Floyd Mayweather Offers UFC Champ Conor McGregor $15 Million to Fight

Posted on: January 12, 2017, 02:00h. 

Last updated on: January 12, 2017, 02:00h.

Floyd Mayweather retired for a second time in 2015 after defeating challenger Andre Berto. The bout finished off Pretty Boy’s career unbeaten at 49-0 with 26 wins by knockout.

Floyd Mayweather boxing UFC Conor McGregor
Floyd Mayweather has no concerns that he’d win a boxing match against UFC champ Conor McGregor, but the odds of the fight actually happening are reportedly slim. (Image: Conor McGregor/Instagram)

While it’s been more than a year since he’s stepped in the ring, Mayweather certainly isn’t reading books by the pool in a retirement village. In addition to promoting the supposed upcoming celebrity boxing match between rappers Chris Brown and Soulja Boy, Mayweather is in talks with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor to exchange punches.

Never one to miss a seemingly absurd bet, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has already released odds on the potential fight. Mayweather is the big favorite, with his line at 1/7 and McGregor at 4/1.

Bovada also doesn’t believe McGregor has much of a chance if he steps in the ring. The online sportsbook puts Mayweather at -2250 to the Irish mixed martial arts (MMA) warrior (MMA) at +950.

Mayweather Permitting

Last April, rumors began circulating that the boxing GOAT (greatest of all time) was interested in coming out of retirement in order to win his 50th match. His company filed trademarks for “TBE 50” and “TMT 50,” alleged acronyms for “The Best Ever” and “The Money Team,” the latter being Mayweather’s lifestyle brand.

McGregor offered his services to take on the role of challenger. He applied for and received a boxing license, but has demanded between $20 and $30 million to sign a contract to fight Mayweather.

Appearing on ESPN’s “First Take” this week, Mayweather said, “My number was a guaranteed $100 million. I don’t really know how much money Conor McGregor has made, but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t even made $10 million in an MMA bout. But we are willing to give him $15 million.”

Mayweather also agreed to give McGregor a small percentage of pay-per-view revenues.

“Dana White (UFC president), the UFC, let’s make it happen,” Mayweather concluded. Asked whether he’d win, Floyd responded, “What’s understood doesn’t have to be talked about.”

Nothing but Talk

Mayweather, who turns 40 in February, doesn’t actually believe the 28-year-old McGregor wants to step into the ring. One of the quickest boxers in the history of the sport, observers believe McGregor would struggle just to land a punch.

“Does he want to fight? Absolutely not,” Mayweather explained. “I’m trying to see if he really wants to fight, but we can’t make the fight happen because he’s got his own boss.”

Bovada sportsbook manager Kevin Bradley thinks the chances are slim the two will come to blows. “This fight is a long shot to happen . . . and McGregor is a bigger long shot if it does happen,” Bradley opined.

White, who remained with the UFC following the Fertitta brothers’ sale of the MMA league for $4 billion last summer, agrees the clash won’t take place but for entirely different reasons.

“Floyd’s about this tall (points towards the ground),” White told a TMZ camera. “It will never happen. He’ll (McGregor) kick his head to another planet and then he’ll murder every one of his security guards.”