A Guide to Social Casino Gaming in 2021

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Our team takes you through the world of social casinos and gambling

You can play free slot machines, scratch and win lottery tickets, blackjack, and even poker through your Facebook account and social casino sites. Here we give you a comprehensive guide on how social gambling works, both through social media and online casino apps. Learn about Facebook games, weigh the pros and cons of playing socially, and compare top social gaming sites like Slotomania and Big Fish Games.

What is social gambling?

Social gambling is gambling on social media. Lately, more and more gambling operators have been launching social media games on Facebook, Google+, Bebo, and even MySpace in order to reach more players. Up until the social media gaming giant Zynga launched real money poker on Facebook to their U.K. players in early 2014, all of the social gambling apps on social media were free.

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Facebook is the most popular social media platform for online games, so we will focus on social gambling on Facebook.

Out of all of the people who gamble on social media, 61% of them do it on Facebook. (17% do it on Google+, 15% do it on MySpace, and only 7% do it on Bebo).

According to Facebook’s guidelines, real money gambling on Facebook is only allowed in specific countries with prior authorization from Facebook. Since only a handful of countries actually meet the criteria, it’s likely that the free games and apps are here to stay and will dominate the social gambling market.

Some of the most popular social gambling games and casino apps on Facebook include free slots, free Texas Hold’em poker, and free blackjack. You can play by yourself, with your friends, or with strangers.

Social gaming is a $2.7 billion industry, which is saying a lot because an overwhelming majority of the casino games available on Facebook are free casino games that do not require real cash to play. The gambling operators make their money by offering their players in-game benefits, currencies, and virtual goods that can be bought with real money or Facebook credits, which are acquired with cold hard cash as well.

Social casinos pull in millions and millions of Facebook users on a daily basis. About 20% of those users (or hundreds of thousands of players in other words) have paid real cash for in-game goods, benefits, and currencies. The market for social gambling is booming, and it’s only getting bigger and bigger, as more and more big names in the gambling industry are joining in on the fun.

Some stats on social gaming

What are some of the big names in the social casino business as of now?

The top four big names that have gotten into the social casino business are:


With 5.4 million monthly active users, Slotomania offers slots, slots, and more slots! There is also a mobile platform that enables you to download the Slotomania app on your smartphone or tablet and play Slotomania games on it. Just visit slotomania.com to download the mobile casino app.

At Slotomania, slot machines are a-plenty. After you sign up at Slotomania, free coins will be given to you and you can choose your favorite slots to play right away on Facebook.

If you want to explore Slotomania some more, you can visit www.slotomania.com.


Zynga is probably the most well-known gaming company on Facebook, not just for its Hit It Rich! slots app, but mainly for its wildly popular Facebook game: FarmVille. When Zynga Poker (one of its Facebook games) was launched, social gambling immediately blew up in popularity and brought a lot of money to the social gambling industry in a short period of time.

Zynga offers four different casino games that are available on Facebook:

  • Hit It Rich!: This Facebook app, which can be accessed via a smartphone or a tablet, allows you to play free slot machines of many different themes.
  • Wizard of Oz Slots: You can enjoy this classic movie, not by watching it, but by playing a series of machines that come in levels. You can unfold the story by unlocking new machines and enjoying huge payouts, free spins, and mega wilds.
  • Zynga Poker: This is a free online Texas Hold ‘Em poker game available on Facebook. You can play cash n’ go games or tournaments.
  • Zynga Poker Classic: This one is just like Zynga Poker, except that it comes in a classic poker design.

In early 2014, Zynga released a real money poker app on Facebook called ZyngaPlusPoker. It was available exclusively to U.K. players only. They did it in hopes of boosting traffic, but it did not attract as much traffic as Zynga had anticipated. Since the results were disappointing, Zynga has since decided to shut it down.

DoubleDown Casino

DoubleDown Casino is a social gambling casino that attracts nearly 5 million active users each month on Facebook. They offer a whole slew of options: free slots, free bingo, free poker, free video poker, and free blackjack, all on Facebook. Not only that, but you can also download their mobile app and do some gambling on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Everything is free at DoubleDown Casino.

Promo codes are offered there, though. It is only because you can purchase virtual currency and in-game digital items (also known as “virtual goods”) in order to boost your chances of winning. You can visit the DoubleDown Casino Facebook page and then purchase those things there. However, it would be a good idea to do a Google search on promo codes for DoubleDown casino first to see if you can score some great deals on the in-game purchases.

If you’re looking for DoubleDown casino codes, a good place to begin would be a website that is wholly dedicated to Facebook games, like ILoveFBGames.com. They have a long list of active Double Down casino promo codes you can try.

Not only that, but also CodeShareOnline.com has some great Double Down Casino codes that will get you 1 million free chips for new players only on Facebook. DoubleDown Casino promo code lists are everywhere. All it takes is a simple Google search to find reliable codes for DoubleDown Casino.

Big Fish Casino

You can open up Big Fish Casino online and choose one of your favorite Big Fish games to play on Facebook. At Big Fish Casino, craps, slots, blackjack, and roulette are the games you can choose when you want to try your luck with gambling at the casino. Big Fish Casino offers many attractive perks, including 100,000 free bonus chips upon sign up, free spins, bonus games, huge jackpots, free daily games, and Big Fish promo codes.

While it is true that BigFish offers free chips, free games, and no real money withdrawals, they still accept real money from players who want to purchase extra chips and in-game virtual goods. That’s why promo codes for Big Fish Casino exist.

If you are in search for a promo code for Big Fish Casino, you are in luck because there are so many different places you can look for one. For starters, you can check out a website that offers any kind of promo code. Big Fish Casino is featured at appquests.com, a website that offers different kinds of coupon codes: 30,000 free chips, 35,000 free chips, or 25,000 free chips, for instance.

You can even find a Big Fish Casino coupon code (as well as participate in contests and giveaways) right on their Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/bigfishcasino