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PokerStars Rewards overview

PokerStars Rewards is a comprehensive and engaging online rewards program scheme rewarding every PokerStars member. As you play at PokerStars online casino, this program awards you various benefits that can add some serious additional value to your gaming experience.

Whether you’re spinning slots, playing hands at the poker table, or betting on sports, each dollar you wager earns valuable reward points. These points are your ticket to exciting perks and work as tier credits, propelling you through the six tiers of PokerStars Rewards.

This image shows the online homepage of PokerStars Rewards.

As you rise through these tiers, the value of your rewards increases. You’ll gain access to Chests containing bonus spins, tournament tickets, bets, and StarsCoins - the exclusive currency of the PokerStars Rewards Store. Here, you can redeem your StarsCoins for luxury goods, exclusive branded clothing, poker products, and more.

Once you hit our special Visit Site link, sign up, and claim your welcome bonus, you’re automatically enrolled in the PokerStars Rewards program, with no additional steps required to join. Whether you’re new to PokerStars or a seasoned player, this loyalty program offers a unique blend of excitement and value tailored to suit players of all levels.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to sign up, claim your welcome bonus, and play your way to the best rewards PokerStars offers.

Quick facts about PokerStars Rewards

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Online poker players
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Weekly Chests
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MI | NJ | PA
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Benefits of PokerStars Rewards

The rewards program at PokerStars online casino, poker platform, and sportsbook offers an engaging and wide range of benefits designed to enhance your overall gaming experience. You earn StarsCoins through a tier-based system, which you can redeem for various prizes and perks via the PokerStars Rewards Store.

From tournament entries and coveted tickets to PokerStars Live global events, to bonus play and bets, there’s something to suit every player’s taste. The PokerStars Rewards program also offers luxurious goods, exclusive branded clothing, and poker-specific products. Additionally, Weekly Poker Challenges provide tailored targets that unlock valuable incentives based on playing history.

Below, I’ve summarized some of the main benefits you can redeem when using the program.



When you earn Chests through the PokerStars Rewards program, you can get StarsCoins to use on the PokerStars Rewards Store or redeem this currency for prizes like bonus play. I remember when these rewards were more randomly assigned, with less predictability in the rewards you could receive. However, since the 2023 update of PokerStars Rewards, you’ll usually receive a more consistent number of StarsCoins as you progress through the tiers.

PokerStars Rewards Store

PokerStars Rewards Store

You can exchange your StarsCoins at the PokerStars Rewards Store for a range of exciting perks and commodities, like luxury goods, poker products like cards and chip sets, and exclusive branded clothing. When I looked to see what I could get on the Rewards Store, I was really impressed with the range of products, but everything available is heavily poker related. The range is limited compared to other online casino loyalty programs, like DraftKings Dynasty Rewards, but you can still earn many exciting perks.

Bonus play, bets, and tournaments

Bonus play, bets, and tournaments

Your weekly Chests, determined by your PokerStars Rewards tier, contain various tokens you can use for bonus play, bets, and tournament entries. When I began using the PokerStars Rewards program, I was quickly rewarded with a $2 Spin n’Go ticket. This prize was a great introduction to PokerStars Rewards and promptly got me to grips with how it works.

PokerStars Live

PokerStars Live

PokerStars reward points can be exchanged for PokerStars Live tournament tickets, allowing you to enter live, in-person events worldwide. You can also qualify for these events through general poker play, but the rewards scheme offers expedited tournament entry. You’ll need to reach a pretty high tier to win tickets to these, as they are usually allocated to reward members at Diamond tier or higher.

Weekly Poker Challenges

Weekly Poker Challenges

The Weekly Poker Challenges on PokerStars offer you the chance to earn extra rewards based on personalized points targets, which vary weekly and are based on playing history. To participate, reach Silver Chest level or higher and navigate to the Challenges Window to find your points target. You earn 5 points for every $1 paid in rake or fees across all games. It will be easier for long-term players to achieve Weekly Poker Challenges.

Achieving the weekly points target unlocks instant rewards, including paying 10% to 40% of your rake or tournament fees. These challenges run at the same time as earning points towards PokerStars Rewards Chests.


