The best sports betting sites in Nevada 2022

If you are looking to get in on the legal Nevada sports betting scene, our experts have recommended the top sportsbooks for you. Included in these trustworthy reviews are top sports, welcome bonuses, free bets, and ongoing promotions. These sportsbooks are 100% safe to use, and our experts have you covered with what you need to know.

Our top recommended Nevada sportsbooks

#1 Top Rated Sportsbook
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Boom Fantasy screenshot
  • Daily jackpots
  • Covers all popular sports
  • Make predictions on player performance
  • Customer support via email
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ESPN Fantasy screenshot
  • Covers most popular sports
  • Follow your matchup live
  • Unlimited weekly transfers
  • Customer support via email & phone
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  • Guaranteed prizes on events
  • Several multi player options
  • Customer support via email & live chat

Sites for Nevada bettors to avoid

If you are wary of getting into the world of mobile sports betting in Nevada, you should look for a handful of signs that may signify that a sportsbook is not right for you. You should first check the deposit and withdrawal methods to make sure they are both fast and secure. Second, check that the sportsbook’s licenses are accessible, with no red flags for non-payment of winnings. Take a look at our list of sites to avoid to find out which sites you should steer clear of.

Top online sportsbooks in Nevada

For those looking into the sports betting world, having a trustworthy and safe sportsbook is essential. In this section we offer you the best Nevada sportsbooks you can find online.



This is not your average sportsbook. At Winview, you are competing against real sports fans while the games are going on with immediate pay-outs every quarter. Winview pays you to predict what will happen next and you have the option to choose from any NBA, MLB, NHL or NFL game that’s on TV.

Winview offers a welcome bonus of $20 when you download the app. Winview’s acceptance of all major payment methods is industry standard, and its quick pay out time allows customers to claim their winnings under 48 hours. Winview is also mobile friendly through iOS and Android apps and its interface allows for a sensational experience.

Boom Fantasy

Boom Fantasy

Boom Fantasy is a Daily Fantasy Sports spin off from Draft Kings. However, it is different in the sense that it does not employ a salary-cap model. Instead, users can make a series of predictions based on player performance. For example: which MLB pitcher will have the most strikeouts? Which NHL player will score the most goals? Or which NFL Player will have the most rushing yards? The user who accumulates the most points wins cash prizes.

Boom Fantasy’s mobile app is only available on iOS devices, but it’s a very clean and easy to use interface. Boom Fantasy is currently offering customers a 100 percent deposit bonus up to $600.

ESPN Fantasy

ESPN Fantasy

ESPN Fantasy is perhaps the most well-known of the bunch, given its stature in both the fantasy and sports content realm. ESPN fantasy offers users a chance to enter daily, weekly, monthly, or season-long contests. It covers a wide range of sports but is mainly known for its NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB contests.

It offers an app that is available on both iOS and Android and is industry standard when it comes to deposit methods and length of withdrawal. ESPN caters to both the novice and experienced DFS players and it’s among one of the most downloaded Nevada sports betting apps.

Yahoo! Fantasy

Yahoo! Fantasy

Like ESPN Fantasy, Yahoo! is a trusted and reputable fantasy experience if you are looking for daily, weekly or season-long contests. Yahoo! Offers a wide range of sports such as fantasy baseball, football, basketball, hockey, golf and soccer. Entry fees range from free to over $5,000.

Yahoo! Fantasy scores extremely high for user experience on both desktop and mobile. Its customizable home page allows users to get the information they are looking for easily and as quickly as possible. Yahoo! Fantasy is certainly a top sports betting app in Las Vegas, and it would be silly of you not to give it a try.

Popular sports to bet on in Nevada

If you live in or are visiting Nevada and are looking to get down some wagers on the biggest events taking place, your options are endless. Nevada not only hosts some of the most high-profiled events, but it’s the mecca of sports betting.

Football (NFL)

Football (NFL)

Football is king. That’s true in the South, that’s true in the Northeast and that’s certainly true in Nevada. Betting on the NFL gives bettors a chance to come together in ways they never thought possible. Want to lay down a few bucks on your favourite player to score a touchdown? Millions of fantasy players are cheering on that bet with you.

