How to Throw a Casino-Themed Christmas Office Party

How to Throw a Casino-Themed Christmas Office Party

Christmas office parties can either be a ton of fun or super lame. It can be tricky to please everyone, but a casino-themed party is pretty much a sure winner every time. From great games with thrilling prizes to themed food and drink, there’s loads you can do to bring the casino to the office.

Go Wild With Decorations

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Sending out invitations? Print them relatively small and glue them to playing cards! You could even use chips as tickets for staffers and plus ones.

If you’re going for electronic invites, go for fonts that evoke the Las Vegas casino experience, like Lounge Bait or Casino to take your design up a notch. Add some dice and playing card motifs, and everyone should be clear about what’s going on at this year’s Christmas office party.

Decide which kind of casino-theme you want to create. Want an old-school, prohibition-era speakeasy vibe, complete with that underground lounge feel? Or do you want a more modern casino approach, with pure luxury showcased in every detail?

The former is best served by covering up the clocks and most of the lighting, whereas the latter does well with velvet ropes, red carpets and lots of sparkles. And don’t forget to use green felt for table cloths for an extra casino touch. We’ve got tons of tips here, including a video on how to make money bunting.

If you’re prepared to splurge, look into getting some custom chips made for the event, perhaps with your company logo printed on them. They make for fun souvenirs and add a nice touch to the event.

Choose Your Games Wisely 

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Most players want the mix of casino games, ranging from Texas Hold’em and blackjack to roulette and craps. Stick with games that are quick and easy to learn, and even offer some quick guidelines like hand rankings for poker or betting guides for craps to help people who might not be familiar with the games.

Depending on your budget, you can rent the tables and equipment, or even hire real croupiers or dealers to run the games for your team. If renting tables or dealers is out of the budget, get a few colleagues trained up on how to deal blackjack and baccarat.

Offer Great Prizes

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Instead of casino chips being cashed in for money (it would be illegal to create a real casino without a license), why not cash them in for raffle tickets? Depending on your office environment, employees might appreciate noise canceling headphones or ergonomic mouse pads as prizes. Other offices have been known to give away prizes like spa days or massages, movie tickets, gift vouchers or wearable tech like a FitBit.

Want to give everyone a goodie bag? Use boxes that look like dice for a fun twist and fill them with tissues printed to look like $100 bills. Add in playing cards for everyone and some form of luxury food item, and everyone will be more than thrilled with their reward.

Keep The Drinks Flowing

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Nothing says casinos like open bars with never ending champagne for the true high roller experience. But it’s not always wise to get hammered with your boss, and office politics only get more complicated when inhibitions are lowered.

If you’re planning to serve alcohol, stick to wine, beer or pre-mixed drinks like spiked seltzers or ciders. You can still keep the casino feeling by serving all drinks in clear plastic tumblers, or be pure James Bond and serve everything in martini glasses.

For those offices that don’t serve alcohol, why not steal some popular mocktails from Vegas? There’s The Virgin HK Antioxidant from Gordon Ramsay Steak, or the Eden from Hakkasan Las Vegas. You could even go wild with the casino-theme and get ice cubes that look like dice.

Sate the Appetites

While gambling in Las Vegas, people don’t sit down for plated meals. Instead, gamblers tend to snack on finger food, which is typically the best idea at a Christmas office party anyway.

Try to be creative with your food. Combine cherries, grapes, melon balls and orange sections on a skewer for a fun take on a slot machine fruit salad, or make mini roulette pizza wheels, or some diced jello shots.

You can use red and black licorice twists for extra color on the food tables, as well as red and black napkins to add to the style. Of course, if you’re going for the full, fancy and luxurious casino feeling, you don’t need to worry about forcing the theme on the cuisine at all. Just serve some fancy hors d’ouevres and you’re an automatic winner!

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