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Our casino employment findings come predominantly from the US. It’s Vegas that has to be the aim for any aspiring dealer, so get used to thinking in dollars when it comes to employment in a casino. The salaries we’ve quoted come from a range of job sites so, while there will be variance, our data is currently accurate.

Casino Employment Opportunities by Highest to Lowest Paid

It is understandable that the salary on offer will be a major consideration when looking for employment in a casino. To help you compare the range of salaries expected in different casino jobs, we’ve ordered them from highest to lowest paid.

Average salary (USD)

General Manager / Owner


Pit boss




VIP Manager


Casino investigator


Game techician


Surveillance officer


Security Guard














Poker dealer


Waiters and waitresses


Blackjack dealer


Roulette dealer


The position of casino owner is predictably the one that leads the way. It will likely take years of experience and effort, plus a fair amount of business nous and acumen, to reach this level and there are only a few casino employment opportunities available at this level. Still, there is no harm in being ambitious and the potential financial rewards are evident.

At the opposite end of the scale are dealers for poker, roulette and blackjack. There will be a far greater quantity of casino jobs at this level. Do consider that the wage quoted does not factor in tips that you may receive while at the table, so there is certainly the opportunity to increase the amount you’ll receive to a more attractive figure. There is also a unique buzz associated with real money casino tables that cannot easily be translated into a numerical value.

Comparing Casino Employment by Gender

Male - 68.6%
Female - 23.6%
Unknown - 7.9%
Male Female Unknown
68.6% 23.6% 7.9%

We have already seen that there is a real range of casino job opportunities for every type of person. However digging deeper reveals some stark differences when it comes to gender. Technicians and casino investigator roles have tended to be male dominated, with approximately 80% of jobs in these areas occupied by men. By contrast, over three quarters of the waiters in casinos were found to be female.

These findings shouldn’t be seen as off putting if you’re attracted to a casino job where you’d be in the minority. Most casinos would be delighted to balance up the numbers somewhat and so the opportunity of breaking into the respective areas may in fact be far higher than it appears.

Reporting Flowchart for Casino Jobs

The reporting lines can at times be blurry in any large organization. The CEO has ultimate responsibility but each individual casino can have its own variation on the exact structure beyond that. Our flowchart tries to iron out any confusion to help you can track the path to the casino job of your choice.

reporting flowchart reporting flowchart

Certification and Licensing for Working in a Casino

If you decide that a job in the industry is what you want, there are some steps you’ll have to take before applying for your preferred casino employment opportunity. We’ll provide a few pointers to help you progress in the right direction.

Before seeking casino employment, the majority of those becoming casino dealers are expected to have a high school diploma or GED. As long as they possess that educational background, the next step should be attending a dealer school which typically stretches over a two or three month period. The Casino Institute and The Casino Gaming School of Nevada are two of the better known dealer schools to offer training ahead of casino employment.

It is necessary to have a Casino Key Employee License if your casino employment involves certain levels of responsibility and decision making. Pit bosses and most managerial roles are included, although non-managerial jobs which aren’t directly involved with gaming activity will not necessarily require a license.

Each country will have its own intricacies though. A personal functional license (PFL) is necessary before you’re able to work in the UK on most casino jobs, from a croupier up to a pit boss or gaming supervisor.

The initial cost for issuing a Casino Key Employee License is $750 which covers the application fee. Costs can rise depending bespoke expenses but the total free is limited to $4,000.

Should you be pursuing a PFL in the UK, the course would cost you $200-250 at the time of writing.

The answer is a resounding yes in both cases. To become a casino dealer you must not have any felonies and must pass a pre-employment drugs test. Given your day-to-day employment in a casino will involve exposure to significant amounts of money, it should not come as a surprise to learn that prospective dealers should also have no theft-related misdemeanours on their records.

In addition to the knowledge and formal training that is necessary, casinos will also want their dealers to possess certain transferable skills. These are best tested as part of an audition process. A certain level of communicational ability and customer skills are a necessity, whilst more job-specific talents such as knowledge of game rules and an ability to shuffle cards can also be expected to be looked at.

It also goes without saying that a flexible attitude to shift work is crucial. The busiest times for casinos are undoubtedly evenings and weekends, so you should be willing to adapt your lifestyle to fit this working pattern.

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