The Best Locations for UFO Sightings in the USA

Are you desperate to see a UFO? Or perhaps you actually want to avoid ever experiencing an alien encounter. Never fear, we’ve got you covered with all you need to know about UFO sightings in the US.

This isn’t something out of a 1950s SciFi movie with wires and rubber masks. Thousands of people see unidentified flying objects each year, and here’s what you should know.

States with the Most UFO Sightings

When you think of UFOs, you might think of places like Roswell, New Mexico. The American southwest has a reputation for being alien country, although plenty of other remote farm towns might also see unexplained phenomena in the skies or fields.

However, the stats show beyond all doubt that the state with the most UFO sightings is California. This could be because it’s such a populous state, so there are more people to do the sightings in the first place.

Other explanations are because of the coastline, which means more people are looking out over the water, or even the lovely weather which means that people spend more time outdoors and are more aware of the skies as a result. It could also be that there are more military bases conducting missile tests that lead to strange occurrences in the sky. Or maybe California is simply more popular for extraterrestrial visitors.

Other states with frequent UFO sightings are Ohio, New York, Florida, Texas and North Carolina. Again, this could be attributed to the population sizes and how much time people spend outdoors staring at the sky, or it could be an indication of which parts of the country are most likely to get visited by alien craft.

How UFO Sightings Have Changed

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After World War II, it seems attention shifted towards UFOs in the US. The term flying saucer was common and people across the country frequently reported sightings. However, numerous sightings were debunked as hoaxes from people seeking attention. You would think this might mean that sightings were less common now, but in fact, UFO sightings are at an all-time high.

UFO sightings skyrocketed in the 1990s and 2000s, and one researcher thinks he knows why. Thanks to increased internet access, people no longer just tell their friends or call into their local radio station to report a sighting. Reports can be made online quickly and easily. Now, with everyone walking around with a camera attached to their phones, people can record the UFO and share it on social media in a matter of moments.

Of course, they are easier to debunk, like when people across California, Nevada and Arizona saw a strange phenomena in January 2018 that turned out to be an after-flare from a SpaceX launch. But there are still plenty of unexplained videos and photos out there.

UFO Sightings Spike in Summer

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If you look at the research on UFO sightings, you’ll see that they are much more common during the summer months. The simplest explanation for this is that people are outside more. Thanks to the nice weather, more people go hiking, camping or even just go on more picnics and eat dinner outside. As a result, there are more people outside, aware of the sky above them.

Other reasons that scientists like to give is that there are more festivals, concerts, and even 4th of July celebrations, which means there are also more fireworks and drones in the atmosphere. Some people even like to blame the fact that summer blockbusters often include some elements of alien life, making viewers most likely to look up at the sky and find unexplained lights or flying objects.

Spotted a UFO? – What You Should Do

First thing is to make sure to get evidence. Take a picture or better yet a video with your phone. Point it out to friends so that they can also capture pictures or videos, possibly from different angles. The more evidence that you can collect, the more credible you will be when you report it.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any official government bodies in the US that want you to report UFOs to them.

You can contact homeland security, but there are fines and penalties for hoax reporting and they appear to be more interested in earthly beings. As a result, there’s the Mutual UFO Network known as MUFON. You can use their form to file a UFO sighting.

It’s also best to post the video or pictures on social media. If you’re embarrassed, you don’t need to claim that you saw an alien. Simply post the image or video on your social media platform of choice, tag in some local news networks and ask them what you might be seeing.

If it’s easily explained, at least others will get to see an interesting phenomenon in the sky. If it’s not so easily explained, you might just be a source as proof that UFOs are still common in our modern society.

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