9 Most Annoying People Found in Every Running Race

9 Most Annoying People Found in Every Running Race

When you’re in a running race all your focus is on the finish line. Can I beat my PB? Can I push that bit harder?

So when some of these annoying people show up — and they always do — they can really throw you off your groove. How many have you come across?

1. Your Lying Best Friend

We’ve all been there, when you’re standing on the start line regretting every beer you had and cursing yourself for not doing enough training. But your buddy assures you you’re in the same boat. They even brag they’ve never been so unfit.

The race starts and you see it’s all lies.

Sprinting ahead without even breaking a sweat, your ‘buddy’ looks at you with pity and smugness. They definitely trained, and trained hard. Pfft.

2. Forrest Gump

The film is epic, we know. Especially from a runner’s point of view (he ran how far?!). But that doesn’t mean you have to try and be Tom Hanks in your running race with your seen-it-all-before t-shirt.

3. The Attention Seeker

You’ll spot this one a mile off from their over-the-top, bulky costume. Or if they knock you mid-run. Their spatial awareness is totally off so they have no idea they’re jabbing you in the eye with a giant fairy wing.

But, saying that, people who run with a kitchen sink attached to their back do deserve some kudos.

4. The Disco Kid

Has nobody introduced this person to headphones? Clearly not, otherwise they wouldn’t be playing their music at high volume off a speaker attached to their arm.

Not everybody runs to your beat and Snow Patrol isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Keep it private and join the silent disco crowd.

5. The Coach

Yes, of course there has to be that runner with tips for everyone for everything! If it’s not your headband being the wrong fabric, it’ll be that your laces aren’t tight enough.

Too fast, or too slow, doesn’t matter – there will always be a comment.

6. The Scout Leader

It’s great to have a reminder of the big marks along the race, like the 10km mark. But there’s usually that one who, like a Scout leader, will tell you all at every mile how many you’ve done and how many are still to go.

We get it, you like to be the one egging everyone on and keeping up morale. But this isn’t the Scouts, and you’re not the leader, so lay off it.

7. The Insta Fiend

It’s all for the likes and the ‘gram. Selfies at literally every mile, or stupid costume, or novelty dog.

And then there’s the ‘story’…do your followers seriously want to watch the tarmac jump up and down on the screen with your panting as the soundtrack?

8. The Lycra Lover

This runner is head to toe in tiny fitting lycra showing off every line and bulge on the body. The lycra comes in all colours but wouldn’t look out of place in an 80s exercise video.

9. The Pro

Not really, but they think they are.

This is, what, their 13th marathon in the last 3 years and they are the absolute best. HA, like any of that matters. We’re all here to run, dude, and if you’re really all that you don’t need to brag about it ‘cause you’ll be waiting for us at the finish line, right?

Also, if you’ve done so many what are your tips for scoring a place? Word on the street is it’s getting harder to get a place in big races like the London Marathon…and yet these annoying folk still manage it. Pfft.


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