Football is extremely popular in Nevada and the betting options for it are endless. It also helps that the Raiders are one of the up-and-coming teams which drives attention on the league.

Baseball (MLB)

Baseball (MLB)

America’s pastime, betting on baseball has been around for what seems like an eternity, and nothing says summer like going to the ball game with some wagers in your back pocket.

The options for betting on baseball can be as simple as betting on the team you believe is going to win or the combined run total of both teams. Or you can take it a step further into the player prop category with things like over/under number of strikeouts, will player X hit a home run, total bases, stolen bases and everything in between. Either way, if you’re looking to enjoy three hours in the sun with some beer and hot dogs, baseball is the sport for you.

Basketball (NBA)

Basketball (NBA)

While not quite on the level of the NFL, the NBA betting scene has sprung to life thanks to the formation of ‘super teams’ and the quicker, more three-point centric game plan. You can bet the traditional options such as the money line, point spread or total, or you can bet first half options, individual quarter wagers, or everyone’s favourite: player props.

The NBA offers a constant news cycle filled with drama and hypothetical trade scenarios and because of that, it is very hard to look away. Rumour has it LeBron James wants to own an NBA team in Las Vegas one day.



If you are looking to wager on boxing’s biggest fights, you are in the right place. Not only does Nevada host the biggest names in boxing and UFC, but it also offers a wide range of betting options that include who will win the fight, how will they win the fight, the round the fight will be stopped in and everything in between.

Many think the boxing scene has gone the way of the dodo, but they would be mistaken. There are a ton of high-quality and marketable names ready to box their way into the limelight. Nothing beats watching a high-profile fight at a Las Vegas sportsbook.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey, in particular the NHL, is starting to gain traction with sports bettors now that it’s added more player props outside of the normal ‘shots on goal, or anytime goal scorer.’ It also helps that scoring across the league is up, and new bettors always want to bet on games with the most action.

The NHL has a ton of marketable stars, and with the addition of the Vegas Golden Knights, the NHL is starting to attract major attention from Vegas sportsbooks.

Motor Sports

Motor Sports

Nascar takes the cake when it comes to motor sports wagering in Nevada, but the emergence of F1 racing is not too far behind. Both offer up unique ways to get some money down on the race with head-to-head matchups or colour, number, and/or car make of the winning driver. That is of course after you make a few wagers on the outright race winner.

What makes betting on Nascar so great is that there are live odds offered on most betting apps in Las Vegas. This means it’s never too late to get in on your favorite car, or make an adjustment bet if things aren’t quite going your way.

NCAA Football

NCAA Football

Perhaps there is no more exciting time to be in Nevada and wagering on sports than a college football Saturday that has over 100 games going from Noon to midnight. College football is like the NFL in the betting sense, but it would be hard to make an argument against it not being more popular to wager on than its pro counterpart.

The betting options on college football are like the pros but the markets are a lot less sharp due to the fact that there are far too many games for the Nevada oddsmakers to be on top of.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Horse racing is the ‘Sport of Kings’ and it’s a massive market in which bettors continue to bet endlessly. No matter the time of day, or the day of the year, there is always a horse race to bet on and there will always be bettors cashing tickets on the ponies. Some of the best sportsbooks in Vegas made their mark with horse racing before turning to other sports.

Nevada sports betting facts

Sports betting has been legal in Nevada for decades and started accepting online bets in 2010. Below are some betting facts that show you how Nevada is second to none when it comes to sports betting.


Nevada is regulated by the Nevada Gaming Commission and Nevada Gaming Control Board


Nevada’s biggest sports betting handle to date was in 2019 when it reached $5.3 billion throughout the year


Nevada set a record in 2022 with $179.8 million bet on the Super Bowl


Nevada withholds 24 percent of net winnings over $5,000

Bet types and markets

Sports betting in Nevada is like sports betting across the rest of the world. There are certain bet types and markets that are universal but in Nevada, there are a handful of options that are more popular for bettors to wager on.

