Canadian Cities With The Most Swifties Per Capita 

In Canada, about 79% of the population identifies as Swifties, with 31 million fans registering for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour pre-sale tickets. Many even plan to travel to Europe to catch her shows, as tickets are more affordable there. “Look What You Made Us Do”, Miss Swift! 

We’re honoring Canada’s “Love Story” with their favorite artist by uncovering which cities boast the most Swifties (per capita). We analyzed cities Taylor Swift has performed in by looking at the following factors: Google Search volumes when Toronto and Vancouver Eras Tour Tickets were announced, search volumes for “The Tortured Poets Department” (TTPD) album release, and the number of Taylor Swift-themed events.  

Key Findings: 

  • Montreal, QC is Canada’s ‘Swiftie Capital’, with a “End Game” score of 87.5/100 
  • Winnipeg, MB ranks 2nd place overall (84.8/100), with Halifax, NS following in 3rd place (77.7/100) 
  • Ottawa, ON ranks last overall, with a “This Is Me Trying” score of 23.2/100 

“…Ready For It?” Cities with the most Taylor Swift fans 

Montreal, Quebec wins “The Great War” and crowns itself as Canada’s ‘Swiftie Capital’ (87.5/100). Scoring 100/100 in Google Search popularities for when Toronto and Vancouver Eras Tour tickets were announced, and when the TTPD dropped, Montrealers were eager to get their hands on tickets and the latest album. Furthermore, residents can “Shake It Off” at the “22” (coincidence, we think not) Taylor Swift-themed events hosted in Montreal – the highest number in the nation. The city has clearly found its place in Taylor Swift’s Canadian “Love Story”!  

Often known as the ‘Gateway to the West’, this city may want to reconsider renaming themselves the ‘“Getaway Car” to Taylor Swift’. Winnipeg, Manitoba has the 2nd most Swifties per capita, with a score of 84.8/100. Like Montreal, they hit 100/100 in Google Search popularity for Eras Tour tickets and TTPD. However, they dropped the “Mirrorball” when it came to events, as the city only planned 5 Taylor Swift-themed events for 2024. Despite the lack of events, their passion for Tay Tay burns “Forever & Always”. 

Halifax, Nova Scotia ranks 3rd place in our Swifties per capita ranking, with a score of 77.7/100. While Haligonians scored 100/100 in Eras Tour tickets searches, they hit 76/100 when TTPD released. The city of Halifax will also be hosting 3 Taylor Swift-themed events this year, hopefully enough for Swifties to live their “Wildest Dreams”!  

Ironically, the capital of Canada is nowhere close to claiming the ‘Swiftie Capital’ title. 

Ottawa, Canada ranks last overall, with a “This Is Me Trying” score of 23.2/100. When Eras Tour tickets were announced, Toronto tickets only hit 37/100 in search popularity; with Vancouver tickets only at 6/100. However, Ottawan Swifties make up for its score as they’re hosting 12 Tay Tay-themed events this year – the 4th highest in the nation. Despite their low search popularity, Ottawa’s dedication to hosting events shows their love for Taylor, truly shining like a “Starlight”. 

Honourable Mentions (Swifties’ Version)

Calgary, Alberta: Not only does Calgary rank 4th in Swifties per capita, they also strike gold with Taylor’s lucky number, hosting 13 themed events this year. Could they be “The Lucky One” overall?  

Vancouver, British Columbia: Vancouver hit the sweet spot by ranking 5th place overall. Known for placing her most significant songs as the 5th track on each album, it seems Van City is living up to the ‘track 5’ magic

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Taking the 6th spot overall, Saskatoon stands out by hosting just one Taylor Swift event. They’re truly capturing the essence of “The 1” song

Conclusion: Swifties are here to “Stay, Stay, Stay” 

Outside of the rankings, 31 million Swifties have proven their love and dedication to Taylor Swift just this past year alone. It’s evident that Canadians across the nation are “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift.  


In July 2024, we looked at every city Taylor Swift has performed in, as our seed list. From there, we created an index analyzing and weighing a variety of factors. Please note that we didn’t include Lethbridge, Craven, and Cavendish, due to a lack of data.  

  1. Google Search interests when Toronto Eras Tour tickets were announced – 28% 
    • Dates: August 8-10, 2023 
  1. Google Search interests when Vancouver Eras Tour tickets were announced – 28% 
    • Dates: November 1-3, 2023 
  1. Google Search interests when TTPD dropped – 28%  
    • Dates: April 18-20, 2024 
  1. Number of Taylor Swift-themed events (Facebook and Eventbrite) –  16%  

Each city was then scored on a scale of 0-100 to determine which cities have the most Swifties per capita. 

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