Best slots tournaments in the USA February 2024

Best US casinos for slots tournaments

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What is a slots tournament?

A slots tournament is a competition where you play slots against each other, with the winner being whoever picks up the most points within a set time.

As you play you'll rack up points on a joint leaderboard. The points usually come from winning spins and are based on how big the win is. The aim of the game is to get the highest score possible, with prizes such as money and free spins awarded based on your final position.

Slots tournaments are generally a popular choice for both online and land-based casinos. While each US slots tournament might have rules and formats, the basic leaderboard and point collection process is the most common format.

Features of the best online slots tournaments

The best US online casino tournaments have a range of different prizes on offer. They usually offer cash rewards, free spins on big name slots from the best software providers, but have included things like cars and holiday vouchers before. With so many options out there, we've broken down the best features, types and games for slots tournament play in our table below to help you get started.

💲 Biggest slots tournament prizes
$1.25m - $200m
🎁 Other slots tournament prizes
Free spins, no deposit bonuses, reloads, raffle prizes
🎰 Best slots for tournaments
Assassin Moon, Avalon, Buffalo King, Jammin’ Jars, Sugar Rush
⭐ Top slots tournaments types
Free slots tournaments, buy-in tournaments, sit ‘n go tournaments, survivor tournaments, reloader tournaments
🏆 Best slots tournaments casino

How does an online slots tournament work?

Slots tournaments in the US come in all shapes and sizes. Each provider will have their own way of doing things, so it's always best to check with them directly before you start playing. As always, reading the terms and conditions of any promotion or event like a slots tournament is essential and should always be the first thing you do.

However, there is only so much creativity you can add to a tournament format. This means that most slots tournaments will have the following features and requirements:

  • Registration: You will pretty much always need to sign up to take part in a US slots tournament. You'll need to do so in advance, and you'll be able to see the terms and conditions along with special rules you'll need to follow as you play.
  • Tournament format: Most tournaments will essentially have the same format. All players will be in one large group depending on how many players the game or the provider can accomodate (Real Time Gaming slots tournaments can accomodate over 10,000 players per tournament, for example).
  • Gameplay: Slots tournament gameplay is the same as non-tournament slots. You simply spin the reels. The difference is every time you do and win in standard or bonus rounds, you'll get leaderboard points. The more spins and wins during the tournament time limit, the higher you finish on the leaderboard.
  • Scoring: When the tournament is finished, the scores for however many rounds the slots tournament lasted are added together to decide the final rankings. There will usually be a special prize for the person who claims the top spot, with groups of players sharing prize pots as you go down the leaderboard.

Remember, the rules and specifics of slots tournaments might very depending on the casino and the tournament. The prize pools will generally be different for each tournament, and there will usually be excluded games where play won't earn points. It's always a good idea to review the specific rules and details of a US online slots tournament before participating to understand the entry requirements, prize structure, and any other important information.

How we rate slots tournaments casinos

With so many options for online slots tournaments in the US, it can be difficult to know where to play. To help you find the best slots tournaments online, we use a thorough 25-step review process on all of the casinos we review. We take into account things like range of games and slots tournament software providers, player safety and security, bonuses, payment options, mobile play and more. expert rating graphic showing how we rate online casinos in USA

Online gambling websites to avoid

While putting US online slots tournament casinos through our 25-step review process, we sometimes find sites that aren't good enough or are unsafe for players. To help you make sure you stay safe while gambling, we've created a list of untrustworthy casinos you can check before you register at any online casino in the country.

Online slots tournaments vs land-based slots tournaments

Having been around in land-based casinos for years, US slots tournaments gained widespread popularity thanks to their competitive spin on traditional slots gameplay. Not wanting to miss out, online casinos have followed suit and introduced their own slots tournaments, allowing people to enjoy the thrill of competition from the comfort of their own homes.

Which way you want to play depends on what suits your needs and the gambling options available to you in your state, but there are several big differences between playing slots tournaments online in the US and playing in land-based casinos. You can check our handy comparison table below to see which type of slots tournament will work best for you.

