Holsteins to Close at Cosmopolitan

A popular burger restaurant at Cosmopolitan, Holsteins, is set to close, according to a source.

We probably should’ve put “popular” in quotation marks, because popular (and financially successful) restaurants don’t close in Las Vegas.

The space will reportedly be taken over by Clique Hospitality, but no new concept has been announced yet.

When it comes to Las Vegs restaurants, it’s a cow-eat-cow world.

MGM Resorts now operates Cosmopolitan. It seems like MGM’s move into Cosmo was recent, but the sale was announced in 2021, if you can believe that. The deal was finalized in May 2022, and the resort still hasn’t converted to MGM Rewards.

Presumably, that happens August 1, 2024. We’ll see.

Our source says MGM Resorts decided to close Holsteins because the company is looking for a concept that will generate “more revenue per head.”

The source confirms the Holsteins staff will be let go. There’s been no official announcement of the closure.

The source says Holsteins will close in June or July 2024, so there’s still time to go and get some mid burgers.

Sorry, just keeping it real. Just about every restaurant at Cosmo is mid, other than Superfrico. Because Italian. “Mid” is the new “meh,” in case you missed the memo.

Holsteins was “brought to life by local Las Vegas entrepreneur, Billy Richardson,” according to the official Web site.

We refuse to milk the cow jokes.

Richardson’s company is named Gen3 Hospitality. The company has other venues in its collection of forgettable food, including Elephant Bar, Flour & Barley and Haute Doggery.

When MGM Resorts took over the operations of Cosmo, there was a lot of promising the company wouldn’t muck with Cosmo’s mojo. At which point pretty much all the executives quit, presumably due to how much they trusted MGM’s leadership team to follow through on its promises.

You can tell a lot of the O.G. employees are gone because almost nobody working at Cosmo now gets upset if you call it “Cosmo” rather than “Cosmopolitan.”

Cosmo is still pretty much Cosmo, and we love the idea of shaking up the restaurant offerings, despite it being a bummer Holsteins staff will be looking for new gigs.

Clique does an excellent job with its Clique Lounge, just off the casino floor at Cosmopolitan.

On the food side, Clique has had some hits and some misses. They manage the food hall at Aria, with overall positive results. They’re bringing in a place called Parm, so Clique has earned a lot of goodwill given that’s our culinary sweet spot.

More Clique venues: Tailgate Social at Palace Station, great. Side Piece Pizza at Red Rock, meh. Gatsby’s at Resorts World, great. Eight Cigar Lounge at Resorts World, meh. (Because cigars.) Clique’s Hearthstone recently closed at Red Rock. Salute also closed at Red Rock. Libre Mexican Cantina also closed at Red Rock. Hey, not everything is going to stick. Clique is also taking over the former Cleopatra’s Barge with a new concept, Caspian’s Lounge. When it doubt, farm it out!

We trust Clique will unveil its plans soon, and we look forward to sharing more when it’s made available.

In the meantime, you’ll want to hit Holsteins one more time if you’re a fan.

Update (5/11/24): Our scoop has been confirmed. Gen3 Hospitality tells Eater Vegas restaurant employees were informed of the closure on May 10, 2024. Which is really awkward given we first shared this news on Apr 22, 2024. The final day of business for Holsteins will be July 9, 2024.