10 More Free Things to Do in Las Vegas If You Have a Short Attention Span

It seems everyone is talking about our 10 Best Free Things to Do in Las Vegas If You Have a Short Attention Span, assuming our mom qualifies as “everyone.”

Here are 10 more free things to do in five minutes or less. Remember, pace yourself.

1. Train Cars at Main Street Station

Downtown’s Main Street Station is a treasure trove of fascinating finds and delicious discoveries, as well as, apparently, alliteration. Just outside Main Street Station, there are several fully-restored train cars, including the Blackhawk which once served as the personal car of dignitaries including Buffalo Bill Cody, Theodore Roosevelt and Annie Oakley. Total time required: Four minutes.

Main Street Blackhawk
Main Street’s full name has “Brewery” in it, so don’t spend all your time looking at trains, if you get our drift

2. Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

Even if you don’t know a thing about architecture, the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is worth a visit. The building looks like it’s melting, and was designed by Frank Gehry, an architect so famous we can barely stand to confess we’ve never heard of him before. According for former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, the building got its shape from a piece of paper. Total time required: Three minutes.

Lou Ruvo
Everyone knows you’re not supposed to put metal in a microwave.

3. Sewing Machines at All Saints

We must have walked by the All Saints store at the Cosmopolitan 50 times before noticing the incredible collection of about 1,100 antique sewing machines. Walk along the window displays, or stroll inside to see sewing machines large and small. Total time required: Three minutes.

antique sewing machines
The All Saints display window doesn’t appear to be anything special, but things aren’t always as they seam.

4. Ivory Tusk at Treasure Island

We never visit Treasure Island without stopping for another look at this incredible artifact, an intricately-carved woolly mammoth tusk. It’s located near the casino’s cashier cages, and is believed to have taken several generations to complete. Total time required: Five minutes.

TI tusk
This tusk took so long to carve, it shows how weaponry evolved between generations.

5. One Bar at Golden Gate

Golden Gate is the oldest casino in Las Vegas, but a stop by its outdoor One Bar is a reminder of why fun never goes out of style. Bartenders do double duty as dancers, and if you’re into into that, you can catch flair bartenders at the casino’s Stage Bar a few feet away. Total time required: Five minutes, although you’ll want to stay longer.

Golden Gate casino
We were totally pretending to take a photo of the band. We’re adorable!

6. Noodle-Making at Beijing Noodle No. 9

The talented chefs at Beijing Noodle No. 9 at Caesars Palace make fresh noodles throughout the day, and the process is a wonder to behold. Total time required: Three minutes.

Beijing Noodle No. 9
They should sell tickets. (Give it time.)

7. Meet Penn & Teller

Love comedy-magicians Penn and Teller? Well, you can meet them. They hit the lobby to schmooze with fans after every show. How is this a “free thing to do”? Well, nobody says you have to see the show. You should, but it’s not required. Total time required: Five minutes.

Penn & Teller
Unlike some jerks in Vegas, Penn and Teller don’t make guests pay for a meet-and-greet.

8. El Portal Theater

Under the canopy at downtown’s Fremont Street Experience, you’ll find what remains of the city’s first movie theater, built in 1928. El Portal Theater has the distinction of being the first building Las Vegas to install air-conditioning. Total time required: Two minutes.

El Portal Theater
Political correctness? This is Vegas! It’s an “Indian” arts and crafts store, so suck it.

9. Mechanical Bull at PBR Rock Bar

Of course we don’t recommend actually riding a mechanical bull! We just mean it’s fun to watch other people get thrown off them. You can also see people risking traumatic brain injuries at Gilley’s at TI and Chayo Mexican Kitchen restaurant at The Linq. Total time required: Four minutes.

PBR bull
You’re more likely to get carpal tunnel filling out all the release forms than you are to be injured by the bull.

10. Flame-Throwing Mantis at Downtown Container Park

It’s big, it’s loud and it’s a true crowd-pleaser. The giant, fire-breathing praying mantis at the Downtown Container Park is fiery fun for all ages, and since you’ve made the trip, visit the Container Park. It’s the quirkiest mall in Las Vegas. Total time required: Two minutes, much like making love to this blog.

Container park mantis
The mantis is 40 feet long and was originally built for Burning Man, a festival devoted to victims of gonorrhea. Probably.

If you finish this list, you’ll want to check out our 12 Things You Absolutely Must Do in Las Vegas and 10 Things You Have to Do in Las Vegas in 2014.

Or just sit there and gamble your face off. In Las Vegas, you’re the boss of you.