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Trump assassination

Trump Assassination Betting Market Springs Up on New Decentralized Ethereum-Based Trading Platform

A new type of decentralized, open-source gambling platform has emerged over the past 18 months that uses blockchain technology to cut out the middle...

Philip Conneller July 26, 2018
ISP-blocking plan scuttled by Quebec Supreme Court

Quebec Superior Court Strikes Down ‘Unconstitutional’ Online Gambling ISP-Blocking Scheme

The Quebec government’s bid to force internet service providers to block online gambling websites has suffered a near-fatal blow in the province’s Superior Court....

Philip Conneller July 25, 2018
Asian World Cup betting

East Asian World Cup Betting Syndicates Using New Tech, Cryptocurrencies to Bamboozle Authorities

With the FIFA World Cup just days away, authorities across East Asia are redoubling their efforts to halt the tidal wave of illegal betting...

Philip Conneller June 12, 2018