

Why is it that whenever you actually want a drink the server is literally nowhere to be seen? Either you’re really thirsty or need to splash on drinks before it’s all used up on bets but there’s nobody on hand.

But guaranteed, you will suddenly be accosted when you’ve lost all your money or are on your way out.

3. The Superstitious One

There are those people who get so freaky and caught up on the superstition of the game that they forget the pack of cards is already arranged. Whatever you bet, the same number is going to appear when the card is turned over.

And yet some people get angry and start blaming other players like the way they put their drink down affected the cards which somehow jumbled up anew to reveal the card that ruins their game.

4. The OCD

We all know full well that you never touch the cards in blackjack. So why is it that there’s always someone who just has to straighten up their cards like it’s the local flower show?

You’ll be kicked off the table and hold up the whole game. Instant enemy number one.

5. The Newbie

Yeah we’ve all been there. Fresh faced and doe-eyed at the table but here’s a tip: keep your mouth shut.

The dealer isn’t there as your old time buddy or mentor so don’t expect some great gameplay advice from them. Sure they’ll give you something broad and vague but will that really help you? No. But it will slow things down and make your fellow players’ bristles prickle.

6. The Chatterbox

I’m pretty social but when I go in to play blackjack I’m looking to keep my head down and maybe win a few bucks. I don’t want to find a new life long pal in the dealer.

Sure, the odd exchange is fine, but no one wants the game being slowed down because of chit chat.

7. The Tight Ass

So I may have a thing against over friendly dealers but worse than that is the big winner who doesn’t tip. Without the dealer would you have had those cards out down in front of you? Nice to show a bit of appreciation and share the love of your lucky night with some chips.

It always pays to be kind and grateful. If you aren’t already, get clued up on tipping etiquette around the world so you know what’s expected of you at different casinos.

If you’ve encountered these people at your table, you’re not alone. They seem to be everywhere!

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