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Playing Sic Bo online like a pro

If craps feels too overwhelming and roulette is getting a little too boring, you can to try your luck at Sic Bo. The fast-paced dice game combines the betting opportunities and dice found in craps with the simplicity that has made roulette so popular. The result has led to fortunes for casino players all over the planet.

Playing Sic Bo for real money

Real money Sic Bo is ridiculously easy to play. Just choose your bet and predict what the roll of the dice will be. Then roll and watch what happens. If your numbers come up, you’ll win.

If you haven’t played Sic Bo before, you’ll love it because:

  • There’s little to no learning curve making it incredibly easy to play
  • You get to roll the virtual dice and wait to see if you win
  • When you play online Sic Bo, you can wager as little as you want

That’s just the tip of the chip stack of why you’ll love to play Sic Bo online. Read on for the strategy advice and tips you need to roll one big win after another.

Getting to know the game

Sic Bo Table

There are two components to Sic Bo that you should know about - the betting board and the dice. While you might be used to games with a pair of dice, Sic Bo actually employs three dice. Your job is to predict the exact number that comes up, the set of numbers that hits, or the total of the three dice.

Each bet comes with a different payout and you’re free to bet on multiple outcomes at once, just like in roulette. Here’s a look at the different elements you need to know about:

  • Total

    This one is the simplest real money Sic Bo bet. You’ll have the opportunity to bet on the total of the three dice, and you can bet on any number from 4 through 16. You’ll notice that 3 and 18 are missing. That’s because they show up as triple bets elsewhere on the board.

  • Single

    When you place a single bet, you bet on a number that you think will appear on at least one of the dice. That means if you bet on a 3, you’ll win if at least one die lands on a 3.

  • Double

    With a double bet, you place a bet on the number you think will be rolled on two of the dice.

  • Triple

    If you think all three dice will end up with the same number, go ahead and bet on a triple. The payout for a triple is 30:1 at most online Sic Bo casinos. You can also bet on a specific triple, and that pays out 180:1. Obviously the odds of winning this are slim, but in any case it is a thrilling wager.

Learn to play Sic Bo in 3 steps

  • 1
    Drop your chips on any betting element seen on the board
  • 2
    Click or tap the ‘Roll’ button on screen
  • 3
    Wait for the dice to land

When playing online, you’re in control of when the rolling happens. In a land-based casino, the house takes care of rolling for you. While in craps players get to do the rolling, the dice are left in the hands of the croupier for Sic Bo. In fact, the dice are usually kept in a small cage.

Download your FREE Sic Bo reference chart

If you're new to Sic Bo, don't worry! We've put together a handy guide on how to play the game. Our guide takes you through different combinations, what they mean and what they are worth. Get help on your betting strategy and to understand the odds. You can download it right here as a PDF for free.

Get your FREE Sic Bo reference chart

Sic Bo reference chart!

How to choose a Sic Bo US casino

Regular gamblers like to know they are playing quality online casino games at quality sites. Before you get started it will be a good idea to have a set of criteria to follow when choosing a site to play Sic Bo. These are some features that can help you with your game play. Set your standards by them and you’ll be on your way to a great start.

Look for a high payout percentage

This is the rate a casino pays out in winnings as compared to the amount of money wagered. If a payout rate is 97% then the casino will pay out $97 for every $100 that's wagered. The difference is kept by the casino as profit.

As this is an overall figure worked out for the whole casino, it doesn't mean that you will see a 97% back on every wager you make. However, playing at a Sic Bo US casino online with a higher payout rate will boost your odds of winning.

Play at a safe & secure US casino

You wouldn’t spend your money in a rogue-looking shop just because they asked you to, right? You should apply the same logic to US online casinos. Sic Bo players can begin their journey to playing at a secure online casino by doing the following.

  • Look for the green bar of trust at the top of the homepage (this indicates SSL certification and encryption)
  • Check for safe payment options and firewalls
  • Find out if there are frequent in-house security checks

By taking these precautionary measures, you can feel confident that your money and personal information are protected.

How we rate the best Sic Bo US casinos

Have you tried searching for an online casino that offers real money Sic Bo? If so, you know that there aren’t that many available. Unfortunately, many US casinos don’t offer Sic Bo online for one simple reason - the payouts are often too high. Remember, hitting a specific triple pays out 180:1. Compare that to roulette where hitting an exact number gets you a 35:1 payout - it’s clear why casinos aren’t too keen on Sic Bo.

