Las Vegas Residency Rumors: Who’s Next If J. Lo Bows out?  

With Jennifer Lopez’s $90 million Las Vegas residency reportedly on the rocks due to disappointing album sales, the nation is buzzing with one burning question: “Who’s next if J. Lo loses her residency deal?” 

We surveyed 3,000 Americans about their thoughts on the J. Lo rumors and who they’d love to see step into the Vegas residency spotlight, if her deal falls through.  

Key Findings: 

  • 79% of Americans revealed they wouldn’t attend Jennifer Lopez’s Vegas show, even if money and travel were no issue 
  • Why? 53% admit they simply have no interest in her or her music 
  • Beyoncé is America’s top pick to replace J. Lo’s residency show 
  • On average, Americans are willing to spend $281.18 to see their dream artist’s Las Vegas residency show 

Over half of Americans show little interest in J. Lo’s residency deal. Here’s why 

We dug into people’s interest levels in Jennifer Lopez and her music, but found respondents saying, Let’s Get Loud for the wrong reasons. It seems there’s a (J.) Lo lack of enthusiasm for Jenny from the Block and her residency show.  

When asked, “Would you attend Jennifer Lopez’s residency show if travel and money weren’t an issue” a whopping 79% said they’d pass. The #1 reason for this unenthusiastic response? 53% admitted they have no interest in her or her music…ouch. 

Adding to the chorus of disinterest, 23% revealed they don’t enjoy her music, while another 22% would rather spend their time at a different Las Vegas residency show. With entertainers like Bruno Mars, Dead & Company, Lady Gaga, and Adele, it’s no wonder!

However, America’s disinterest for J. Lo has nothing to do with her latest album, as only 2% confessed they didn’t enjoy her latest album, “This Is Me… Now”. 

America’s top pick to replace Jennifer Lopez in Vegas 

We opened the floor to our 3,000 US respondents and asked them the burning question: 

“Which 2024 most-streamed artist or band would you like to see featured in Las Vegas’ next residency, if Jennifer Lopez’s deal falls through?” 

Time to get into formation, Las Vegas, because Beyoncé has stolen the spotlight as the #1 most favored artist for MGM Grand’s next residency spot. America’s longing for another Beyoncé residency is no secret, with recent fueled rumors running wild at a possible Cowboy Carter show. Sadly, these rumors have since been debunked, leaving many yearning for Queen Bey’s return to the Vegas stage.  

America’s global pop sensation star, Taylor Swift, ranks #2 overall in the residency wish list. Unfortunately, she’s currently globe-trotting with her record-breaking Eras Tour, leaving many hopeful for an ounce of residency anticipation. Meanwhile, Fleetwood Mac claims the #3 position in desired Las Vegas residencies. While we can only Dream of an iconic show, we’ll have to ‘go our own way’ to a different show for now. 

To finish off the top-streamed 2024 residency wish list: Eminem (#4), Ed Sheeran (#5), Miley Cyrus (#6), Post Malone (#7), The Weeknd (#8), Ariana Grande (#9), and Lana Del Rey (#10).

Themes and ticket prices: What Americans prefer for Vegas residencies 

To theme or not to theme? Turns out, 57% don’t have a preference! Only 29% are all in for a themed extravaganza, while 14% prefer their shows theme-free. 

Onto the million-dollar question: “How much would you spend to see your dream artist’s Vegas residency?”  

On average, fans are willing to drop $281.18. But if you’re dreaming of a front-row seat for the likes of Adele, for example, expect to pony up at least $1,000. You might want to roll those dice at Vegas’ luckiest casino or settle in the nosebleeds!  


As of now, Jennifer Lopez’s residency deal remains intact. But just in case the curtain falls, MGM Grand has a star-studded lineup of contenders lined up for their next star, as voted by America.  


In June 2024, we surveyed 3,000 US residents to gather insights on Jennifer Lopez and preferred Vegas residency preferences. Our list included 2024’s most streamed artists, according to Spotify and Billboard.  

The average age of respondents was 38.9 years old. The representative sample comprised of 59.6% female, 38.8% male, 1.3% non-binary, and 0.2% transgender.  

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