Earn Your Stripes: Which Reality Dating Shows Produce The Highest Insta Earners?

Earn Your Stripes: Which Reality Dating Shows Produce The Highest Insta Earners?

Reality TV dating shows will always be top billing. Everyone loves a bit of drama, scandal and romantic intrigue – and let’s face it, watching an awkward date or two, as well.

Barely a month ever goes by before a new dating show ‘personality’ springs onto our screens and shoots to instant ‘fame’.

Fascination with the private lives of these small screen ‘stars’ also spills over past love lives and into how much these ‘romantic’ reality stars go onto earn.

So, we decided to indulge our curiosity and do some digging into which reality shows produce the biggest earners on Instagram.

After compiling data on the most recent seasons of 10 of the most popular dating shows, we then used the formula taken from the Hopper HQ Instagram Rich List, to calculate how much the contestants from each show earn on average through their posts on the social media platform. 

Check out our findings below.

Instant Earners – Which Shows Bring In The Big Bucks?

Reality show earnings infographic - shows that produce the highest insta earners
*Based on a rate of $0.00541911 per follower

First, we decided to take a look at the loved-up landscape overall, focusing on which dating show provided the highest average earnings per Instagram post. Here’s what we found…

‘Contestants’ on Too Hot to Handle – we’re talking the likes of Bryce Hirschberg and co – look to be the biggest winners by raking in an average of $6,818 earnings per post.

They may have to behave in the show to win the cash prize but it’s surely worth it to turn those ratings into dollar signs afterwards.

There’s a huge gap between Too Hot to Handle and the next reality TV show on our list, as Love is Blind pips The Bachelor to second place with its ‘stars’.

The cast of this show earn around $2,210 for each post which, let’s be honest, is still pretty awesome.

We decided to go a little bit further, though, and discover whether female or male contestants held the crown for most Instagram cash per post.

And the answer? The girls have won it!

Reality show earnings infographic - insta earners, males v females

Well, more often than not, anyway.

Average female earnings for Too Hot to Handle were $7,409, while the guy’s got roughly $6,227 for a post.

The same trend continues for shows such as Love Is Blind, 90 Day Fiancé, Love Island and Ex on the Beach.

As these shows often tend to be populated by stunning model types, we can’t begin to wonder why that might be…

The only outliers were Married at First Sight and Are You The One? – with the guys from the former earning, on average, $1 more per post than their female counterparts.

Pulling Power – Who Are The Highest Earners Across All Shows?

Reality show earnings infographic -  highest insta earners across all shows

So that’s the shows done and dusted, but which dating reality TV stars are the top of the pile when it comes to earnings per Instagram post?

As you can see, that title goes to Too Hot to Handle’s Francesca Farago.

That actually makes a lot of sense as the model / reality star also has more Instagram followers than anyone else on our list.

Her 476,9109 devotees mean she nets, on average, $25,844 per post. Wow – nice work if you can get it.

Francesca’s closest competitor just so happens to be her former co-star and ex-boyfriend Harry Jowsey, who clocks up an average of $19,730 for a post, too.

Love is Blind personalities Lauren Speed, Cameron Hamilton and Giannina Gibelli make up the rest of the top five.

While, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are the only other two TV shows to get their cast members a place in the top 10 Insta earners list.

Love Is In The Air – Again

Our infographics make it pretty clear which shows, and consequently which reality TV dating stars, have the biggest social media clout.

Contestants on Too Hot to Handle have the best chance of netting the highest Insta earnings, as the show is our runaway winner here.

Although, Love is Blind is not too far behind when it comes to making Instagram moolah for its cast either.

Clearly, it pays to be on either of these reality dating shows.

Fans of Too Hot to Handle won’t have to wait long to meet the new cast – there’s no release date yet (pandemic reasons, of course) but it’s expected to be in 2021, with filming reportedly in Turks and Caicos instead this time. Very romantic.

Most of these shows are in similar COVID-19 chaos. But that just means there’ll be a binge fest when normal service resumes. More to love!

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