When you do find a real money Sic Bo casino that you love, it might not necessarily be a reputable one. That’s where we come in. As online casino experts we’ve taken the time to review every Sic Bo site available, with our 25-step review process.

After rating US online casinos, we compile a list of our top picks for you. If an online casino has made our list, you can trust that it offers one of the best real money online Sic Bo experiences.

Expert Rating Graph

Sic Bo strategy guide

Sic Bo Chips

Small and big bets

If you’re familiar with roulette, you know that placing an odd, even or colored bet offers you a nearly 50/50 chance of winning. The presence of a zero and double zero tips the edge in favor of the house, but it’s pretty close to being split odds.

In Sic Bo, sticking with small and big bets will give you the best chance of winning real money. A small bet pays out if you hit the numbers 4 through 10. A big bet pays out if you hit the numbers 11 through 17. Since the odds of hitting your number are high, the payout is low. These wagers pay out 1:1. That means if you bet $10, you’ll win $10.

Combining bets

If you want to walk away with bigger gains, you can employ a medium risk betting strategy that won’t break the bank. Consider placing your chips on multiple areas of the betting board. A smart winning strategy for real money play is to make sure you have four different chances of winning on each roll. While you might lose four times your bet if you don’t come out as a winner, you’ll make bigger gains when you do.

Sic Bo Table

Tips and advice for playing Sic Bo

Even though Sic Bo is pretty straightforward, make sure you pay attention to the following rules before you sit down to play:

  • 1
    You can bet on as few or as many outcomes as you want.
  • 2
    You don’t need all three dice to match unless you’ve bet on a triple.
  • 3
    If you’re playing at a land-based casino, don’t throw your chips and respect the general Sic Bo table etiquette.

If you’re playing online then make sure your internet connection is of ample speed and without interruption. Getting kicked off in the middle of a dice roll could result in an automatic loss. Make sure you read the online casino’s connection policy before you play.

Quick Sic Bo tips

  • 1

    Bet on a combination to increase your chances of winning

    With three dice in play there are hundreds of potential combinations available, bet on a combination to increase your chances of winning.

  • 2

    Steer clear of proposition bets

    Dealers may often try to tempt you with these, but the high house edge gives you very slim chance of winning.

  • 3

    Know what each roll pays out before you play

    You want to focus your mental energy on learning the ropes, not worrying about what the wrong play might cost you.

  • 4

    Stay away from big 6 or 8

    Don't give the casino a 9% house advantage! Place the 6 or 8 instead with a much healthier 1.5% advantage for the casino.

A brief history of Sic Bo

Nearly 2,000 years ago, people in China enjoyed gaming with stones, tiles and dice. To this day, many of their games live on in their original forms or modern variations. Among these is Sic Bo, which translates roughly as 'Precious Dice'. Around Asia, the game is known as Dai Siu, which translates as 'Big Small'.

  • 1,900 AD - 19th century

    Sic Bo is said to have originally been played with wooden blocks that had numbered sides. Over time these were replaced with three, six sided dice. The objective always remained the same which was to bet correctly on combinations of numbers that would be rolled.

  • 19th century

    During this time Chinese manual laborers travelled to the U.S. to work on the transcontinental railroad. They brought an assortment of games and traditions with them, including Sic Bo. Throughout work camps immigrants would play Sic Bo, but European-American settlers were not keen on the game up until the 20th Century. Meanwhile in Macau, Sic Bo was becoming popular with Portuguese colonies who would latter bring the game into Europe.

  • 20th Century

    It took two more waves of Chinese immigrants before Sic Bo was noticed by European-American settlers. In the 1920s and 1940s the classic American carnival adopted Sic Bo but called it Chuck a Luck. The cage in Sic Bo was called the birdcage and that term is still used today. It would take another 40+/- years for the game to become popular in US casinos. In 1937 Macau monopolized commercial gambling by awarding all games to Companhia Tai Heng. By 1960 Stanley Ho, along with his enterprise STDM, bid and won the monopoly. In 1970 Ho opened Hotel Lisboa which offered an incredible casino that featured Sic Bo on the main floor next to the roulette wheel.

  • 1970s - 1990s

    Sic Bo was an instant success in Macau. Vegas casinos took note and introduced Sic Bo tables in back rooms for visiting Chinese gamblers.

  • 1990s - 2000

    As wealthy Chinese tourists poured into Vegas, the well-known casinos finally welcomed Sic Bo onto the main floor. In 1995 non-Chinese gamblers began to play the game.

