Mind-Bending Banachek Show Calling It Quits at Strat

A remarkable show at Strat, Banachek’s “Mind Games Live,” is ending its run at The Strat.

The show closes on March 30, 2024, after more than 600 performances.

Which means there’s still a little time to see it, which you absolutely should, and we tend to hate everything.

Do not look into this man’s eyes unless you want him to know your date of birth, social security number and bra size.

Banachek (nee Steven Shaw) is a mentalist who doesn’t believe in mind reading. (Because psychic ability doesn’t actually exist.)

The entire 70-minute show consists of doing things that are completely impossible. Here’s our review.

No reason was given for the show’s closure, but wildly profitable shows don’t tend to close in Las Vegas.

We’re adding “Mind Games Live” to our list of underrated Strat shows that, following news they’ll close, cause us to weep openly. See also “Xavier Mortimer: The Dream Maker.” Mortimer’s show has yet to reopen in a new venue, despite teases that could happen. More sad trombonery here.

Strat’s dwindling entertainment line-up includes the sexy but occasionally disturbing “Rouge,” “iLuminate” (people dancing in LED suits) and the L.A. Comedy Club.

So, go see Banachek, then check out the Strat’s new neighbor, Atomic Golf. It opens March 22, 2024.

We haven’t been to Atomic Golf yet (think Top Golf, but norther). Atomic Golf cost $70 million to build and it doesn’t take a mind-reader to tell you they’re going to need all the help they can get in that location, despite chatter about the north Strip being “rejuvenated” by All Net Resort (which isn’t happening) and Fontainebleau (which isn’t rejuvenating anything).