Donald Trump Returns to Las Vegas, And His Game Has Never Been More On

Posted on: October 9, 2015, 03:41h. 

Last updated on: October 9, 2015, 04:03h.

Donald Trump Las Vegas rally
Donald Trump and Myriam Witcher, a Columbian immigrant, swap declarations of love at the GOP frontrunner’s latest Las Vegas rally on October 8th. (Image: AP/Getty Images)

The Donald Trump Las Vegas GOP rally was packed with all the razzmatazz, bravado, and controversy that we have come to expect from the former casino mogul’s colorful campaign trail. His reputation for refusing to mince words was apparent from the start at the packed Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere Theater at Treasure Island on Thursday.

Many of his complaints were leveled at the media, which has criticized his campaign for its “circus” like atmosphere.Crucially, we learned that he was not fired by NBC from The Apprentice. “They’re such dirty, rotten liars,” he said of the media. “It’s disgusting.”

Berdghal “Should Have Been Executed”

His harshest statement, however, was reserved for Bowe Bergdhal who should have been executed, Trump said.

The US Army sergeant left his post in Afghanistan in 2009, only to be captured by the Taliban. His release was later brokered in exchange for the return of five Taliban members held at Guantanamo Bay.

“We’re tired of Sgt. Bergdahl, who’s a traitor, a no-good traitor, who should have been executed,” complained Trump. “Thirty years ago,” Trump added, “he would have been shot.”

The most surreal moment was Trump’s exchange with the aforementioned Latino immigrant, the distinctly non-Hispanic sounding Myriam Witcher.

Trump pulled Witcher on stage because she was frantically waving a copy of People magazine with Trump’s face on the cover as he was complaining about it, little knowing (apparently) that she was the world’s biggest screaming Donald super-fan.

“I’m Hispanic, and I vote for Mr. Trump,” cried Witcher, who said she was from Colombia. “We vote for Mr. Trump. We love you, we love you, we love you, all the way to the White House.”

Trump’s Perfect Moment

The moment was almost too perfect for Trump, who immediately seized the opportunity.

“I swear to you, I think she’s totally beautiful and great, I never met her before I swear,” Trump said, lest we thought it was a set-up. Trump has previously described Mexican immigrants as “criminals” and “rapists,” before conceding that at least some are “probably good people.’

Nevada is a swing state in the presidential elections, a key strategic win for any candidate, and Trump is currently ahead in the polls.

Of course, many here have still not forgiven Barack Obama for his unguarded remark that Americans should not “blow money in Vegas” at the height of the recession. The president was theoretically making a point about the need for thriftiness during difficult times, but it did not go down well in Vegas, which at the time was described as “ground zero of the world economic crisis.”

Did we mention that Marco Rubio, who supports RAWA, was also in town? Rubio actually spent part of his childhood in Las Vegas, where his parents worked in the service industry.

But back to Trump. Whether owning a casino or on a hit TV show, Mr. Trump knows how to draw a crowd like nobody’s business. And to our knowledge, the controversy over legalizing online gaming on the federal level and the Donald’s views on it weren’t mentioned while he was in the gambling capital of the world.