Meet Adam Ryan, our casino writer

A writer and editor with a penchant for games and strategy, Adam has been with the team for eight years now. Having written for and edited numerous iGaming brands in his career, he’s something of a content sage when it comes to iGaming copy.

Adam Ryan

About Adam

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An ‘OG’ amongst the team, Adam’s been creating compelling content experiences for brands in gaming, finance, healthcare, and property for over 10 years. He joined as a content editor in 2015, and has helped shape both the way we review games and casinos as well as the editorial team behind the content. He now brings his experience and skill to our North American markets, leaving no casino unchecked as we seek to compare all the options players have at their fingertips.

What makes Adam an expert?

Adam has worked his way up through’s ranks to become a Senior Editor with us. In his eight years on the site he’s worked on multiple areas, from gaming guides and content, legislation and local casino knowledge, through to key guides on real money and free casino gaming. He's had a pivotal role as we’ve launched more content in the US and Canadian markets.


  • Senior Content Editor Jan 2022 - Present
  • Content Manager May 2018 - Dec 2021
  • Content Editor - October 2015 – April 2018


Adam’s degrees helped him tone up his critical thinking and editorial nous, as well as broadening his knowledge of our US and North American audiences.

  • King’s College London, MA American Studies
  • University of Brighton, BA (Hons) Humanities


  • Econsultancy, Fastrack Content Strategy & Editorial Planning
  • IDM, Copywriting Masterclass
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8 years in iGaming

Adam’s highly experienced in our industry


Certified content skills

Including content strategy & editorial planning certification


Trusted advice

Adam’s written over 100 guides and reviews across


King’s College London

MA American Studies

How does Adam stay up-to-date?

With the pace of gambling updates in the US and Canada, Adam keeps tabs on legislation, new brands, and other gaming news from North America through some key online sources:


EGR Global

EGR Global is a leading player in online gambling news features and informational resources for the industry.

Gambling Insider.jpg

Gambling Insider

Gambling Insider offers industry news, profiles of key players, and events calendars to map out the world of gambling.



iGB (iGaming Business) Publishes iGaming information on and offline, also hosting events to keep all the big industry players right on the pulse.

Q&A with Adam

How did you get into the world of gambling and casinos?

I’d been a copywriter and social media manager for a few years since studying. I always enjoyed big subjects or products where there was a lot to say to the audience about what these things mean for them – so for example banking, or guidance on medical care and treatment. Casino gaming was a gig that offered a lot of this because we explain the games, probabilities, and then review casinos critically to a criteria.

It’s a fast moving and developing industry, so I always find fresh things to write about. later became a permanent job for me, and now having much more scope to look at the American and Canadian gaming worlds really fires me up.

Tell us more about the review process. Where do you start?

Players. I like to see the feedback they are giving – warts and all! It gives a good picture of how successful the brand is at delivering on the goods and satisfying a very discerning player base.

With those forums and comments still fresh, I’ll then sign up and deposit so I can wrap my head around the promotions and games lobby. But it has to start with what players see, rather than me. Can they get the best out of the casino? Is the casino doing its best for them? 25 steps in the reviews process later, I’ll have my conclusion.

If you could pick one casino game above all others, which would you choose?

Blackjack. In fact it was probably the make or break simplicity of blackjack that really sparked my interest in casinos. ‘Stand or hit’ governs so many things in life.

You can come at the game in so many ways, though I prefer playing in person. I inherited my dad’s skill at knowing which cards have been dealt and what’s likely going to be in a player’s hand. Not that I advocate card counting, of course…

What’s next for you on

CEO (laughs). In terms of things to compare and offer players I think we’ve barely scratched the surface for the US and Canada. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Ontario gaming scene develops, and certainly things like crypto casinos we’ll be covering more for sure.

Really, I would like to see us continue to lay out the games, online and local venues, and payment and wagering options in each state and province so there’s easy comparison for players in North America.

Adam's top tip

“The best bonus is not the biggest, but the one that works for you. True value is based on what you can afford to deposit and what (and when) you want to play. Check those T&Cs.”

Adam's areas of expertise

While Adam has experience across the online gambling market, he currently focuses on these key areas for

North American online gambling

North American online gambling

From the regulated states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the burgeoning market in Ontario, Adam helps players compare their best options for casino games, apps, payment options, and online casinos. He stays on top of any regulation changes affecting the industry to give the latest information.

Casino reviews

Casino reviews

From sign up to cash out, Adam follows’s 25 step reviews process to compare, rate, and recommend those brands that truly push the envelope to provide new and exciting online casino experiences for players.

Adam's favorite iGaming influencer

Vegas Matt

Vegas Matt

"I could watch this guy forever. He really translates the feel of being on the ground in Vegas, and that love of gaming that walks with you through life. There’s some great tips and words to the wise from him that have stayed with me."

What iGaming events does Adam recommend?

Adam has been an irregular fixture at iGaming events for many years now. They are a great touch point for making contacts and understanding where the gaming industry is headed.

ICE London

ICE London

"ICE London was my first event actually, and it’s one of the biggest events of the year for iGaming. The community is very supportive and keen to share ideas on the floor. I really recommend attending."

SBC Summit

SBC Summit

"I’ve attended Barcelona’s SBC summit and learned a lot there about where the industry is headed. In just a few days you can hear 400+ professionals speak on a variety of topics. Really great event and very well organized."


I’ve seen go from stride to stride in the player experience it looks to provide around the world. I’ve personally specialized in the US and Canada markets, and feel very proud of the way we compare and explore the online gaming opportunities players have. It’s a continued passion to improve everyone’s knowledge and decision making when it comes to finding their perfect game.

Adam Ryan
Casino writer

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