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Britney Spears Does It Again, as Vegas Residency Eclipses $100 Million in Revenue

Britney Spears Las Vegas residency

Britney Spears wasn’t lying when she said everyone wants a “Piece of Me.” Her appropriately named Las Vegas residency show, according to revenue figures supplied by Caesars and first reported by Billboard, has now passed the $100 million market in total ticket sales. Dating back to her first residency performance at Planet Hollywood in December of…Read More

Brains vs AI: Humans Taking a Pounding By Libratus

Jimmy Chou says pokerbot Libratus is better than humans

The Brains vs AI poker contest has reached its halfway point at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh and it doesn’t make pretty reading for humankind. With 60,000 hands played in the match-up between four of poker’s finest and the latest in artificial intelligence from the Carnegie Mellon University, Libratus, the computer, is up $800,000.   …Read More

Floyd Mayweather Flaunts Sports Betting Streak, Green Bay Packers Ride Ends

Floyd Mayweather sports betting streak

Floyd Mayweather isn’t known for being humble, and considering his all-time 49-0 boxing record, perhaps that’s warranted. Affectionately known as “Pretty Boy” and “Money,” the boxing GOAT (greatest of all time) is spending his hard-earned retirement fortune by placing some not-so-casual sports bets. A lifelong gambler who calls the Las Vegas Valley home, Mayweather recently…Read More

Mafia-Backed Casinos Tried to Kill Me, Claims Edward O Thorp, the Father of Card-counting

Mafia Tried to Kill Card Counter Edward Thorp

Edward O Thorp, the 84-year-old inventor of card-counting, was once the target of a suspected Mob hit. The revelation comes in Thorp’s new autobiography, A Man for All Markets, published this week. In 1964, Thorp believes that Mafia-connected owners of the Dunes were so incensed by his ability to beat them at blackjack, they tried…Read More

KISS Casino Ready to Rock and Roll in Oklahoma With Kaw Nation

KISS casino Oklahoma Kaw Nation

A KISS casino will soon allow visitors to rock and roll all night in Oklahoma. Famed members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are teaming up with the Kaw Nation to construct a full-fledged casino on sovereign tribal land in the Sooner State near the Kansas state line along Interstate 35 in the town of Braman….Read More

Gaming Love Matches That Blew Up Big Time in 2016

Packer, Carey, the Wynns and the biggest 2016 gaming love matches

Mariah Carey’s relationship with billionaire casino mogul James Packer was the talk of the town in 2016. They were engaged in early January, and broke their silence on the much-rumored affair a week later, with Carey declaring that the $10-million 35-carat engagement ring the love-struck former Crown chairman had given her was “so heavy I…Read More

Strangest Gaming Bedfellows of 2016: Match Ups We Never Saw Coming (But Sometimes Saw Going)

James Packer and Mariah Carey

No question, 2016 saw some strange partnerships, interesting deals, and all kinds of dramatic decisions hit the headlines when it came to the gaming industry worldwide. From the weird (an Australian billionaire gaming mogul and his overly dramatic diva) to the downright odd (a former defense secretary tries out the world of online gambling), 2016…Read More

The 2016 Rio Olympics: Scandal, Triumph, and Bad Choices All Around


The 2016 Rio Olympics had all the ingredients for a memorable Summer Games, and memorable it was. Even before the games started, a swarm of issues plagued the host city of Rio de Janeiro. As Rio scrambled to finish arena and stadium construction projects, a critical new subway line was still undergoing safety tests just…Read More

Robert Durst Trial for Susan Berman Alleged Murder, Even 16 Years Later, Still Leaves Witnesses Shaky

Susan Berman Robert Durst murder

Susan Berman is a household name to anyone who watched HBO’s The Jinx, the six-part documentary that linked real estate heir Robert Durst to the alleged murders of three individuals dating back to 1982. Berman, the daughter of mobster David “Davie the Jew” Berman, was murdered execution-style on Christmas Eve in 2000 at her home…Read More

Kelly Cheung Yin Sun Targeted Borgata for Revenge

Kelly Sun Targeted MGM for Revenge

“Kelly” Cheung Yin Sun was out for personal revenge against MGM Resorts, which was why she and Phil Ivey targeted the Borgata for their high-stakes baccarat edge-sorting spree in 2012. MGM owned 50 percent of the Borgata at the time, a stake it has since increased to 100 percent when it bought out Boyd Gaming…Read More

Phil Ivey Loses Borgata Edge-sorting Case, Must Pay Casino $10.1 Million

Phil Ivey

On Thursday, a New Jersey judge ordered poker player Phil Ivey and “Kelly” Cheng Yin Sun to repay $10.1 million to the Borgata Hotel and Casino. The sum represents the $9.6 million “winnings” amassed during a four-day stint edge-sorting at the casino’s baccarat tables in 2012, plus an extra $504,000 won by Ivey at craps…Read More

Nevada Blacklist Growing as Gaming Regulators Curb Crime

Nevada blacklist black book

The Nevada blacklist, formally known as the Excluded Persons List, is growing in the Silver State as gaming regulators look to keep crooks off the casino floors. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada casinos are showing more people the door than ever before. It’s all part of a concerted effort among the industry to…Read More

Antigua Gives US End-of-Year Ultimatum on Online Gambling Dispute

Antigua-US online gaming trade dispute

The tiny Caribbean island nation of Antigua and Barbuda has been engaged in a David and Goliath trade war with the United States for the past 15 years over online gambling, and now it appears its patience is finally wearing thin. Whether this will register on the consciousness of its all-powerful neighbor remains to be…Read More

Phil Ivey Disputes “Legal Precedent” in Borgata Edge-sorting Case

Phil Ivey Contests Latest Borgata Claim

Phil Ivey has formally disputed the Borgata’s claim that the $9.6 million he “won” edge-sorting on the casino’s mini-baccarat tables should be repaid on the basis of a legal precedent. The Borgata has cited an “identical” legal case in which gamblers at the Golden Nugget, Atlantic City, were ultimately ordered to repay $1.5 million in…Read More

Borgata Seeking $15.5 Million from Phil Ivey in Edge-sorting Case

Borgata wants $15.5 million from Phil Ivey

The Borgata casino in Atlantic City is seeking $15.5 million from Phil Ivey after a federal judge ruled last month that the poker player was in breach of his contract with the casino during four sessions of mini-baccarat in 2012. Ivey and his accomplice Cheng Yin Sun “won” $9.6 million using a practice known as…Read More