Florida Casino Arcade Robbery Suspects Nabbed, Investigated for Other Crimes

Posted on: July 10, 2022, 08:12h. 

Last updated on: July 11, 2022, 07:20h.

Two men were arrested late last week for a recent casino arcade armed robbery in Florida’s Lee County. Police were expected to also question the duo about a string of other thefts or robberies at arcades in the region.

Jwyanza Chito, left, and Lenny Myers, in mug shots. The two were charged for a recent casino arcade robbery in Florida. They were being investigated for other casino arcade thefts. (Images: Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

On Friday, Jwyanza Chito, 34, who is believed to be from Philadelphia, and Lenny Myers, 45, of Cape Coral, Fla., were charged for a holdup at the White Sands Arcade in Cape Coral. Each faces a charge of robbery with a firearm.

The incident began at about 10:52 am on Thursday, when the duo allegedly entered the arcade. Chito allegedly pulled out a Glock handgun and demanded money from a White Sands employee.

Once they got the loot — about $2,500 — the two fled from the scene. The money was stuffed into a pillowcase, police said.

That same morning, two men matching the description of Chito and Myers were spotted by a patron in the parking lot at Coral Palace Arcade, also located in Cape Coral. The patron then alerted an arcade employee about the suspicious men.

“The employee quickly locked the doors, and both [suspects] left the parking lot,” according to a statement from the Cape Coral Police Department.

Caught on Tape

The lot was under routine video surveillance. Police reviewed the footage. A photo of their car and its license plate was used by local police to track down the suspects. Chito later was then located by police at a Fort Myers motel. He was apprehended, as was Myers. The gun allegedly used in the crime was later seized by police, officers said.

In addition, Chito will face charges for a recent armed robbery at the Lucky Turtle Arcade in North Fort Myers, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office told WINK. An armed suspect allegedly placed a firearm on the head of an employee there, WINK said.

They were booked at Lee County Jail early on Friday morning. They appeared in local court in Florida on Saturday. Both remained in custody as of Sunday morning at the jail.

Other Arcade Thefts

Chito and Myers are being investigated for similar incidents last week at other Lee County arcades, WINK said. Law enforcement agencies are exchanging information on the incidents.

In one theft, two men stole about $18,000 from The Vegas Experience on Wednesday night. It is a gaming venue in Fort Myers.

The duo was playing games at the gaming property for about four hours, according to WBBH, another local TV station. Then, when sitting near the Monster King of Under Water gaming machine, they opened a lock box and stole the money. It was in coins.

Also, in Fort Myers, at the Arcade Black Horse, there was an attempted robbery last week, WINK said. One of the suspects had a firearm. But the suspects did not get any money before leaving the venue.

Charges Pending in Las Vegas

Thefts or robberies at casinos and arcades are a problem seen nationwide. In May, a man allegedly robbed a woman at Las Vegas’ Dotty’s casino. She had won about $30,000. Samuel Schmid, 28, who is now facing charges, allegedly yanked her pocketbook and fled the gaming venue.

Upon driving away, a manager, Alicia Gibellina, 60, was fatally injured by the suspect’s SUV. A second suspect, James Garvey Holmes, 54, was apprehended too, and also is facing charges.