How PokerStars Rewards works

Online casino, sportsbook, and poker players can embark on a rewarding journey with PokerStars Rewards. The program offers a series of tiers designed to appreciate and encourage loyalty, each unlocking potentially attractive benefits, including rakebacks and exclusive StarsCoins to use at the PokerStars Rewards Store.

Below, I’ve provided a guide to climbing the ranks, from the Blue tier all the way to the prestigious Black.

How to earn PokerStars Rewards points

At PokerStars online casino, playing your favorite games is more than just engaging entertainment - it’s a ticket to valuable rewards. Whether you’re trying your luck at slots, at the poker table, or placing a sports wager, every bet you make earns you reward points.

These aren’t just currencies you can trade for rewards. These points are your gateway to higher tiers of the rewards program, where points double as tier credits, and climbing from Blue to Black membership unlocks increasingly lucrative Chests.

PokerStars reward points

When you play at PokerStars online casino, you’re awarded reward points at different rates depending on the game you’re playing. Some games, like live blackjack, require you to wager $9.83 per point, whereas most slots earn you a reward point per between $0.50 and $1 wagered.

You can also earn redemption points to clear the wagering requirements of your PokerStars Casino welcome bonus. You'll notice there is a significant difference between the amount you must wager to earn redemption points compared to reward points. That's because you earn reward points via real money play, which online casinos prefer you to engage in.

Let’s take a closer look at some more examples of the amounts you’ll need to spend on games to earn points:

Online Slots
Slot RTP Amount required to earn 1 reward point Amount required to earn 1 redemption point
Table games
Game Amount required to earn 1 reward point Amount required to earn 1 redemption point
American roulette
Heads-up Hold 'em
VIP blackjack
Blackjack (three-seat)
Classic blackjack
Premium blackjack
Live dealer games
Game Amount required to earn 1 reward point Amount required to earn 1 redemption point
Live slots
Live roulette
Live baccarat
Live casino Hold 'em
Live blackjack

Sports wagering, where available, earns 1.7 reward points per $1 wagered, and for parlay bets, you’ll earn 4.7 reward points per $1 wagered.

Poker is the best way to earn reward points, as PokerStars gives you 100 reward points for every $1 paid in rake in Zoom or cash games, or any tournaments.

It's worth noting the progress bar tracking how many points you've earned resets every 28 days. However, if you're in a higher tier than Blue, you'll get the opportunity to exchange any expiring points for a lower level Chest. The options available to you will be made clear in your "My Rewards" area.

PokerStars tier credits

It’s worth pointing out again that at PokerStars you don’t earn the tier credits seen in the likes of Caesars Rewards and DraftKings Dynasty Rewards. Ultimately, your reward points double up as your tier credits.

Progressing through the PokerStars Rewards tiers, from Blue to Black, earns you greater rewards thanks to each level’s Chest having a higher value. For the lowest level, Blue, you can earn five Chests of $0.50 value. For Black, the highest tier, you’ll earn Chests valuing $330.

How many tiers does PokerStars Rewards have?

Step up your game with the PokerStars Rewards program, designed to enhance your playing experience and reward your loyalty in exciting ways. As you navigate this engaging program, you’ll find enticing rewards waiting for you at each tier. Each tier awards you differing Chest numbers, including rakeback, bonus spins, and bet credits.

You can also earn StarsCoins, which you can spend at the exclusive PokerStars Rewards Store, where you’ll find everything from clothing to high-quality poker chip sets and electronics. Or, you can convert your StarsCoins into tickets for some of PokerStars’ biggest online poker tournaments.

You’ll progress to the Blue tier once you’ve earned 333 reward points playing at PokerStars online casino, sportsbook, or poker site. Here, you’re granted access to multiple Chests, each containing $0.50 in prizes and rakeback alongside the chance to win StarsCoins. At this tier, PokerStars Casino rewards you with a 15% rakeback, and you can unlock up to five of these rewarding Chests, meaning you could pocket up to $2.50 per month in rewards.

Earn 935 reward points, and you’ll advance to the Bronze tier. In this level, each Chest reveals $1.50 in prizes and rakeback, plus the opportunity to win StarsCoins. You can claim up to five Chests here, accumulating up to $7.50 per month in rewards.

This image shows StarsCoins available via PokerStars Rewards.

Accumulate 2,850 reward points, and you’ll ascend to the Silver tier of the PokerStars Rewards program. Each Chest you unlock at this level contains rewards valued at $5 and an increased rakeback percentage of 17.5%. As a Silver member at PokerStars online casino, access up to seven Chests for a potential of $35 per month in added rewards.

