Best Online Betting Sites in Ireland 2021

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If you’re looking for top Irish betting sites, this is the place to find them. Here, we cover all aspects of sports wagering in the Emerald Isle, from the most popular sports like horse racing, Gaelic football and golf to bet types, bonuses and mobile gambling. Check our toplist for the best betting sites or read on for more tips and guides about betting in Ireland.

The 10 best Irish betting sites

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Blacklisted sports betting sites to avoid

Although many Irish bookmakers are reputable and recommended, some betting sites are better to avoid. Below you will find our blacklist of betting sites we recommend you steer clear of.

Advantages of online betting

Although Irish bookmakers still have betting shops, nowadays most people prefer to bet online. Below are just a couple of factors that explain the advantages of online betting as well as its surge in popularity.

  • Thanks to mobile betting apps, you can place wagers anywhere there’s an internet signal.
  • You can access a vast range of sports betting options with markets galore.
  • The best betting sites will let you cash out certain bets early.
  • There are exclusive sign up bonuses and other promotions that simply aren’t available in bookmaker shops.

Online betting explained

Online bookmakers use fractional, decimal and moneyline odds, depending on the region in which they operate. For those of you who are new to online betting, take a look below for our odds overview or head to our sports betting odds guide for more detail. Odds are easier to understand than you might think!

What are Fractional Odds?

In Ireland, fractional odds are most commonly used. They’re displayed as two numbers with a slash (/) between them. The numerator (the number on the left) shows what you could win and the denominator (the number on the right) shows what you need to place to make that win. For example, odds of 7/2 mean you need to bet €2 to win €7 with the total return being €9.

Fractional Odds

What are Decimal Odds?

Decimal odds are shown in a numeric form, for example, 2.00. To work out your total return, you multiply the odds by the stake wagered. If the odds are 2.00 and you stake €5, you will get €10 in return with €5 of profit. Decimal odds are most common in mainland Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but also for parimutuel or pool betting services like the Irish Tote.

Decimal Odds

What are Moneyline Odds?

Moneyline odds are used to bet on the outcome of a match. The teams are shown with a plus (+) or a minus (-) sign next to them. The minus indicates the favourite team and shows how much you need to bet to win $100. The plus indicates the underdog and how much you would win from a $100 bet. Moneyline odds are most common across the Atlantic in America, so Irish bookmakers may only use moneyline odds for American sports leagues like the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB.

Moneyline Odds

Odds Calculator

Odds format






Implied Probability



Markets and bet types explained

Besides understanding odds, it’s also good to know about common markets and bet types. Below you will find the most popular markets and bet types available in Ireland.

Bet types

Single Bet

A bet on one outcome is called a single. You place a wager on one single event in one market only. If the bet wins, you make a profit. If it loses, the bookmaker keeps the stake.


Match Odds

With match odds, you’re betting on the outcome of an event. There will be two or three possible outcomes (home team to win, away team to win or a draw), depending on whether or not a draw can be a final result. When available for soccer, match odds only apply to the regulation 90 minutes and stoppage time, not extra time and penalty shootouts.

Irish online betting facts

Online betting in Ireland is becoming increasingly popular. Here are a couple of figures showing what Irish bettors wager on and how often they take a punt:

African gambling market


was spent on gambling in Ireland in 2019

Yearly betting size


of adults bet with bookmakers every week

Fully regulated

€30 million

was the betting turnover at the Punchestown Festival in 2017

’18 – Minimum gambling age


of the total wagers placed in Ireland each year are on horse racing

How to calculate your winnings from a wager

When you place a wager, it’s good knowing how much you can gain from your bet. You can always use our free odds calculator to work out your win, but calculating bet returns is simpler than you might think!

Single Wager

Say you bet €10 on Ireland to win a soccer game at odds of 3.0. To calculate your return, you multiply your bet with the odds. This means that your total return would be €30, including your bet of €10.

To calculate your winnings on fractional odds, you multiply your bet with the numerator. You then divide the result by the denominator. For example, the calculation for a €8 bet at odds of 11/4 is (8x11) / 4 = 22. €22 is your profit and your total return is €30 (22+8).

Golf swing

Double Wager

To calculate a double wager, start by working out the first leg as a single wager. The winnings from the first leg are then multiplied by the second odds.

For example, you bet €10 on Ireland winning a rugby match at 3.00 and a soccer game at 4.00. This means there would be a €30 winning from your first bet that rolls over to the second bet and becomes your new stake. To calculate your winning, you multiply the new stake (€30) with the second odds (4.00). This gives you a total winning of €120, with €110 being profit.

Position Golf Ball

Online betting tips

Are you new to online betting, or just looking for a few pointers on sensible wagering? Read on for our best advice on how to make better betting decisions.

Set a betting budget & stick to it

Before you start to bet online, set a budget and stick to it. You should never bet more than you can afford to lose and budgeting will help you bet within your means. Leading sportsbooks have tools that can help you with this, such as deposit and daily limits, which you can set for yourself.

