Gambling Superstitions From Around The World

Gambling is a funny old game. Even though such a large portion of it is based on luck, that doesn’t stop players from doing everything they can to try and influence the outcome. That includes a wide range of quirks, habits, and superstitions.

Here are some of the best good luck superstitions from around the world.


Red is the Colour

Chinese culture holds the belief that the colour red is lucky. That’s why if you visit a casino, whether it be online or land-based, any games you play with a Chinese theme will have red as the prominent colour.

During times of celebration, the Chinese will often give money in a red envelope as a gesture of good luck and fortune to the recipient. Some Chinese players will take things to the next level.

If they visit the casino floor then they will don their smartest red shoes, their finest red socks, and even their most fancy red underwear.

The Chinese are very fond of their gambling superstitions. Others include avoiding the main entrance to the casino, betting on the number 7, leaving the table at certain points, and not checking your money when you’re at the table.

South Africa

The Power of the Voodoo People

Remember that horrific night out you had when your best friend drunkenly persuaded you that visiting a voodoo witch doctor would be great banter? Well, voodoo is seen less as a force of evil and more of a force for good amongst South Africans.

Voodoo witchcraft is believed to give individuals more luck when dished out in the correct manner. It has even been suggested that breathing in the fumes from the dried brains of vultures can fill a person with the fortune they need to win big at the tables. Probably best to leave that practice to the South Africans…

Also, just a heads up – it might not be considered acceptable to take a voodoo doll onto the casino floor and threaten to put pins into it if the dealer does not give you a good hand.


Shaven Haven

If you’re ever about to head out for a night at the casino, you need to know the three S words. Sh*t, shower, and a shave. In India, they roll a little differently though.

Shaving on Tuesdays, washing your hair on Thursdays, and trimming your nails on Tuesdays and Saturdays is widely seen as begging for bad luck.

The down side of these superstitions is that you might encounter the odd smelly individual who is taking things to the next level. We’ve all got that one buddy who refuses to shower until their next big win but gamblers are taking things to extremes in India.


Wear the Penis, become the penis

Please, for the love of all things decent, do not take this superstition literally. There is a little bit of a play on words here.

In Thailand, it is believed that a necklace called the ‘Palad Khik’ can bring good luck to players when gambling. Unfortunately, Palad Khik directly translates to ‘honourable surrogate penis’.

A side effect of the necklace is that it is also meant to make you irresistible to members of the opposite sex, so don’t get so distracted that you forget to actually place your bet.

Greece & Denmark

Throw Broken Dishes

It is one of the most renowned good luck practices in the world. Throwing and smashing dishes. The Greeks do it at their weddings and the Danes do it when a new neighbor moves into a house.

Some people have gone the extra mile and smash a plate for good luck before they enter into any activity that requires mighty fortune.

Due to the expense, it’s possibly not the best idea to make a habit of it but if it makes you feel more comfortable at the casino tables then there’s no harm in doing it now and again.


Spill water behind someone

Not really sure how the Serbs came to the conclusion that this practice attracts good luck but that’s what they believe.

Before an individual is about to participate in an event where luck might come in handy, they have water spilled behind them. Essentially, the thinking is that water is smooth and fluid. It will ease the path of luck to a person.

We bet they love a water fight over in Belgrade. Next time you go there on holiday, take your Super Soaker 500 and shower everyone with luck!