A Parent’s Guide To Raising An eSports Star

illustration of boy playing on computer

The eSports market is set to be worth $1.5 billion by the year 2020 so kids these days are genuinely beginning to pursue gaming as a potential career option. It is set to become such a lucrative profession that it makes absolute sense for parents to encourage their children to follow such a dream.

Here are a few pointers for any parents looking to set their child onto the path of eSports glory.

Eat Right

cartoon illustration of a girl child eating a piece of watermelon

Professional sports players maintain a healthy and disciplined diet. The same should go for any wannabe eSports player.

If your kid has started expressing an interest in playing games professionally, then set them on the right route from an early age. Introduce oily fish into their meal plans to help them concentrate for long periods. These are good for the brain.

Protein can help get them in the best possible physical shape. Focus on chicken, brown rice, and don’t be shy to trick them into thinking that protein shake you’re giving them is actually a Nesquik cereal shake.

Restrict their intake of sugary and fatty foods. Water, fruit and vegetables will also be key to keeping those energy levels up.

Get Into a Good Sleeping Pattern

boy asleep in his bed illustration

A stereotypical view of eSports gamers is that they sleep all day and game all night. Try to ensure that whatever schedule your child has when it comes to their gaming, they are still getting their eight hours of sleep.

Keep sleep regular and keep it undisturbed.

Fail To Prepare and Prepare To Fail

illustration of boy sitting on floor playing VR console games

Success is all about preparation. Setting out an effective practice schedule and ensuring that everything is in place before a big competition is vital.

The last thing your rising little eSports star wants is a controller battery power loss in the middle of a tournament. Charge those controllers, have everything ready in good time, and be ready.

Stretch It Out

Illustration of family doing yoga together

If you haven’t already read our guide on gaming-related injuries then please take the time to do so. It will open your eyes to a world of pain incurred when players don’t take their own body seriously.

If you want to avoid FPS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Playstation Thumb, or Xbox Hypertrophy then stretch those muscles. Even the tiny ones. Even the ones you don’t even think could possibly be muscles.

Don’t take any risks. Your child is a gifted individual. Do not let something so trivial stop them from chasing their dreams. Carry out a risk assessment if needed. No course of action is taking it too far when it comes to your child’s health.

Get Sociable

illustration of children talking on tin can phone

Fulfilling potential as an eSports star is all about versatility. Not only do players need to excel in one discipline on a game but they also need to broaden their horizons. Gamers can shine as both individuals and team players so it is vital to get your child understanding how to play both single player and multi-player.

A lot of money can be made at events such as the League of Legends World Championship where it is all about team play.

Make sure your kid doesn’t miss out on such riches simply because they don’t like people.

Happy Wife, Happy Life

vector of family with children

The old saying goes that a happy wife makes for a happy life. In eSports, mental fitness is even more important than physical fitness.

The key to finding a contented state of mind is happiness. Parents with kids that are hunting down the goal of becoming an eSports professional need to know that their youngling should have a solid support network.

No bad influences. Keep that trampy ex-girlfriend or boyfriend away from them. Tell their drug-taking friends to do one. Only positive characters with a sense of direction and self-worth are invited to your child’s one-way trip to gaming stardom.

The sooner they settle down with a lovely partner and have a quiet life going on, the sooner they can put all their energy into smashing the opposition on Starcraft II!

Most Importantly…

Above everything else, the most important thing to do is just love your child. If they start to doubt their own ability, if they question whether they should just sack the eSports life off and return to sniffing corporate backside in the local paper merchant, they will need you there.

Show them the love and support they need as your child and watch them blossom. Besides, just remember who is going to pay for the nursing home you’re getting put in when you’re older…