Meet Lewis Crane, our Assistant Gaming Specialist

Bringing passion and experience in equal measures, Lewis brings a wealth of experience to the iGaming space. Boasting over 3 years of experience in online casinos, he has worked extensively with some of the top UK casino operators and over 30+ of the most recognisable slots and casino game producers worldwide. Lewis has a keen understanding of what makes a casino portfolio great and is on a mission to help players find the best online casinos to suit their gaming tastes.


Lewis Crane

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Assistant Gaming Specialist

A keen content writer with a background in fiction writing, Lewis injects a hearty dose of passion and creative flare into all of his work. Possessing a huge personal adoration for the world of online slots and casino games, he brings a player-focused perspective as Assistant Gaming Specialist to ensure only the best casinos are recommend for you. Lewis is always busy expanding his craft and keeping up to date on all of the best new treasures coming your way; from top new slots to the juiciest casino bonuses around!

What makes Lewis an expert?

Lewis has spent over 3 years honing his online casino and sports betting knowledge at some of the top iGaming sites in the UK. Working extensively with over 30+ of the top gaming providers, including Pragmatic Play and Blueprint, he knows what titles are loved by players and what to keep your eyes on for the future. Understanding the subtle details is where Lewis shines so so you can always trust him to give you all of the crucial information to maximise your potential on the best casino bonuses and deals.


  • Assistant Gaming Specialist - May 2024 - Present


  • Content Executive - July 2023 - April 2024
  • Junior Content Writer - Nov 2021 - July 2023


Lewis's educational background has allowed him to refine his essential skills for his career in iGaming.

Free spins deposit bonus

3 years in iGaming

Lewis has extensive industry experience


First-hand bonus offer creator

Lewis has experience with creating operator bonuses and knows what a good deal looks like


Extensive gaming experience

Worked with over 30+ top game providers including assisting with the launch of fully-exclusive titles like Squids In! and Pyramid Potions.


University of Aberdeen

Possesses 2 degrees including an MA Honours and an MSC Masters degree

How does Lewis stay up-to-date?

Staying up-to-date with changing regulations and new products is an important part of Lewis's job. He needs to know all the latest news and changes to keep players in the know at all times. There's a handful of publications and websites Lewis checks for iGaming news daily including:

EGR new.png

EGR Global

EGR Global is one of the top resources for iGaming news with trusted writers and the latest stories. (1).png

You can find everything from global iGaming news to industry events on offer at


Gambling Commission

The Gambling Commission oversees gambling activities in the UK. It offers services and functions that ensure fair, safe, and transparent gambling practices.

Q&A with Lewis

What got you into writing about casinos?

"Growing up, I had a massive passion for video games and would frequently read and write reviews inspired by publications from the likes of IGN and Kotaku. Diving deep into the workings of what makes a game enjoyable and memorable has always been a fascination of mine and is something that translated seamlessly into the world of casino writing.

Pairing that with my love for a good deal and you've got a match made in heaven! I love nothing more than letting people know when a cracking deal is available and, with the healthy number of casino sites available, there's always something to look forward to."

What's the first thing you look for at an online casino?

"Brand identity is one of the main things I look at when evaluating any casino brand. This could be how hard they push bonuses, what player demographics they target, or even just how they present themselves through their content. There are tons of casino sites out there and finding the ones that speak to you on a consumer level is important to finding what fits you best."

If you could only play one casino game forever, what would it be?

"I've always had a soft spot for a good game of Baccarat! It holds a place in my heart as my first real exposure to the world of iGaming and was the topic of my very first casino article back in 2021. Deliciously simple rules that means you can be comfortable in a matter of rounds without the need for complex guides or charts."

What makes a good casino game in your opinion?

"As someone who has had hands-on experience with 1,000+ slots and casino games, bonus features and free spins modes are a primary factor in what keeps me invested in a title. When a casino game can innovate and show its creativity with a solid bonus, it can really highlight the passion of the studio and build the excitement as a player of what could happen next!

Some of my personal favourites include online slot titles like Gold Blitz and Dragons Clusterbuster or Evolution live casino titles like Crazy Time and Infinite Blackjack."

Lewis's top tip

"Understanding RTP and volatility is vital to making the most of your casino play. Do your research and experiment with different types of games to get a feel for what works for you and be mindful of sites that offer the highest available RTP for each game"

Lewis's areas of expertise

The world of iGaming is a wide and varied space so it's always good to specialise! While Lewis is well-read on all aspects of iGaming, he is particularly great with these:

Online gaming in the United Kingdom

Online gaming in the United Kingdom

The UK represents one of the biggest iGaming markets worldwide and Lewis has had his fingers on the pulse for a while now. As a primary hub of gaming content, the UK is an ever-changing market and he keeps up-to-date on all of the latest news and titles including UKGC regulations.

Casino bonuses

Casino bonuses

Having worked extensively with UK operators for over 3 years, Lewis has a keen knowledge on all of the best casino bonuses. Lewis has hands-on experience with creating original casino offers and knows all of the vital info worth reading through the T&Cs for.

Lewis's favorite iGaming influencer



"VegasLowRoller (Daniel Manachi) brings a perfect blend of slots gaming knowledge with a fun energy that can't not make you smile. I especially like that he prioritises low stakes and does the research on the games to maximise feature hit rates, RTP percentages and the chances of activating jackpots. A perfect channel for the realist who doesn't expect life-changing values when they spin on their favourite games."

Find him on VegasLowRoller on Youtube.

What iGaming events does Lewis recommend?

There are tons of iGaming events taking place globally all throughout the calendar year and Lewis has attended a selection of them. For anyone wanting to learn more about the industry and keep informed on what's coming for the future, he recommends ICE London, iGB Affiliate London event and SIGMA Europe.

ICE London

ICE London

"ICE London is one of the biggest and most important iGaming conferences in the yearly calendar. ICE is where all of the biggest names come together to show off all of the exciting new products and services coming for the future. Think of it like iGaming's answer to E3!"

iGB Affiliate London

iGB Affiliate London

"iGB Affiliate London goes hand-in-hand with ICE and is a great place to network with the top affiliates worldwide."

SIGMA Europe

SIGMA Europe

"SIGMA Europe brings even more gaming goodness with plenty chances to connect with worldwide colleagues and partners in the iGaming space."

Lewis's casino memories

Best gambling experience

  • "I had a rare opportunity to participate in a Poker tournament with some of the top names in the iGaming space...and won! Putting my Poker skills to the test against some true experts and winning was quite a validating experience and definitely added some swagger to my step that evening."

Worst gambling experience

  • "After a fairly consistent Blackjack winning streak, I made the mistake of selecting Hit on a hand value of 18 while chatting to a friend. This not only busted my hand, wiping out all of the winnings I had just accumulated, but also got a very justified look of confusion from the dealer. The advice to take from this story is to always pay close attention to your play and don't underestimate the power of complacency!"

I've worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry and I use my knowledge to help players find the best casinos to fit their style of play. Having first-hand experience with 1,000+ online slots and casino games, I know what goes into making a memorable title for your "must play" list and how to maximise your casino experience.

Lewis Crane
Assistant Gaming Specialist