Wynn Casino Abandoned Toddler Mom Claims She Was Confused, Possibly Drugged

Posted on: March 14, 2021, 08:42h. 

Last updated on: March 15, 2021, 12:59h.

Miriam Ramos says she might have been sexually assaulted and drugged soon after leaving her three-year-old at the Wynn Las Vegas in December. She eventually woke up in California. Now, she wants to see her daughter.

Miriam Ramos said she was confused and then woke up in California
Miriam Ramos, right, is shown with her daughter. Ramos left the little girl at the Wynn Las Vegas in December. Ramos is now under arrest and the child was placed in social services’ supervision. (Image: Las Vegas Metro via KOLO)

The unconfirmed version of events come in an interview Ramos, 26, gave to KLAS, a Las Vegas TV station, on Friday from a jail. Ramos is being held for abandoning the girl on Dec. 29.

“I would never abandon my child,” Ramos said. “I want to know where she is, and I want to know when I’ll be able to see her.”

Ramos recalls being with the girl at a restroom at the Wynn, according to the interview.  But she claims she only left the restroom to put luggage in an Uber car.

She allegedly asked an unnamed woman to watch the little girl for a matter of minutes. What happened next is a blur for Ramos. She later woke up in California.

“I don’t even know how long I was there before I woke up,” Ramos told the TV station. “I was confused for days.  I didn’t even know [where] I was.”

“I wasn’t even thinking right. I can’t even remember that I have a daughter for a while.”

Ramos was arrested in California on Feb. 17. She was charged with child abuse or neglect.

She was extradited to Nevada to face the case in criminal court. She is currently being held without bail, KSNV, another local TV station, reported.

Ramos formerly lived in Maryland. She told KLAS if she had wanted to abandon the girl, “it would be in Maryland.”

Ramos Said She Met Men on Dating Site

When she and her daughter got to Las Vegas, she was planning to live with a friend. That plan failed.

So, Ramos would meet men on “Plenty of Fish.” That is an online dating site.

The mother and daughter would stay with a man for a while. Then, she would meet another man via the site.

Eventually, she met a man who was staying at the Wynn. At one point, Ramos said the girl was cared for by a babysitter.

But Las Vegas Metro police provide a different version of events. They say the three-year-old was found abandoned in the Wynn restroom.

Ramos was nowhere to be found. Surveillance video showed her leaving the hotel and walking on Las Vegas Boulevard that morning.

Police used photos and surveillance video to identify Ramos in January as the mother of the child. The girl was physically okay.

The child was quickly placed in the custody of Child Protective Services. Metro police officers concerned about the girl later went to visit her while she was in social services’ supervision.

Ramos had been in a taxi with a child earlier on Dec. 29, police said. During the ride in the cab, Ramos allegedly asked the taxi driver about emergency shelters.

Ramos Frequented Las Vegas Casinos, Police Said

Ramos also was known to frequent casinos on the Strip or in downtown Las Vegas, police said.

“I would never, ever want to spend a day without her,” Ramos said during last week’s interview about the girl.