Can You Cash A Two-Party Check Without The Other Person At A Casino?

Can You Cash A Two-Party Check Without The Other Person At A Casino?

Planning on cashing a check at your favorite casino instead of taking a big pile of cash with you?

Whether you don’t want to carry money around or you’re looking for some extra security, checks are still viable options.

While casinos are known for cashing them, it’s vital that you ring up and double check in advance, as some of them don’t – especially now that many casinos are moving towards cashless gaming.

Another reason is that checks are easy to forge, and casinos don’t like to be fobbed off, so fewer casinos offer this as an option nowadays.

That, and the fact that literally no one writes checks out anymore. 

In 2005, 40% of worldwide transactions were made by cheques; by 2014, this number had dropped to just 8%. Many analysts believe paper checks might be extinct by 2026

So, it might seem like checks are a thing of the past.

After all, if the US government has already switched to direct deposits for Social Security transactions, the rest of the country can’t be far behind, right?

But there are still plenty of times when you’ll need to cash a check, and even the odd occasion when you’ll need to cash a two-party check. 

What Is A Two-Party Check?

Two-party checks are checks made out to two payees. These can be particularly common as wedding presents, or as a pay-out from the IRS when filing jointly. 

A small word makes a huge difference on a two-party check. 

The check could either be made out to “Person A or Person B” or “Person A and Person B.”

If the check says ‘or,’ either person will be able to cash the check without the other person present.

If the check says ‘and’ it can be much more complicated.

The law requires that everyone on the check endorses it. Sometimes this even means that both people need to be present for the deposit. 

What’s more, some banks require that two-party checks are deposited into a joint account, with the names on the check matching the names on the account.

How To Cash A Two-Party Check

If you’re cashing a two-party check with an ‘or’ between the parties, either person can endorse the check and cash it in the same way that you would any other check.

From your local casino to the supermarket, there are plenty of places that will cash this type of check for you.

Simple as that. 

But, if you’re cashing a two-party check with an ‘and’ between the parties, you may need to go directly to your bank branch, as many casinos avoid cashing these checks.

Depending on where you bank, both people may also need to be present and show ID. At some banks, the two parties will need to have a joint account for the funds to be deposited.

We strongly advise against signing the check and depositing it at an ATM as this may mean that you’ll need to get the check reissued, costing you even more time.

Instead, speak to a bank teller or go to the casino together and think of it as a fun excursion with your fellow check recipient. 

Just be sure to always ring the casino first to check if they offer this service, then go enjoy your cash. 

Who knows, if you get lucky you could come out with a lot more than you went in with!

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