25 Things That Happened The Year Casino.org Was Born

25 Things That Happened The Year Casino.org Was Born

Here at Casino.org we feel like celebrating. This month marks our 25th birthday (yes, we’re that old), meaning we’ve been around for a quarter of a century already.

To mark the occasion, we’re launching The Big Treasure Hunt through our Membership Area! We’ll be hiding 25 chips across the site for you to collect and, if you find them all, you’ll be entered into the gold draw to win $2,500 in Amazon vouchers.

We also realized that a lot has changed since we started out, so we decided to take a look back at 25 things that happened the year Casino.org was born.

So grab a slice of cake, turn back the clock with us and take a journey through time… where were you in 1995?

1. MJ Returned To The NBA

Michael Jordan
Image: Wikimedia Commons

In March 1995, superstar Michael Jordan made his much-anticipated return to the NBA — announcing the end of his retirement (and brief baseball career), stepping back on the pro basketball courts after 18 months away.

2. DVDs Were Invented

DVDs were invented and developed, before their official release for sale in 1997.

Yes, this one makes us feel reeeallly old.

3. Toy Story Premiered In New York

A game-changer at the time, the story of Woody, Buzz et al was the first ever full-length film created entirely via computer animation.

To infinity and beyond…

Toy Story 1995 poster
Image: Fandom

4. Bill Clinton Was Still President

In Canada, Jean Chrétien held the hotseat, while John Major was Prime Minister in the UK and Boris Yeltsin the President of Russia.

After a 34-year ban, the ‘Playboy’ magazine returned to shelves in the Republic of Ireland.

We’d make a joke but we’re far too classy.

Playboy 1995 cover
Image: Amazon

6. PlayStation Hit The US

In September, Sony released its first PlayStation video game console in the US.

Put your hands up if you ever played the original Tekken!

Image: Wikimedia Commons

7. The Internet Took Off

The internet was privatized after US government funding for The Nation Science Foundation Network (NSFNET) ceased.

A whole new era…

8. O.J. Got Set Free

O.J. Simpson was found innocent at the end of his long and controversial  criminal ‘trial of the century’ for the double murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, in 1994.

9. The MLB Strike Ended

Major League Baseball (MLB) players ended a 232-day strike, related to a proposed salary cap, that had taken place across seven months and three weeks.

MLB balls
Image: LeslyJuarez/Unsplash

10. The Average Cost Of A New House Was $113,150

You may need roughly three times that amount today in the US, or even up to five times that amount in Canada.

11. The Average Person’s Income Per Year Was $35,900

Today, the average U.S. income is $87,864.

12. Rent Was Also Way Cheaper

And what about the average monthly rent? $550.


13. People Were Loving Mariah Carey

In pop culture, people were listening to Mariah Carey’s song ‘Fantasy’, the chart-topping lead track from her fifth studio album, ‘Daydream’.

Let’s refresh your memory:

14. Goosebumps Was One Of The Most-Watched TV Shows

Just watching this is giving me the shivers:

15. The ‘dot-com’ Era Truly Began

We saw the launch of game-changing sites such as eBay, craigslist, Match.com and many more.

16. Windows 95 Hit Our Screens

In August, computer software giants Microsoft launched the operating system ‘Windows 95’.

Now this is a blast from the past:

17. Steve Fossett Set A New Record

American aviator Steve Fossett completed the first ever solo transpacific balloon flight.

Impressive — but not something we’d fancy doing.

18. Forbes Magazine Named Bill Gates As The Richest Man In The World

Bill Gates
Image: Wikimedia Commons

His net worth was approximately $12.9 billion, compared to his estimated $114.7 billion fortune today.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos now has top spot.

19. Model Kendall Jenner And Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Were Born

Glad you know?

Kendall Jenner GIF by KUWTK - Find & Share on GIPHY

Well, they weren’t the only ones…

20. 132,063,047 Babies Were Born

That’s according to the United Nations Population Division.

In the US, two of the most popular baby names were Jessica, with over 27,935 usages, and Michael — which was recorded 41,402 times.

Hey, we all know one.

And four major events of 1995 we felt we couldn’t make this list without including:

22. The City Of Mumbai, India, Had Its Name Officially Restored

The regional governing party wanted to claim back the name after Bombay was used by British colonialists.

23. The Bosnian Civil War Ended

The war officially ended on December 14, 1995. Over the almost four-year conflict, it’s believed over 101,000 people died.

24. Yitzhak Rabin, The Fifth Prime Minister Of Israel, Was Assassinated

An extremist who opposed the Oslo Accords, which were agreements between Israel and Palestine, was convicted of his murder.

25. The Oklahoma City Bombing Took Place On April 19, 1995.

What is still considered to be the US’s deadliest domestic terror attack resulted in 168 deaths and 800 injuries.

So there you have it: 25 things that happened in 1995 to celebrate our 25 years. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for those all-important chips in our birthday celebration: The Big Treasure Hunt!