Bet early & get better odds

Often, it can be wiser to place bets early rather than waiting until nearer the time of a sports event. This is because when a market generates a lot of interest, sportsbook traders will often shorten or adjust the odds. Gambling early can see you end up with the best price. Bigger odds mean greater potential profits if you’re lucky enough to have a winner.

Look around for top prices

Loyalty doesn’t always pay. Why should you miss out on the top prices by betting with the same Irish bookmakers when another has better odds? If you shop around, you may find that greater value lies elsewhere. It is always worth considering expanding the number of betting sites you have accounts with as this increases your amount of market access.

Study form & trends

It’s always good to know as much as possible before placing a wager, so you can make an informed decision. You could go with your hunch but a little research into stats and trends may suggest a different outcome. Getting a handle on the form is vital for popular sports like horse racing.

Mobile betting

Mobile betting

Nowadays, most top sportsbooks offer a dedicated app or mobile platform. Betting apps will be suitable for most Android and iOS smartphones and offer a few perks over desktop sites. When betting on a mobile device, you can expect super-fast loading times, exclusive event streaming, and even unique mobile-only promotions. You will find the best sportsbooks for mobile betting in our shortlist.

How our team reviews the best betting sites

With so much choice when it comes to online betting in Ireland, it can be difficult to know what the best sites offer. Our team have a comprehensive review process that sorts the top sportsbooks out from the rest. Here are the categories we use to assess all Irish bookmakers on:

Sports, markets and bet types

It’s a case of the more the merrier in terms of the variety of sports, markets and types of wager on offer. A top sportsbook must cater for the widest possible audience and those that do earn our recommendation.

Bonuses & promotions

Receiving a welcome bonus when you join a sportsbook is now an expectation across the industry as a whole. We also expect to see a range of free bets, risk free bets and no deposit bonuses to cater to every bettor. The best in class rewards your loyalty too, so that’s something we always look out for.

Banking options

Top Irish betting sites have a range of banking at your disposal. Banking options must include traditional payment methods as well as eWallet services which offer speedy and hassle-free withdrawals. Any method which allows a swift transfer of money to and from your betting account comes highly recommended by us.

Security & customer support

One area that sports betting sites must take very seriously is security. We only recommend industry regulated online bookmakers who protect their sites with encryption tech. There is also the matter of friendly and helpful customer service just in case you run into any difficulties.

Competitive odds and additional features

We all appreciate a little extra something now and then. Additional features can make or break whether you decide place a bet. From form guides to tips from experts, betting sites that provide these alongside the best prices most often earn our recommendation.

Mobile betting

For our seal of approval, a sportsbook must offer a betting app or mobile site that is fully compatible with iOS and Android devices. The best betting app will also have mobile exclusive offers that you can take advantage of when gambling.


Betting sites that do well in the above areas are the kind of sportsbook you want to gamble with. Online bookmakers with an all-round outstanding service are what you deserve. If they fall short in any category, they probably aren’t worth your time.

Best Irish sports betting sites 2021

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Gambino Slots
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Big Fish Casino
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My Jackpot
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Vera Vegas
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Goldfish Casino
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Heart Of Vegas Slot
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Double Down Casino
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Check out the #1 online sports betting site in Ireland

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Online betting FAQ

What is the best sports betting site in Ireland?

Many bookmakers in Ireland have claims of being the best betting sites operating in the country. You will find the top ones for 2021 in our toplist.

What is a sportsbook bonus?

A sportsbook bonus is an offer that online bookmakers give to bettors like you. These may be for new customers only, or open to everyone gambling on the site.

Which betting sites give bonuses?

All of the best betting sites have bonuses and promotions available. On top of this, some betting sites will also have loyalty schemes in place to regularly reward existing users.

Are sportsbook bonuses worth it?

Yes, sportsbook bonuses are well worth your while. Whatever form they take, be it free bets, a money-back deal or a new customer offer, they add value to your bankroll.

What is a free bet offer?

A free bet offer is a promotion where you receive a bonus token after meeting certain requirements. You may need to deposit, place a qualifying bet or have a specific outcome from a sports wager.

What is a risk-free bet?

A risk-free bet is one where the stake is returned to you even if the wager you place loses. This may be as a refund in cash or a free bet token.

How do I get my free sports bonus bet?

Different online bookmakers have various ways of giving free bets. On some sportsbooks, you will have to claim them. With others, the award is automatic when certain conditions are fulfilled.

Which sports can I bet on in Ireland?

There are many sports that you can bet on in Ireland. Some of the most popular are:
Horse Racing
Gaelic Football
Combat sports including boxing and UFC/MMA

Where can I bet on soccer games?

Almost all betting websites offer markets on soccer games. This is because that is one of the most popular sports that people gamble on in the world.

Is it legal to wager online in Ireland?

Yes, provided you are of the legal age to gamble set by the state, then you can wager online in Ireland.

Do I pay taxes on sports betting?

Yes, you pay taxes on sports betting in Ireland. Note that it is the stake, rather than the winnings, that are taxed.