Meet Todd Shriber, our News Writer

Todd Shriber brings decades of financial expertise to, specializing in stocks, mergers and acquisitions, and business news. Starting as a financial market reporter with Bloomberg News, he later became a trader at a long/short hedge fund. His insights into the economy and the world of finance make him one of our most trusted reporters on the subject.


About Todd Shriber

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Todd has a well-rounded career with a notable stint working as a Southern California hedge fund trader, specializing in sector and international ETFs during the formidable period of the financial crisis. He specialized in trading sector and international ETFs and would later become the web editor at ETF Trends. Currently, he analyzes, researches, and writes on ETFs for a variety of web-based publications and financial services firms, including

What makes Todd an expert?

Todd's been writing for for over six years with a keen eye for the financial side of the iGaming industry. His work as a hedge fund trader gives him the edge as a reporter, knowing the ins and outs of his field.


  • Senior news reporter 2019 - Present


  • Chief ETF Analyst - September 2009 - Present

Option Invester

  • Writer and analyst - April 2009 - February 2012


Todd's degree in Broadcast Journalism helped him hone his writing and investigative skills, making him one of our top news reporters on

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Finance insider

Todd's background in the finance world gives him great insights


Penn State University

His degree helped him become a critical thinker and excellent writer


High profile features

You can find his work in The Wealth Advisor, The Nevada Post, Carson City Current

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Todd's clued up on electric funds transfers

Q&A with Todd

How did you get into journalism?

"I got my start in journalism by covering the football team for my college newspaper. While in school, I also interned at a local TV station and at Bloomberg News. My first “real” job in journalism was at Bloomberg upon graduating from college. I covered various financial topics there and was involved in coverage of the collapse of Enron."

How do you stay up to date?

"In terms of how I stay up to date, I get a lot of analyst reports and read various research pieces from asset management firms. When it comes to traditional media, I spend a lot time consuming content from Barron’s, Bloomberg, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal."

Todd's areas of expertise

With a heavy sway towards finance and the economy in his career, Todd brings a lot of niche knowledge to his reporting. He specializes in the following:

Mergers & acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions

Companies across iGaming and beyond go through mergers and acquisitions all the time. Todd understands the ins and outs of these deals and helps inform readers what's going on.



Todd keeps a close eye on all the business movements within iGaming. He is one of the first to report business news like when a company hires a new CEO, reports interesting financial data, or goes through a merger.

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