This is the easiest form of betting to place on a sporting event. A straight bet is when you wager a single amount on a particular game – either choosing the winner of the contest or the over/under on the number of runs/goals scored.

Free bets, bonuses and promotions

In order to ensure customer acquisition, sportsbooks will use the following bonuses to entice you to sign up and play. At face value, most look way too good to be true, but if you understand the terms and conditions you can find yourself taking advantage of these generous offers.

Bonus Bonus Description
Welcome bonus
A welcome bonus is an offer that is available to new players of a particular sportsbook. This tries to entice customers to sign up in exchange for a small bonus. These welcome bonuses can sometimes offer up to 100% of your first deposit.
No deposit bonus
A no deposit bonus offers bettors a chance to place risk-free sports bets on any permitted sporting events. The biggest benefit of this bonus is that you do not have to wager your own money in hopes of bringing in a return.
Risk-free bets
A risk-free wager bonus is a bonus that gives you something back in return should your bet lose. This could be a risk-free bet in the amount of your qualifying wager, or it could be a percentage of that amount.
Cashback incentives are aimed at keeping their customers engaged and playing at their sportsbooks. These cashback promotions normally consist of a 5-25 percent refund on losing wagers.
Enhanced odds
Enhanced odds are simply wagering options that have had their odds bumped up to offer more value to entice bettors to place a wager. These are usually offered as part of a sign-up promotion but can be part of a loyalty program for longstanding customers.
Loyalty offers
Loyalty offers are bonuses that are offered to longstanding customers. These offers come in the shape of risk-free bets or free bet credits from time to time. You are also able to accumulate points which you can exchange for things like cash, bet credits, and other sportsbook related things.

Legal sports betting in Nevada


Gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931. It wasn’t until 1951 that Nevada slapped a 10 percent tax on Nevada’s legal sportsbooks which drove most legitimate operators out of business or into the untaxed underground. In 1972, that tax was reduced two 2 percent and in 1983, the tax on sports betting was cut to 0.25 percent which made it a far more attractive proposition to Nevada casinos.

Nevada became the first state to accept online bets and that happened in 2010. Nevada was also the only state with legal sportsbooks until 2018.


To place a wager on any sporting event, Nevada requires you be 21 years or older.


Gambling winnings are fully taxable, and they must be reported on your tax return with Form 1040. Gambling income includes winning from lottery, horse races and casinos/sportsbooks. Gambling losses are deductible if you properly itemize the deductions, but you must be able to prove it through records of wins and losses. If you win above a certain amount, the sportsbooks can deduct 24 percent from your winnings on the spot.

How we rate the best sports betting sites

Our sportsbook review teams are among the best at rating and ranking online sportsbooks that you wish to play at. We take pride in educating potential players about a sportsbook's security and fairness. We also rate sportsbooks based on bonuses and promotions, sports betting options, mobile friendliness, deposit and withdrawal options and customer care.

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Responsible gambling in Nevada

With sports betting being legalized in Nevada, it’s important that sportsbooks take measures to promote responsible gaming. It is also the responsibility of the customer to ensure they:

- Avoid gambling while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

- Never bet with money you cannot afford to lose such as housing, billing or food funds

- If you believe you are developing a problem, seek help from a loved one or a support group.

- Check out our responsible gambling section to find tips on how to help yourself, or for outside support.


How do I get started with online sports betting in Nevada?

In order to begin online sports betting in Nevada, you must download your choice of sportsbooks app, visit one of the app’s partner casinos in-person, complete an application to create an account on the app and then make your first deposit in-person.

Do I need to visit a land-based sportsbook to wager in Nevada?

Most sportsbooks offer downloaded apps that you can make wagers on via your smartphone.

Who operates and regulates sports betting in Nevada?

The Nevada Gaming Commission and the Nevada Control Board are responsible for issuing licences to sportsbooks in the state and for monitoring the legal sale of sports betting products operating in Nevada.

Can I bet on college sports and Nevada teams?

Yes, you can wager on both college sports in Nevada as well as Nevada teams.

Does Nevada allow mobile sports betting?

Yes, all Nevada sportsbooks and mobile operators are permitted to work in Nevada.