Meet Adam Volz, our Associate Gaming Specialist

Throughout his career, Adam has worked in a range of fields, from politics and language learning to iGaming. Adam’s content has helped people from all corners of the globe, from the US and UK to India and Japan. Now, his focus is expanding into new markets, to help more players make better informed decisions online. 

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Adam Volz

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Associate Gaming Specialist

As a music producer and songwriter, Adam knows how to be creative and find solutions. He is also a DJ, so he knows how to give people what they want. He brought these skills into the iGaming industry, and now has two years experience under his belt. As an Associate Gaming Specialist, he is focused on growing in new countries and reaching new players.  

What makes Adam an expert?

During his two years working in online casino and sports betting, Adam worked on everything from industry leading sites in the US, to brand new ones in developing markets. In terms of casinos and sports books, he has seen the good, the bad and everything in between, and knows how to find the best deals for players. 


  • Associate Gaming Specialist - May 2024 - Present


  • Content Marketer - May 2021 - December 2023


  • Content Executive - March 2019 - January 2021


Adam's degree has equipped him with the research skills and attention to detail that set him up for his career in iGaming. 

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2 years in iGaming

Adam has experience in the industry

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2 languages

Adam speaks English & Spanish


Nottingham Trent University

Bachelor of Arts degree


10 Markets

Adam has worked in US, UK, European, LATAM and Asian markets

How does Adam stay up-to-date?

For Adam it is essential to know what is happening in gambling regulation in different countries. With this knowledge, he can tailor content and give players the information they need. Some publications and websites Adam checks for iGaming news are: 



Adam visits Vixio to find expert research in iGaming regulation, law and compliance. 

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iGaming Business

Adam checks iGaming Business for daily news, analysis and data on different markets worldwide. 

Q&A with Adam

How did you get your start in iGaming?

"I moved to Barcelona in my mid 20s without a job or plan, so I started freelancing in social media management and copywriting. Then when I decided to stay in the city long term, I wanted to look for a permanent job. I applied for a content position with a company called Blexr, which worked in iGaming.

I was excited because I thought I was a great fit, and I was always interested in casino games and especially sports betting. When I joined Blexr, I loved the fast-paced nature of the industry, and getting to research and write about things I was actually interested in was a huge bonus."

What are some key things you look for in an online casino?

"For me, the most important things about an online casino are trust and reputation. So, firstly, I would look at the licenses the casino holds. Is it from a reputable and trustworthy commission?

I would also look at what real players are saying about their experiences. Checking Reddit is a great way to find out what people really think about any business, and casinos are no different."

What’s your favorite casino game?

"I love poker, but it’s a slow burn, so I'd have to say my favorite is roulette because of the speed, drama and anticipation. I’ve had some amazing moments with friends playing in casinos, hitting the number we needed and celebrating together.

I also like that it’s a bit less pressure than other casino games because it’s just you vs the casino. In poker, you play against other people, and in Blackjack, you work together with other players. With roulette, it’s just you against the casino, one spin at a time." 

Adam's top tip

"Make sure you are comfortable with the game you're playing and fully understand the bets you are making. If you're unsure, search for a guide on how to play the game and you'll have a lot more confidence and fun whilst playing."

Adam's areas of expertise

Gambling is a highly complex industry, and if you work in it, it’s important to be across everything. So, while Adam has knowledge on all areas of iGaming, he’s particularly clued up on: 

Different types of odds and bets

Different types of odds and bets

Growing up in the UK, putting an ‘acca’ (accumulator or parlay) on football or betting on the grand national was the done thing, so without trying he learned how to read fractional odds and understand different bet types. When he started working in iGaming, he added to this knowledge by reading up on different types of odds and bets around the world. So, if you want to know how to read decimal odds, or understand what an outright bet is, Adam is your man. 

Online gaming in the UK

Online gaming in the UK

Adam has always had an eye on what’s been happening in the UK gambling world but now in his work for, this has moved to a new level. It’s Adam’s job to be across any new developments in gambling regulation and legislation in the UK. 

Adam's favorite iGaming influencer

Andrew Neeme

Andrew Neeme

"For me, Andrew Neeme is one of the most entertaining iGaming influencers there is. His YouTube channel is full of interesting poker content that shows you exactly what it’s like to live the lifestyle of a WPT player."

Find Andrew Neeme’s YouTube channel here.

Adam's casino memories

Best gambling experience

  • "I went to Las Vegas when I was 21. I wanted to experience everything the city had to offer, and of course a big part of this was the gambling. Sitting at one of the main roulette tables for the first time at the MGM Grand is a moment I’ll never forget."

Worst gambling experience

  • "I started playing casino games online whilst at university. Me and my friends would sit in our dorm rooms and each deposit £10 or £20 and play a few hands of roulette or blackjack. I joined a new site and gladly took the welcome offer without thinking. I then managed to win around £100 and decided to cash out. Unfortunately, I made the rookie error of not checking wagering requirements, which were extremely high. I messaged customer support when I couldn’t withdraw my winnings and they explained the situation. I didn’t manage to meet the wagering requirement, but I learned an important lesson!"

Throughout my career I’ve learned that research is one of the most valuable tools we have. I have worked in lots of different fields and know how to find the information I am looking for, and I can now share these insights to help players make better choices.

Adam Volz
Associate Gaming Specialist