Matching Your Betting Personality to the Perfect Casino Games For You

Sometimes you’ll hear people say, “I love to gamble!” or “I’m just not a gambler”; but in reality, everybody has some gamble in them, or they would never make it out of their crib.  The secret to enjoyable gambling is finding the game or games that best suit your particular level of risk comfort, combined with your desire to be engaged (or not) in the success process itself. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some personality types, and match them up with the best casino game fits for their unique outlooks.

The Risk Lover Who Enjoys Random Luck

Some people enjoy the random nature of pure luck gambling. Most likely, these people are just naturally “lucky,” so they may tend to win at non-skill-related games more than others.

For these gamblers, high-payout, total luck games such as video poker slots with jackpots and high payouts for hitting a royal flush will probably be very enjoyable, for the simple reason that when they hit, they’ll hit big, particularly if they choose the “max bets” option for the highest payout at whatever level they’re betting at.

The Risk Lover Who Likes To Be Involved with Their Wins

If you have a high-risk tolerance, but need to be mentally engaged and use some strategy when you play, games such as blackjack, poker and even craps will be your best bets.  There’s still plenty of variance involved, and no matter what level you’re playing at wager-wise, you can still bring home 10x your bankroll on a really good night.  Obviously, you will need to study and learn strategy tips for this to be effective.

The Escapist

Some people use gambling the way others use alcohol: as a way to just “get away from it all” for a bit. While you want to be careful not to get carried away with that philosophy, an occasional session of gambling to escape isn’t likely to hurt you if you set strict bankroll parameters for yourself.  For people who want to “tune out,” slots are definitely the way to go. Find your machine, order a drink, and you can get lost for a few hours in fun sounds, cool graphics, and hopefully even a nice win.

The Rational Gambler

You are the one who doesn’t really believe in “gambling” – you want to rely on your skill, knowledge and strategy almost 100%. For you, only games of great strategy will suffice, and that means poker or blackjack. Just make sure you realize that while you may not believe in luck, others do; and their game “strategy” may be more hunch-oriented than yours, making you somewhat nuts.

The Social Gambler

If it’s all about the social aspect of gambling – the repartee, a few drinks, maybe even some flirtation – then poker is going to best fulfill your desire to chat and connect with other gamblers while you play. Just pick a limit that offers other players who are of the same mind; typically, games with huge blind structures don’t draw super cordial, social players.

The Upscale Gambler

It’s all about a night on the town when you get the itch to play; you like getting a bit dressed up, having a swank dinner with friends, and enjoying top-shelf liquor. You’re probably going to fit right in a baccarat room, where attentive service and James Bond-style elegance still rule. Of course, if you’re playing online, you may have to supply the liquor and ambiance yourself, but that can be fun too. Make it a stay-at-home date night for you and your significant other!

The Casino Junkie

You have more gamble in you than ten other players combined; you live for the rush of a jackpot payout or a huge score!! For you, slots with a progressive jackpot or a Megabucks machine might offer you sufficient excitement, as long as you realize the bigger the payout, the lower the odds are of you hitting the big one. But hey, someone’s gotta win; this time, it could be you!!!

Use these guidelines the next time you’re online or at a land-based casino to try your wings at some new games. Remember there are many sub-genres of all these games, so keep experimenting until you find your gambling “home.”