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Okada to Meet with Gaming Control Board Over Foreign Payments

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has called in Japanese billionaire tycoon and former Wynn director Kazuo Okada, along with three other directors of his Universal Entertainment Corp., for a closed-door hearing next week. It’s all part of the Control Board’s ongoing investigation into allegations that $40 million in payments was made to Rodolfo Soriano, one…Read More

Can I Get a Witness? Adelson Heading Back to Court in Breach Case

Forget all the TV shows about what goes on in Vegas casinos; they need to make a series about what goes on behind the scenes. The drama is unending; take the case of one-time Las Vegas Sands Corp. consultant Richard Suen, who is coming back to court in April with Sands chairman and CEO Sheldon…Read More

888 and Treasure Island Partner Up for Online Poker License in Nevada

Looks like 888 Holdings, the Gibraltar-based online gaming experts, and Treasure Island (TI), one of Las Vegas’ older casinos, have passed muster with the Nevada Gaming Control Board and will likely be able to obtain interactive licenses for Internet poker operations in the Silver State. Licensing approval was passed by the Board this week after…Read More

How Do You Like Me Now? Illinois Tries Again with Revised Gaming Bill

It’s like Groundhog Day all over again: following the pattern of New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie, who vetoed his state’s online gambling measure only to flourish his John Hancock on it less than two weeks later, now it’s been only days since Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn shot down his state’s efforts at getting land-based casinos…Read More

Gambling Addict Seeks Compensation for Losses

For some, gambling is like a drug. They chase their next fix like an alcoholic craving a drink. Now, Melbourne’s popular Crown Casino faces the possibility of paying 20 million dollars in compensation to Greek gambler Harris Kakavas. Kakavas is currently appealing to the Australian justice stating that the Crown Casino took advantage of his…Read More

The New State of the Nation: More States Prepare for Online Gambling

It’s like when they gave women the vote or got rid of segregation: ideas that once seemed way out of most peoples’ grasp eventually filter down and start to enter the collective conscious as a norm. Online gambling seems to be right at the brink of acceptance; following recent fast-track legislative measures to approve online…Read More

New Jersey Signs Online Gambling Legislation, Just a Nose Behind Nevada

After years of waffling and vetoing, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie finally signed Assembly Bill A2578 into law this week, opening the door for online gambling to begin in a legalized, regulated environment in New Jersey.  The move came only a week after Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval rapidly approved his state’s online gambling legislation; both…Read More

California, Massachusetts Could Be Next States to Legalize Online Gambling

The online gaming scene is starting to get crowded in the U.S, with more and more states seeking to pass legislation that will enable them to license operators to legalize online gaming in their states. Following last week’s passage into law of Nevada’s online gambling bill, California and Massachusetts have each tabled their own pieces…Read More

100-Year-Old Case Invoked in Alabama Casino Raid

We often see that what’s old is new again; in this case, what’s very, very old is new again, as a 114-year-old (that’s 1899 for those too lazy to do the math) Supreme Court ruling was recently dug up, dusted off, and revived for a modern re-enactment. 114 years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that…Read More

Ferguson Loses Big Hand to Feds in Final Full Tilt Showdown

They say gamblers should never play against a stronger opponent than themselves, but it appears that’s exactly what’s happened to Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, the World Series of Poker former champion and five-time bracelet winner.  Ferguson lost a bundle to the Feds this week, forfeiting an undisclosed bank account to the government, along with any remaining…Read More

Government-Approved Swedish Gambling Site Cracks Down on Cheaters

Svenska Spel, Sweden’s state-owned online gaming company in that country’s highly regulated gambling market, has locked down 14 poker accounts that allegedly used bots to win big money.  The company says the suspended accounts had a total of $108,000 in them presently, but had won more than $1.8 million over the course of the past…Read More

Sandoval Pushes for Passage of Nevada Online Gaming Bill

Noting that Nevada is now in a race against time to finalize its online gaming bill, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval told his state’s legislative body this week that they must pass the measure known as  Assembly Bill 114 within the next thirty days in order to stay a step ahead of New Jersey, which is…Read More

No More Outs as Marcus Bebb-Jones Admits Murder

In what reads more like a movie plot than a real-life tale, British poker player Marcus Bebb-Jones pled guilty this week to second-degree murder in a Glenwood Springs, Colorado court in the death of his wife Sabrina 16 years ago in Colorado. Giving no greater motive than that the killing was done in the “heat…Read More

Money and Small Arsenal Seized in Illegal Sports Betting Operation

Recent news has reported that around two dozen local residents of Hawaii are being charged, or arrested, in connection to illegal online sports betting on the island. It is reported that federal authorities are clamping down on illegal online sports betting in the area, targeting bets made with offshore internet sites. “This is something that…Read More

One Step Closer to US Online Gambling Legislation in New Jersey

Flag of New Jersey

Recent news that the state of New Jersey in America is likely to allow internet gambling has got the online gambling world in a buzz as it is now a strong possibility that other states in the US may follow suit if the relaxed legislation goes through. The news came despite the expectation that Governor…Read More