Key Tools & Guides For Online Casino Players

Key Tools & Guides For Online Casino Players

Up your game with our selection of online gambling resources

Have you got a question about online casino gambling that’s been bugging you for a while? Now you can rest easy, because you’re sure to get the answers you’ve been searching for here at

Browse the sections below to read more about the key aspects affecting American online betting fans in 2017. When you find a topic you want to know more about, just click it to go straight to more detailed information on the subject.

Casino Guides

Casino Dealer Guide

They're the reason that so many of us can enjoy our favorite games when we go to a land based casino, and yet we know so little about them. Discover what makes a casino dealer, and how you could become one with our thorough guide.

Card Counting - A Guide

A notoriously difficult skill to develop and one that is known across the globe. Our card counting game will have you hooked, it's so addictive, as well as teaching you the basics to becoming a good card counter.

Rigged Casino Guide

Get the lowdown on recent scam sites, how to spot a shady site and what to do if you suspect the site you’re playing on is rigged. Plus, check out scandalous exposés of unfair games that have ripped players off for millions of dollars.

What Are The Odds?

Whether you're spinning the roulette wheels like there's no tomorrow, or you're more interested in playing the odd hand of blackjack, it's vital you understand the game odds. Read through our guide on popular casino game odds and start minimizing the house edge today.

The Rise and Fall of a Gaming Giant

What started off as humble beginnings through social networking API with Texas Hold’em, Zynga took the world by storm with an abundance of games that were simple to play and easy to find.

Read up on the history of the company, how it all began and where it all came apart at the seams.

Interesting Facts

Salaries Vs. Jackpots

Have you ever wondered how your salary matches up against one of the top slots jackpots? Now you can find out!
Try our jackpot calculator to see how you do up against the biggest and most popular online slots on the Internet.

Crime In The Top Casino Cities

It's often thought that gambling and violence go hand in hand with one another. You might be surprised to find, however, that this isn't always the case as we explore the rate of crime in some of the top casino destinations.

Vegas & Instagram

Everyone is online now, whether it be for online gambling or using social media, and the two are in fact very intertwined. Discover the representation of land based gambling through Instagram.

Zika Odds

Planning on taking a trip to Brazil this year? Just a little bit worried about the Zika virus? Fear not, in our guide you can compare the likelihood of contracting Zika with more everyday hazards back in the US. See what the odds are of you coming back alive.

The Most Common Jeopardy! Questions

With data from over 30 seasons of Jeopardy!, find out which season had the easiest or hardest questions, what question category is most likely to lead to a correct answer, and what sort of jobs the frequent winners hold. See if your state has the smartest contestants.

Near Death Experience Stats

How would you feel about a near-death experience? Would you think yourself lucky or unlucky? What words would you use to describe it? Find out here with some real statistics on what people think about the subject. Men and women have quite different takes on things, it seems.

Winning & Instagram

How do you prove you're winning at life – pics or it didn't happen, right? That's why sporting events around the globe take to Instagram to share the love and bask in glory. Take a look at our guide to see the top sports in the US and around the world, as seen be their Instagram presence.


To some, they may seem like the simplest way to win big in the shortest amount of time. But there's a lot more to them than first meets the eye. We're certain that you'll enjoy the facts and oddities that are hidden in the world of scratchcards.

Odds of Regretting a Tattoo

Stuck with an ink of your nightmare ex girlfriend? Has a drunk dare left you blushing every time you remove your shirt? You’re not alone in regretting a tattoo. Find out which designs people rue the most, the people who regret them more, and which part of the body bears the biggest mistakes.


NFL Betting Calculator

You can never be completely sure what’s going to happen in a football game and that’s a major part of the sport’s awesome appeal but the more you know, the smarter you can bet. Get to know all the basics of odds, spread bets and more with our NFL Calculator tool now.

NFL Draft Value

How do you work out how good an NFL player actually is? A great way to start is by comparing their draft position with their playing performance. Click here to discover the ways that knowing a player’s real draft value can help you to make more profits by betting on outsiders and underdogs.

NFL Weather Statistics

Whether it’s snowing or baking hot, extreme temperatures sure know how to mess up an NFL game. Learn about the coldest ever NFL game in 1967, why often times the Miami Dolphins get a sweat on and discover why team morale drops when the temperatures do, all right here.

Sports Betting Odds Guide

When it comes to placing a wager on your favorite sports team it can get a little confusing, especially when the way odds are presented can change from site to site. Understand how the different odd types work and you'll be wagering bets in no time.

The NBA's Richest

Up there with the highest paid athletes in the world, the top NBA players have seen some sizable earnings in their careers. Here we look at things state by state to reveal who got those 9 figure sums and which state proves the most lucrative for b-ballers.

Top NFL Salaries

The big earners in the NFL earn more than any other sport in the US, but how much is that, exactly? Here you'll find out which players had the most lucrative careers of all time, as well as how the money differs regionally. Just in case you're thinking of a career change…

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