10 Crazy Casino Secrets We Learned From Reddit

10 Crazy Casino Secrets We Learned From Reddit

Casinos have all kinds of secrets they don’t want you to know. But over on Reddit, thanks to AMAs and other popular threads, some casino insiders have shared their stories.

And we’ve scoured the threads from over the years to bring you the top 10 craziest secrets, straight from the mouths of people working in the industry.

1. All Slots Are Written In The Same Musical Key To Make You Play For Longer

Ever wonder why with all the noise of a casino, the jingles, bells, and soundtracks don’t sound awful together? That’s because they’re all written in C Major.

The notes don’t clash, and it keeps players in a good mood and therefore playing for longer. Just another sneaky casino design trick…

2. Some People Don’t Stop For Bathroom Breaks

All across Reddit there are stories about this.

Apparently, patrons will be so engrossed in a game, or so committed to finally hitting that lucky win, that they will wear adult diapers to keep gambling without bathroom breaks.

Some don’t even wear the diapers.

Many leave puddles or piles in the seats when they leave, and casinos don’t always do as much clean up as you’d imagine. Nice.

3. Yes, They Do Use Faster Dealers At Night To Close Out Tables

Ever feel like your bankroll lasts longer when you play in the afternoon than at night? That’s because it probably does.

The casino will swap in faster dealers at night to push more bets per hour, closing out tables.

Some blackjack dealers will deal up to 50 hands per hour, not only pushing you to make more bets in that time period, but also pressuring you to make decisions faster – and not always with your best judgment.

4. The Casino Is Probably Haunted

Numerous Redditors reported patrons tragically dying at the casino. Some died at the slots, other at the table games. Most were old, but not all.

We also read reports of other casino-goers trying to steal their chips before the paramedics arrived.

Either way, chances are that someone died in that same place where you’re doing all the superstitious things to try to win big, so you might need to appease their spirit when the jackpot hits.

5. The House Wins Way More Than You Might Imagine

It’s not just the glitzy casinos on the Las Vegas strip that are raking in the cash.

A riverboat casino in northern Illinois could easily be profiting $1 million per week. That’s after operating expenses, in a small suburban casino.

Never underestimate just how much the house always wins:

6. Casinos Get Boxes Of Pre-Shuffled Cards

Don’t get too attached to your lucky decks of cards at the casino. New decks are cycled into machines a couple times a shift.

In fact, you won’t see dealers opening up packs of new playing cards, as the casinos get special boxes that have six decks of pre-shuffled cards in them to speed up play.

Now this is starting to sound like the beginning of an Oceans 11 scam…

7. The Smoking Ban Cost Casinos Millions

Smoking and gambling often go hand-in-hand, so when smoking was banned in most casinos, many took financial hits in the millions per quarter.

One Redditor claims the casino lost $20 million in a single quarter. Thanks to tribal law, the casino was able to lift the ban in the casino, but others surely lost out on significant cash.

8. Win More Than $15,000 And The Casino Watches You

Yes, casinos are always watching you.

But once you hit a certain level, they really start paying attention.

What’s the level? One surveillance tech claimed it was once someone won $15K per sit-down in blackjack.

9. Real Chips Can Be Used Like Crayons

Counterfeiting a chip is even harder than you might imagine.

Apparently, cashiers can use real chips like crayons and draw pictures when they’re bored.

No wonder it’s so quick and easy for them to spot fakes!

10. The Blackjack Dealer Doesn’t Know Their Hand

When the dealer checks for blackjack, they don’t actually check the card.

Instead, they put the card into a peeker, with a different rotation depending on if they’re checking for an Ace or 10-value card.

If it’s not blackjack, all they see is white, so there’s no tell or sense of the hand’s value.

It could be 20 or 14, your guess is as good as the dealer’s.