Online slots tournaments Land-based slots tournaments
Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and compatible device.
Requires visiting a physical casino or event location.
Play at any time that suits you, as online tournaments are available 24/7.
You will have to follow the venue timings and schedules, which are less likely to include 24 hour play options.
Social interactions
Limited social interaction outside of group or tournament chat channels.
Offers more opportunities for face-to-face interaction with other players.
Competition level
Generally a larger and more diverse range of players.
Typically draws a smaller number of participants due to the capacity or location of the casino.
Prize pools
Can vary significantly, with some online tournaments offering large jackpots.
Prize pools may be smaller compared to online tournaments.
Entry fees can vary, but some online tournaments may have lower buy-ins or be free entry.
Generally, land-based tournaments have higher entry fees due to overhead costs.
Game variety
Online platforms often offer a wide range of slot games to choose from.
Land-based tournaments may have a more limited selection of games available.
Gameplay speed
Online tournaments often have faster gameplay due to automated processes.
Land-based tournaments can have slower gameplay due to more reliance on human interaction over gaming software.
Potential distractions from being online, at home, or traveling such as texts, emails, family commitments etc.
May be fewer distractions as the focus is primarily on the tournament in a dedicated casino environment.

From the table above, it's pretty clear that online slots tournaments and land-based slots tournaments offer unique experiences despite being, in essence, the same idea.

Online slots tournaments offer convenience, accessibility, a wide variety of games, and potentially larger prize pools. However, they may lack face-to-face social interaction and, potentially, offer more distractions. On the other hand, land-based tournaments provide a more traditional casino experience, opportunities for personal interaction, and potentially higher entry fees.

Choosing between the two ultimately depends on what you prefer and, crucially, what is most convenient and fun.

Types of slots tournaments

US online casinos offer a large variety of slots tournaments and jackpots. We cover the most common types you’re likely to encounter below.

With the popularity of slots tournaments online in the US, casinos offer a wide range of tournament types to keep the gameplay fun and fresh. To help you understand the different tournament types available, we've listed and explained the unique features of each one below.

Remember, some online casinos might have created custom or unique slots tournament types that aren't found elsewhere. It's always best to check the terms and conditions to find out the precise rules of any and all slots tournaments you’re considering entering.

  • Scheduled tournaments

    These online slots tournaments have fixed start and end times. You need to register in advance and be available at the specified time to take part. The players with the highest scores at the end of the tournament win prizes.

  • Buy-in tournaments

    In these tournaments, you'll need to pay an entry fee or buy-in to join the fun. The buy-in fees contribute to the prize pool, which is then distributed among the top-ranking players based on their scores and final positions.

  • Sit n’ go tournaments

    Sit n' go tournaments start as soon as the required number of players have registered. They don't have fixed start times as such, letting you join whenever you want as long as the tournament is open. These tournaments usually have a smaller player pool and shorter timeframes.

  • PCH slots tournaments

    PCH (Publishers Clearing House) are best known for their involvement with sweepstakes, but they also offer online slots tournaments with chances to win cash prizes. The prize pot is funded by the company’s subscription services and have been know to reach up to $10,000 in cash prizes.

  • Comped tournaments

    Comped tournaments are exclusive to players who have earned complimentary rewards or loyalty points through their online casino play. These tournaments often have no entry fees and are used as a fun perk for long-term or high-spending customers.

  • Reloader tournaments

    Reloader tournaments are typically offered to existing players as a way to increase your play time. You'll likely need to deposit a certain amount during the tournament period to enter. These tournaments allow players to enjoy extra gameplay and compete for prizes.

  • Extender tournaments

    Extender tournaments give you the option to buy additional playing time or credits during the tournament. This feature allows you to extend your gameplay, and potentially improve your overall score and final position.

  • Survivor tournaments

    In survivor tournaments, you compete against other players, but whoever has the lowest score at the end of each round is eliminated. The tournament continues until only one player remains, who is then crowned the winner.

  • One-shot tournaments

    One-shot tournaments give you one chance to get the highest possible score to advance to the next round. There are no options to rebuy or continue playing, adding an element of excitement and pressure.

  • Freeroll slots tournaments

    Freeroll tournaments are free to enter. These tournaments give you the chance to play and compete for prizes without risking your own money.

Slots tournament tips and strategy

Like most other forms of gambling, slots tournaments are based mainly on luck. That said, there are still elements of skill involved, along with methods and tactics you can use to try and maximize your wins while staying in tournaments longer.

You can find some of our top tips for online slots tournament play below.

  • 1

    Understand the slots tournament rules

    Useful advice for any online casino game, but especially so for slots tournaments. Every tournament comes with individual slots tournament rules unique to the offer and the online casino you're playing with. Make sure you understand how prizes are awarded, whether there are any special or unique features or requirements to take, and if there are specified titles to play or avoid.

  • 2

    Remember to use up all your credits

    Whether the slots tournament you've entered online is free or you've paid to enter, you'll likely be given a set number of spins to start you off. These credits will be spent every time you hit the spin button, so make sure you use up every spin available to you. An unused spin is a missed opportunity to put up points on the leaderboard.