With 12,500 PokerStars reward points under your belt, you’ll progress to the opulent Gold tier. Here, each Chest gives you a value of $25, and your rakeback generously increases to a substantial 20%. Plus, don’t forget the chance to win StarsCoins with these Chests. Within the Gold tier of PokerStars Casino rewards, you can access up to seven of these lucrative Chests, summing up to a potential of $175 per month in rewards.

After accumulating 40,000 reward points, you'll be welcomed to the prestigious Diamond tier. Each Chest is a gem, holding a value of $100, and the rakeback sparkles at a lavish 25%. Don’t overlook the opportunity to win StarsCoins, too. Unlock up to 10 of these Chests by progressing through the tier, and you can earn up to $1,000 per month in rewards.

After earning an impressive 100,000 reward points at PokerStars, you’ll enter the highest and most exclusive tier: the Black tier. Each Chest here is a treasure trove, boasting a staggering value of $330, and you will be crowned with a 33% rakeback. Plus, each Chest brings the potential of winning StarsCoins.

How to join PokerStars Rewards today

Embarking on your rewards journey at PokerStars Casino is a breeze. After signing up and claiming your welcome bonus, you accumulate points through the user-friendly rewards program.

Ready to get started? My step-by-step guide below seamlessly walks you through the sign-up process.

  • 1

    Tap our special Visit Site link

    This launches the official PokerStars website in your state.

  • 2

    Sign up and claim your welcome bonus

    Hit the "Register" button and create your account with your personal details, like the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

  • 3

    Make a deposit

    Head to the PokerStars cashier and select your preferred payment method to make a deposit. Ensure you meet the minimum deposit amount and any requirements to redeem your PokerStars welcome bonus.

  • 4

    Start playing and earn points

    You’re automatically enrolled in PokerStars Rewards when you register, so you can enjoy online casino games, sports wagers, or poker tournaments and earn PokerStars reward points straight away.

  • 5

    Claim your rewards

    When you reach a high enough tier, you’ll be given Chests, including bet credits, tournament entries, rakeback, and potentially StarsCoins, which you can exchange for perks and prizes on the PokerStars Rewards Store.

Where can I use PokerStars Rewards points?

You can use PokerStars reward points across all of PokerStars’ products. This includes its most famous product, its poker network, as well as the PokerStars online casino and sports wagering site. Every dollar of play earns reward points, contributing to weekly rewards Chests with potentially lucrative perks.

Your benefits include StarsCoins, which you can redeem on the PokerStars Rewards Store for luxury goods, exclusive merchandise, and poker products. You can also exchange StarsCoins for bonus play and spins to use on the PokerStars online casino.

This image shows the logo of the PokerStars Rewards Store.

As I found while playing, PokerStars Rewards Chests also contain tournament tickets, bonus play, and bonus spins without spending StarsCoins. Every Chest has a fixed amount of rewards, and as you progress up the tiers, you can collect a really impressive range of bonuses that you can use on the slots, table games, and sports wagering markets where available.

Completing Weekly Poker Challenges also earns you some great rewards. However, these are unlikely to appeal to the biggest poker fans out there.

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PokerStars Rewards FAQs

How to get $50 on PokerStars for free?

PokerStars occasionally grants members freerolls, subject to some terms and conditions. You may need to register or use a code to access these freerolls, so bookmark our PokerStars bonus code guide for the latest information.

How do you get PokerStars rewards?

You earn PokerStars reward points for playing online poker, table games, and slots at PokerStars online casino, or via sports wagering. Every time you place a wager, you’re contributing to earning points that elevate you through the tiers of the unique PokerStars Rewards program.

What is the reward system for PokerStars?

PokerStars Rewards is the reward system at PokerStars online casino, sportsbook, and poker site. The loyalty program awards points for wagering, allowing you to access rewards, bonus funds, bet credits, and other exclusive perks. New members are automatically enrolled so sign up at PokerStars today.

Can you get free money on PokerStars?

You can earn PokerStars Rewards Chests by wagering on real money games – so they aren’t totally free. The value of your Chests, which include bonus funds, depends on your tier. They start at $0.50 in the Blue tier and reach $330 in the top Black tier.