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As Detroit Goes Bankrupt, Casinos Become A City Survival Tool

Detroit’s struggles have been well known throughout the United States for some time now, but they were thrown into sharp relief this week when the city became the largest in the country ever to file for bankruptcy. Now, experts say that the city’s casinos could be the key to keeping Detroit afloat throughout the bankruptcy…Read More

South Korean Soldiers Gambling Online Sees Sharp Increase

It may seem like somewhat of a stereotype to insist that those from Asia like to gamble, but recent statistics released indicate that this is one stereotype that rings true, especially when looking at soldiers from the South Korean army. Huge Online Gambling Spike A report by the Korean Yonhap news agency explained that 230…Read More

Illegal Russian Casinos Just Part of the Gaming Picture

The old coal mining adage that “I owe my soul to the company store” has taken on bizarre meaning with the recent discovery of an underground immigrant slave garment manufacturing “village” in Moscow, replete with an equally illegal casino.  The underground town – which held 200 Asian workers held captive against their will – was…Read More

Citing Money Laundering, Feds Still Trying to Regulate Online Gambling

Feds continue to scramble to create a national regulatory framework for online gambling, despite the fact that Nevada, New Jersey (and soon, several more states) are already in full throttle Internet gambling mode on their own. Even law enforcement seems to realize it’s a rather belated effort, as noted by Chuck Canterbury, who heads up…Read More

Pregnant Woman Misses Out on Share of £28 Million Jackpot

A British woman in a Merseyside office lottery syndicate has missed out on her share of a £28 million (more than $42 million) Euromillions win after taking the day off sick and is now seeking court action to get her hands on what she believes is her share of the winnings. Morning Sickness Kept Her…Read More

Filipino Authorities Want Gambling Tycoon Okada Charged

A joint fact-finding panel between the Filipino National Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice has recommended that charges be filed against Japanese gambling magnate Kazuo Okada, as well as more than 25 other individuals and 10 “juridical entities” in relation to the operation of Okada’s casino property in the Philippines. No Dummies The charges…Read More

Galaxy Gaming Nixed for California Casino Licensing

The four-member California Gambling Control Commission has voted unanimously to uphold a previous ruling that said Galaxy Gaming California LLC is unfit to do business with the state of California.  The California company is a subsidiary of its Las Vegas-based parent, Galaxy Gaming Inc. Even more scathing, the Commission specifically stated that Galaxy CEO Robert…Read More

Facebook Adds Sports Betting to Its UK Online Casino Offerings

Facebook made waves last year when they began offering real money slot machines and casino games to its UK users. Now, the social networking giant is greatly expanding the number of gambling options its users will have by adding sports betting to all UK users over the age of 18. Paddy Power Teams Up The…Read More

Florida Bill to Ban Internet Cafes Inadvertently Bans All Computers

Like many other states, Florida has been struggling with the emergence of “Internet cafes” that were really fronts for gambling. These sweepstakes parlors have been able to skirt local gambling laws by giving patrons a service for their money – say, time on the Internet on one of their computers – while the real draw…Read More

Buddhist Monks Gambled Away Donation Money in Casinos

Last year shocking secret video footage was revealed showing a group of monks enjoying a game of poker while drinking and smoking in a hotel room, which included a number of Buddhist monk leaders from the Jogye Order, the largest Buddhist order in Korea. Casino Trips Taken Ven Jangiu of the Jogye Order has now…Read More

Former £10 Million Lotto Winner Now Working for £6 An Hour

As Britain’s most notorious jackpot lottery winner, Michael Carroll earned the title “King of Chavs”, which is basically the British equivalent of being king of the rednecks, after pocketing just shy of £10 million (almost $15 million) on the UK’s National Lottery. Bad Fortune Carroll famously won the fortune in 2002 at the age of…Read More

Manila, Philippines Mayor to Cops: Enforce Gambling Code or Be Fired

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada says he’s planning on cracking down on virtually all forms of illegal gambling in the Philippine city, and that police who refuse to help with the push will find themselves out of a job. Estrada made the comments during a recent news interview. “We will immediately relieve those officers who are…Read More

Is Macau Mirroring Las Vegas’ Shady Past? Some Experts Think So

Back when Bugsy Seigel and the Mob ran Vegas, an unpaid gambling debt could easily find you in an alley getting your kneecaps whacked, and payola was as accepted a part of the business as cash counts and hookers. Then between Howard Hughes in the 1960s and intense FBI scrutiny of casino practices in the…Read More

Las Vegas Sands CFO Says “Sayonara” with $7.7 Million Stock Cashout

What did you get the last time you were let go from a job? If you were lucky, your co-workers probably took you out to lunch at Applebees and might have bought you a “Good Luck” $10 Starbucks card. But for the outgoing chief financial officer (CFO) at Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corporation, the…Read More

Birmingham Barclays Banker Embezzles Customer Funds for Gambling

In what seems to be an unfortunate trend, once again a UK bank worker in a position of responsibility has been caught with their hands in the cookie jar; a Birmingham, UK Barclay’s bank teller stands accused of stealing over £127,000 ($191,000) from customer accounts. Gambling Addiction Led to Account Thefts Julia Finney, 29, allegedly made almost…Read More