  • 3

    Stay focused and don’t stop spinning

    The best way to win online slots tournaments is to keep your focus on spinning. The more wins you pick up the more points you get, and you can only pick up wins if the reels spin. So, while the tournament is running and you're playing with tournament credits, focus on spinning as quickly and for as long as you can to get as many points on the board as possible.

  • 4

    Bet across all paylines

    Every time you can bet across all paylines, do so. The more paylines you select, the better your chances of hitting a combo for bigger rewards. Remember, bigger wins will translate into more points and a higher position on the leaderboard as a result.

  • 5

    Bet high

    Similar to the advice on paylines above, go for the maximum value bet if you can. During tournaments you’re using spins that are awarded in advance instead of paying per spin. Every player receives the same number of spins in the tournament, so it doesn’t make sense to spend your spins on small bets.

  • 6

    Don’t get distracted watching the leaderboard

    It's always best to ignore the leaderboard while you're playing. You need to keep your focus on your own slots tournament play, not wondering whether someone is doing better or whether you can catch up. Forget the other players and concentrate on your game.

  • 7

    Learn the games and tournament rules before you play

    If your tournament has a specific game, a good option is to find a free slot or demo version and familiarize yourself with it in advance. You'll learn all the quirks of the game, how to activate bonus rounds and how to make the most of them. If you also take the time to learn the specific rules of the tournament in advance, you've given yourself a big advantage over the competition before the first reel is spun.

Playing slots tournaments responsibly

Whether you are playing a slots tournament with a pre-purchased coin limit, are playing free slots tournaments online, or even if you are paying per spin, it's vital to keep tournament play and regular play separate.

Slots tournaments are fun, and promote a mindset of spinning the maximum value at the quickest speed possible. This is a very risky way to play outside of tournaments where you need to always gamble responsibly.

If you feel yourself losing control or are worried about how slots tournament play is impacting your gambling habits, it's important to get help. The National Council on Problem Gambling offers assistance for problem gambling in all 50 states. You can reach them for help and support 24/7 by calling 1-800-GAMBLER, texting 800GAM, or via live chat.


Are slots tournaments in the US free?

Yes and no. Some slots tournaments are free, while others require you to pay a small entrance fee. It all depends on the online casino or game provider you are playing with. The money paid to enter tournaments is often used as part of the prize pot.

Is there any strategy to slots tournaments?

Yes, slots tournament tips can help you improve your chances of playing for as long as possible. Whether you win or not ultimately depends on luck. However, following sensible strategies, like becoming familiar with tournament rules, means you’re likely to have a better sporting chance.

Are US online slots tournaments worth it?

That depends on your personal preference. If you like competing against other people, slots tournaments are a great option. Check our list of best places to play slots tournaments online in the US to see which ones suit you best.

How do slots tournaments work?

Slots tournaments are essentially player vs player competitions where everyone is playing the same slot, or same selection of slots games. Slots tournaments work in a range of different ways, but they all have common elements which we've explained for you above. Whatever the variety, when the tournament finishes, prizes are awarded to the highest scorers.

How do I win points in USA slots tournaments?

Points are awarded whenever you win when spinning the reels on an eligible slot game. These points are added to a leaderboard which is visible to all participants. This lets you keep track of your positioning while also keeping an eye on how your competitors are doing.

What's the secret to winning slots tournaments?

There is no one way to guarantee winning a slots tournament. Our slots tournaments tips can help you improve your chances in US online casino tournaments though. Tips include things like understanding the rules and staying focused, as well as using all the slot credits provided when you join the slots tournament.

Are slots tournaments all luck?

Yes and no. Slots tournaments depend largely on luck as most gambling does. They are still the same slots that you would play any other time. The only difference is the competitive element. That said if you follow our slots tournament strategy, you can help yourself stay in the tournament as long as possible.

Are slots tournaments rigged in the USA?

No. We only recommend slots tournaments and online casinos that are licensed, reputable and regulated, and are using trustworthy software providers. All of our recommended casinos undergo a strict 25-step review process to guarantee you are playing at legit US online casinos.

How do you get into a US slots tournament?

If your chosen US online casino runs slots tournaments, you should be able to find them from a 'Tournaments' tab in the main menu. If the tournament needs a buy-in, you'll have to pay in order to play. If it's a freeroll tournament, simply register your name, pick up your spins, and wait for the tournament to start. You should be able to play on your desktop or mobile device for complete convenience.