Season 8 is Your Last Chance to Bet on Game of Thrones

Season 8 is Your Last Chance to Bet on Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a cultural phenomenon with people around the world wondering what will happen next. A reputation for killing off beloved characters and generally shattering your TV series expectations means that anything could happen at any point.

Of course, this also means that spoilers are real, so read on at your own risk.

Season 8 is coming on April 14, and it will be the series finale. It’s been some bloody years. So bloody that the American Red Cross has partnered with the show for a blood drive. Seems fitting. What’s also fitting is that people across the globe will be putting money on a range of Game of Thrones bets.

These are some of the wagers you’ll be able to make.


Rule from the Iron Throne

In a series called Game of Thrones, of course the actual throne is a big deal. With all manner of death and destruction, a variety of characters have ruled from the Iron Throne throughout the seasons of the show.

It makes sense, then, that a few bookies will let you wager on who will be seated on the throne in the finale. To bet on this market, you’ll need to visit Bet-At-Home or Betway.

Bet-At-Home gives odds for everyone from Jon Snow or Arya Stark to a revived Ned Stark with over 30 options to choose from. Betway gives 12 options in this market.

Either way, they agree that Bran Stark has the best odds of sitting on the throne in the end, although the rest of their odds vary wildly. So if you think Jon Snow might come out on top, or your money is on Sansa Stark, you may want to compare the odds to find your best payout.


What a time to be a dragon

Previous seasons were all about the dragon reveals. Now, the bets are on if dragons will die in Season 8. You need to visit Betfair to wager on this element. At this point, the odds seem to show that no one believes dragons will live for the whole season.

Death, lots of death

The whole series has been filled with death. From the red wedding through season finales, you never know which character will live or die. It’s part of the show’s allure, part of its identity. So it’s no wonder that you can bet on which characters will die in Season 8.

In actual fact, death itself is a bit confusing in the show. As a result, bookies are indicating that changing form or becoming a White Walker also counts as death, before people dispute some deaths as characters return.

At Betfair, you can wager on whether you think The Hound or The Mountain will die first. Geez, clearly they don’t expect either to survive the season. The odds are pretty close, though, so it’s really up to you which one you think will kick the bucket first.

At Bet-At-Home, you can bet on which character will be killed or destroyed first in Season 8 of Game of Thrones. They also have bets on the survival of 25 different characters. Even if you’re not sure which one will be killed off first, you can put in your bet that Arya Stark or Cersei Lannister will survive or not.

Betway even takes the Cersei Lannister wager to the next level, letting you bet on who will kill Cersei in Season 8. The odds are backing Jaimie Lannister or Arya stark, but other contenders include Tyrion Lannister or The Mountain.

Make watching Game of Thrones even more of a nail-biter when you put money on the twists and turns. Knowing that you’ll win big when characters get what’s coming to them will make it even more victorious.

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