Rekindled Relationships

What do Kit Harington, Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, and Miley Cyrus have in common? Beyond their on-screen and on-stage talents, they’ve each found love again with an old flame despite the challenges of distance, time, and even romantic complications.

If these superstars can make an old relationship work again after sometimes very public breakups, what are the odds that you can really learn to love again after calling it quits?

We surveyed over 1,000 Americans about their experiences with love and breaking up. From the ones who ended things for good to those who found their way back together again – we studied the elements that might impact your chances of igniting that loving feeling once more. Think your zodiac sign doesn’t matter when it comes to true love? Continue reading to see what we discovered.


Who's Breaking Up With Whom And Why?

Considering how many dates you may have to go on to find “the one,” or even how easy social media and online dating has made it to date multiple people at one time, the odds are you’ll go through more than a few breakups before you truly settle down.

Our survey found it was more likely for a person to consider a breakup their idea rather than that of the other party or even a mutual decision. Their primary reasoning? Nearly 30% of Americans said their last breakup was the product of different long-term goals . There are many signs to identify a relationship that might not be going the distance, including the commitment each person brings to the relationship.

Other reasoning included distance and dishonesty – each responsible for roughly 1 in 10 of the breakups studied.


Picking Up The Pieces

No one wants to contemplate letting “the one” go as a result of something that wasn’t that important in the grand scheme of things. Considering the myriad of reasons Americans gave us for why their relationships didn’t work out in the first place, we asked them about the issues they were willing to look past to give their relationships another go.

According to our survey, less than a third of men and women were willing to consider rekindling a relationships with an ex they no longer found physically attractive, while 69% would be prepared to take back an ex even after excessive drug or alcohol use. Further, 63% of Americans would be willing to look past catching an ex lying to get back together.

Half of those we polled said they would give love a second chance when distance was the concern, while slightly less than half were willing to forgive different priorities on long term goals.

The Odds of Getting Back Together

The Road to Reconciliation

What inspires most Americans to reconsider a former love interest? If you think becoming more attractive or making an ex jealous by dating someone else will do the trick, think again.

According to our poll, superficial efforts weren’t as likely as long-term commitments to convince most people to change their mind on a bad breakup . Like former “Grey’s Anatomy” star Patrick Dempsey and his wife Jillian Fink who filed for divorce and then called off the breakup a year later, life changes and long-term commitments can have a positive impact on what might otherwise have been a failed relationship.

Of course, if you think the friend zone also means being dead in the water, you might be surprised to learn that nearly half of Americans felt reconnecting as friends was the surest way to get back into a romantic relationship after breaking up.

Other popular reasons for making amends with past lovers included being open to long-term commitments (like marriage or children), sharing each other’s interests, and lifestyle changes.

Your Horoscope of Love

When the Stars Align

Astrology – the study of how stars and planets dusted across the night sky can influence our personalities, luck, and love – may have something to do with how willing Americans are to forgive (or be forgiven) after a breakup.

Our survey found people with Gemini and Sagittarius as their zodiac signs were the most forgiving. Geminis are described as being great communicators and can adapt to new scenarios, while individuals with the Sagittarius sign are often described as straightforward and optimistic. Similarly, Libras were the most forgiving when they were the ones who were broken up with. While Libras are seen as romantic people, they also tend to be peacekeepers.

The least forgiving people according to their zodiac signs? Aquariuses and Scorpios. Those born between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18 may be seen as friendly, but they’re also unpredictable and unemotional. Scorpios also tend to exhibit jealous and resentful behavior, making them prone to possessiveness and envy.


Fated to be Together

Whether their relationship status was a product of divine intervention, Americans who believed in fate when it came to romance had a better record of revisiting a past relationship than those who didn’t.

If you’ve ever felt destined to be with someone, you might not be alone. One study found that more than half of Americans across the country believe in fate, a sentiment that was stronger among women than men.


It's in the Cards

Like Western astrology, the Chinese zodiac suggests the constellations and planets can impact our daily lives. While the Western divination system draws commonalities based on the date and month of birth, the Chinese system uses the year to connect these personality traits.

Women born in the Year of the Dog (including 1982 and 1994) were the most likely to forgive someone who broke up with them. Described as being excessively loyal people, those born under the Dog are seen as having strong moral convictions and being kind-hearted. Still, men born under the Dog were among the least likely to give the relationship a second chance when the breakup was their idea in the first place.

Women born under the Tiger – known for bravery, charisma, and leadership – were the most likely to forgive an ex if the split was their idea, while men born under the Rabbit (seen as peaceful and sharp-witted) had the most forgiving natures under the same circumstances.


For a majority of Americans, once a relationship was over, they were no longer interested in rekindling the flame. Still, for nearly a third of people polled, the desire to try again at love was real . Our research found certain personality traits (including Western and Chinese zodiac signs) might have something to do with how willing people were to forgive an ex and how likely they were to get back together.

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We surveyed over 1,000 Americans about what it would take to date an ex-partner again. We then indexed their responses against self-reported demographic information to create the comparisons presented above.


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