Craziest Fake Wins Ever

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Everybody loves a winner. If somebody lands a big win on the lottery or a progressive slot game they become a global sensation. Things aren’t always as they first appear though. Here’s a look at some of the most insane fake wins ever. Expect everything from to scratch card lies to fake faeces.

Lottery Winner Takes A Dump On Her Boss’ Desk

It was a story that caused a stir on social media as it went viral. A 41 year old woman was alleged to have been arrested after she defecated on her boss’ desk after finding out she had won $3 million on the lottery.
Thousands of people shared the story due to its obscene nature. Unfortunately, the story turned out to be fake. It was published on a satirical news site called The Valley Report by site owner Dave Weasel.

We all live in hope that somewhere, at some time, there is somebody that has dropped a big fat deuce on their boss’ desk after hitting a large sum when gambling. No doubt this rumour got a lot of bosses up and down the country nervous too.
The lesson here is to always treat your employees with respect. Otherwise, as the wise and ancient saying goes; you risk getting a turd on your desk.
Kylie Jenner Fans Tricked Into Believing Reality Star Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest civilian award in the US. To give you some idea of its prestige, previous winners include Mother Teresa, Stephen Hawking, and Aretha Franklin.

So it might seem a little strange that reality television star Kylie Jenner was awarded one for “realizing stuff”. However, thousands of her fans were duped into believing this was so.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star saw her social media profiles bombarded by congratulatory messages on the achievement.

What kind of an age do we live in?!

Man Claims £250k Scratch Card Win

One cocky fraudster ended up being the butt of his own joke when he tried to con UK national lottery organisers into awarding him a £250,000 jackpot prize from a defaced scratch card.

Jonny Smith, from Ossett, posted his winning scratch card on Facebook. He made the audacious claim that his scratch card’s bar code had “accidentally” been burned off. Not only that but apparently, the scratch card was also the victim of an ink spillage.

Unfortunately, Jonny’s attempts to glue amounts from previous cards on to this scratch card led to the national lottery responding in a sarcastic tone. They told the failed fraudster to fireproof his home and use some better glue in the future to make the forgery appear more authentic.

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McDonald’s Employee Tells Boss to “Piss Off”

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A news article started to circulate in 2015 covering the story of McDonald’s employee Martin Reiter who won $362,259 on a game of bingo.

It was alleged that Reiter then proceeded to walk out of his job at the Nevada branch of the restaurant franchise and resoundingly told his manager to “piss off”.

It was a massive flip of the bird to the big man. Sadly, it was not true and was attributed to a fake news website.

The image used for the article was actually a former Chili’s cook called Justin Speekz who was a wannabe rapper that got sacked from his job for posting nudes of himself online. Real classy.

Pizza Delivery Guy Wins $31,411 at Mobile Casino

It is a story that seems too good to be true… and that’s because it is.

A link appeared across a number of media outlets stating that a pizza delivery guy named Chris Fields had won $31,411 whilst playing on a slots game at a mobile casino accessed via Facebook during his break time at work.

The story stated that, in dramatic fashion, Chris was given 80 free spins by the mobile casino and with just 9 minutes left of his break he landed the five figure win. Unfortunately, Chris did not win the jackpot. He did not even exist.

It was all part of a Zodiac Casino scam to entice people to sign up to the site. In an added piece of marketing evil-genius, Zodiac Casino included a geo-tag that would alter the location of where Chris worked depending on where the user was reading the article.

This ensured that it always felt like a realistic possibility that you could win because somebody close to you had. This is a technique that is repeatedly used by firms these days to lure people into using their products.