Park on Fremont Restaurant Closes for Renovation

A popular restaurant at the “gateway” to Fremont East has closed for a renovation.

Park on Fremont will get a major facelift, a patio dining expansion and new menu.

When the restaurant reopens on March 1, 2023, it will be a burger bar.

What’s the deal with “Park on Fremont”? It’s not a park, and you can’t park there! Feel free to add that to your little comedy show, Jerry Seinfeld.

Park on Fremont will double its patio dining capacity, but will still use the same petite kitchen, necessitating a streamlining of the menu.

The new burger bar menu will have about 10 items on it, with a renewed focus on craft beer.

This stretch of Fremont Street is temporarily a “link promenade.” You try writing a billion photo captions over a decade of blogging, smartass.

We first shared plans for a Park on Fremont facelift back in March 2022.

Park on Fremont is set to take full advantage of the foot traffic in the Fremont East entertainment district.

Here’s what Park on Fremont will look like after the renovation. We have no idea what’s up with the gnomes.

Remember when Eater Vegas used to get scoop like this? La-dee-dah.

Park on Fremont is owned by Ryan Doherty, and Doherty is completely reshaping the area with multiple venues including Lucky Day, Discopussy, Commonwealth (and its speakeasy the Laundry Room), We All Scream and Cheapshot (home of “Miss Behave’s Mavericks”).

If you travel farther east on Fremont Street, Doherty’s underrated Peyote restaurant is doing brisk business, despite its challenging location, at Ferguson’s Motel.

Doherty recently acquired La Comida, rebranding it to La Mona Rosa.

The former La Comida is set for a temporary closure, too. La Mona Rosa will close Dec. 18, 2022 for a renovation, with a soft re-opening Jan. 6, 2023 and grand opening Jan. 28, 2023.

La Mona Rosa, too, will get a revamp of its menu, along with new lighting and a more lively vibe (yes, including a DJ, but not the intrusive kind, we are promised).

La Mona Rosa will keep La Comida’s monkey. If you know, you know.

Ryan Doherty seems to have a handle on how to continue Fremont East’s evolution as a true, distinct destination. His venues have a different energy than Fremont Street Experience, and have been a hit with the bar-hopping crowd.

You know we’ll be checking out Park on Fremont when it reopens, and will definitely keep tabs on La Mona Rosa to make sure Doherty and his team doesn’t break what wasn’t broken. We sense it’s in good hands.

We’ve liked all of Ryan Doherty’s recent moves downtown, even the loud ones (we aren’t really a dance club person), because they all have unexpected layers of creativity, imagination and a sense of the bigger picture.

Doherty is making Fremont East something more than the sum of its parts and the party is just getting started.