Meet William Macmaster, Associate Gaming Specialist

With 8 years of experience in the iGaming industry, William's wealth of expertise will help connect you with top-of-the-range online casinos. Specialising in the UK market, he is the go-to for finding a British casino that is perfect for you.

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William Macmaster

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Associate Gaming Specialist

With a background in journalism, William has the investigative skills needed to uncover the best of the best when it comes to online gambling products. During his time in the industry, he has picked up a whole catalogue of tips, tricks and secrets that will help you get the most out of your online casino experience!

What makes William an expert?

For most of William's career, he has been specialising in online casino and sports betting, connecting thousands of customers with unforgettable gaming experiences. Since 2016, William has been reviewing casinos, evaluating their service and passing that information on to players from across the globe. With prior experience working for big-name brands like Betsson and Unibet, he also brings an insider perspective into the inner workings of gambling sites.


  • Associate Gaming Specialist - April 2023 - Present


  • Content Project Manager - September 2022-March 2024


  • Content Manager - March 2022 -September 2022


  • Brand Manager - June 2020-March 2022


William's Bachelor Degree in English and Media and his Masters Degree in Journalism has provided him with the research and communications needed to provide users with all the information they need for a fruitful gambling experience.

  • University of Groningen - Journalism (MA)
  • Southampton Solent University - English & Media (BA)

8 Years Experience

8 years of iGaming knowledge to share with you.

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High Achiever

William excels in all professional positions having previously led teams of writers to deliver exceptional results.


BA & MA Degrees

Degrees in English & Media and Journalism.



Passionate about staying up to date with the latest trends.

How does William stay up-to-date?

Constantly connected to the world of online gambling via social media, online publications and through an array of personal connections in the industry, William is ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest news.

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EGR Global

EGR Global is a market leader for B2B online gambling news.


Gambling Insider

Gambling Insider provides the latest news and trends from the world of online gambling.


UK Gambling Commission

For the latest regulations, staying up to date with the UKGC is imperative.

Q&A with William

How did you start out writing about casinos?

An aspiring writer for as long as I can remember, it was always my ambition to write about what I lived and loved doing. This meant for me as a young person with a passion for gaming, writing about online casinos was an ideal career path for me. As time progressed and I immersed myself in the industry, it became an even bigger passion for me and I have never looked back.

What's the first thing you look for at an online casino?

The most important aspect for me is reputation. Most people I know play casino games and bet online, so if I am unfamiliar with a casino, then I always do my best to find out if they have a good reputation among the community. If they are new, this can be tricky. This is why I will get stuck into their service myself and see how they operate. If I feel they are delivering in the right ways. This means ensuring they offer an open and transparent service that is well-regulated with appropriate licensing and adheres to the best industry standards in regards to security and privacy. Once this is adhered to I feel happy to pass their benefits on to not only my readers, but my peers in the industry too!

If you could only play one casino game forever, what would it be?

For me, it has to be blackjack. It is always my first port of call whenever I log on to a new casino. I will check out their live casino options for blackjack, as well as see if they have any unique twists on the classic game somewhere on their site.

This being said, I am also very partial to a slot machine session every once in a while. With so many new games with unique themes and features, there is always something fun and exciting to get involved in. Two of my all-time favorites if I am in the mood for slots have to be Big Bass Bonanza and Wanted Dead or a Wild!

Of course, I am also a keen poker player and so every couple of weeks getting involved in a poker tournament is always on the cards (pun intended).

William's top tip

"Shop around. There are a bunch of casinos out there and new ones pop up all the time which may be better suited to what you are looking for. I always say that it is always worth trying out something different. You can always come back to an old favourite so don't limit yourself."

William's areas of expertise

As a seasoned veteran in the industry, William knows a lot about a lot when it comes to online gambling, but a few of his specialties are:

UK online gambling

UK online gambling

Being British himself, UK online gambling comes a second nature to him. He has worked in the UK iGaming industry for most of his career and has seen the landscape and regulations change a great deal. However, he has always managed to always keep his finger on the pulse. If a new and exciting UK casino pops up, you can bet that he will have already checked it out.

Crypto casinos

Crypto casinos

Aside from gambling, William's other passion is crypto and he has several years of experience in this industry too. When the two are combined to create a crypto casino, William is the go-to guy for finding out about them. Whether you want to play with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether or any other crypto, William will know a place to go!

William's favorite iGaming influencer

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey

"The Tiger Woods of Poker is cool, calm and collected and delivers results time and time again so he is definitely a favourite of mine."

Find Phil Ivey's Instragram here.

What iGaming events does William recommend?

While there is a wide selection to choose from, the ICE and iGB Affiliates in London, as well as Sigma in Malta are William's personal favorite events for those aspiring to get more involved in the world of iGaming.

ICE London

ICE London

"ICE London is definitely an event I try not to miss each year. Thousands of inspirational people from the industry are there, plus it is nice and close to home!"

iGB Affiliate London

iGB Affiliate London

"Another great UK-based event is iGB Affiliate London where there is so much to check out and learn about regarding iGaming affiliation"

Sigma Malta

Sigma Malta

"This was the first ever gaming event I attended and it really taught me a lot about about the industry. Plus, being in Malta, you can have an amazing little holiday as part of the event!"

William's casino memories

Best gambling experience

  • "A couple years ago during the Gold Cup, I was on a winning streak all week with the help of some tips I picked up from a chap I met a few days before it began. If only every Gold Cup went the same way!"

Worst gambling experience

  • "I made a rookie error of not double checking my wager amount on a slot machine and ended up betting way more than I had intended! Fortunately, I realised very quickly but there was a moment of panic I will never forget. Definitely a lesson learned and one that I can pass on!"

My whole career has been focused on iGaming and that is due to the fact I find the experience so rewarding and believe it can be a great fun for everyone involved. I hope with my help, more players can get a fun and exciting experience from their online casinos!

William Macmaster
Associate Gaming Specialist