  • 21st century

    Sic Bo was off to a slow start in Europe, US, and Canada but things are picking up thanks to online casinos. In fact, many say that the ability to gamble online was Sic Bo’s much deserved big break. Now Sic Bo can be found at the leading operators and mobile casinos.

US Sic Bo online casinos – key takeaways

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🎮 Total Sic Bo variants
⚙️ Software providers
📱 Online Sic Bo apps
iOS, Android, Windows

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Sic Bo glossary

Term Definition
Any triple
A bet that all three dice will show the same number. This pays out at 30 to 1, which is more than the majority of the casino wagers. Not the same as a triple bet.
The amount of money that a player has at his or her disposal for gambling, on or off of the table.
Betting table
A betting table gives players a chance to make their wagers from the top down.
Big bet
A bet that wins when the sum of the dice is between 11 and 17. The payout for a big bet is 1 to 1 and the low house edge makes this perfect for new players.
Small bet
A bet that wins when the sum of all dice is less than eleven. With the exception of triple ones, triple twos, and triple threes. The payout for a small Sic Bo bet is 1 to 1. This is a great bet for new players.
The device used by the game's dealer to shake the Sic Bo dice before the roll.
The clearing of all bets from the table and returning all chips to their rightful owners (either winning players or the house).
Six-faced cubes. Each side of the cube contains one to six dots, and each side is distinct from the others. Three dice are rolled in the game of Sic Bo, and their final position determines which bets win and which bets lose.
Slang for making the same bet (with the same value) as the previous round. Re-betting is, as with most casino games, quite common in Sic Bo.
A feature that is only offered by online casinos. The spin button sets the cage in motion, spinning the dice to prepare for the roll.
A wager on one number, also called a single bet. The payout for one dice matching the number is 1 to 1, while getting two or three dice with the correct number will offer higher payouts.
A bet that two of the three dice will display a specific number. Players can only make a double bet on numbers ranging from one to six.
A bet that all three dice will show the same, specific number. Of all of the sic bo bets, this is both the least likely to win and the most lucrative, with a 180 to 1 payout.
A bet that two different numbers will appear on two of the three dice. There are fifteen possible combinations of Duo wagers in Sic Bo.
A bet made on the exact value of the sum of all three dice. This famous kind of Sic Bo bet is obviously unlikely to win, but it does come with a high payout.
Weak bet
The opposite of a strong bet. A wager that does not depend on all three dice at once, but rather only one or two. An example would be making a simple bet.
Strong bet
A strong bet is any kind of bet that applies to all three dice at the same time. For example, betting that the three dice will have the same number is considered a strong bet. Ironically, these bets tend to carry high house edges, which make them weaker options.


What is Sic Bo?

It is a classic Chinese dice game (with a long history) played with three dice. The name Sic Bo means "precious dice" in Chinese. Sic Bo has a few variations with names like Chuck-a-luck, birdcage, and Grand Hazard. The game has some similarities to Craps where you place bets on how the dice will roll.

Where can I find the best US online Sic Bo casino?

You can find the best US online Sic Bo casinos here. Our experts rate and review every casino so you can choose wisely and get started quicker. We only recommend safe and legal US casinos.

What is a Sic Bo cage?

The cage is a container the dice are tumbled in prior to being rolled.

What are the payouts like for online Sic Bo?

To put it simply, different casinos offer different payouts. In a Sic Bo game each individual combination also has its own payout, and within each online Sic Bo casino a single play can be worth anywhere from 1:1 to as much as 180:1.

What is the highest betting option?

The highest betting option is a “specific triple”. That means you place a bet on a single number and all three dice must land on that number. Not surprisingly, these bets don't win particularly often.

What's the best betting option for beginners?

The best betting option for beginners is to start with either a small bet or a big bet. The small bet wins if the three dice add up to anywhere between 4 and 10. The big bet wins if the total numbers add up to any number between 11 and 17.

Is there a Sic Bo strategy I can use to win more?

Sic Bo is a pure game of chance, meaning there are no ways to affect the outcome. The laws of averages still apply, but you cannot use them to help guess how the dice will land. However, no strategy will change the odds you face.

Can I play Sic Bo for free online?

Yes, you can. Many US online casinos offer free Sic Bo games where you can learn how to play without risking your money. Once you’re comfortable with the game, you can start playing for real money.