Tractor-Pull Betting May or May Not be Sexy, But It’s a Thing

Posted on: February 15, 2024, 02:54h. 

Last updated on: February 16, 2024, 11:45h.

Paraphrasing Kenny Chesney’s 1999 hit song, She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy, tractor and truck-pull betting is coming to life.

tractor pull
A modified tractor at a pulling competition in Illinois. Betting on tractor and truck-pulling is now available. (Image: YouTube)

Full Pull Entertainment is bringing tractor and monster truck-pulling wagering to the masses with the debut of the Full Pull mobile betting application. Bettors who embrace traditional sports might scoff at the notion of tractor-pull betting. But data indicate this is a potentially underappreciated concept catering to a devoted fan base.

The tractor pull community is an audience of almost a million fans across the country, untapped by gaming. Fans sell out 60,000-seat arenas multiple nights in a row, and cash prizes for winners can total almost $300,000,” according to Full Pull.

The app currently offers free-to-play “pick ‘em” games and serves as a hub for fans to interact, access schedules, and research driver statistics. Real cash prizes are available with some of those fantasy games.

Conducive to Variety of Wagers

In its press release announcing the debut of betting on its mobile app, Full Pull didn’t detail the types of wagering it will offer on tractor and pulling competitions. Six are scheduled in rural parts of the U.S. from March 23 through July 19.

The object of a pulling competition is to see which tractor or truck can pull a heavy sled the furthest distance. The sled is stationary at the start, so there is no momentum to be harnessed by the pulling vehicle. Those who aced high school physics classes might find success with tractor-pull wagering.

“The two main factors are the coefficient of friction and the wheel speed of the tractor. It is possible to calculate the maximum wheel speed limit to move the sled. But the ideal speed may vary, depending on the type of competition. It is important to consider the static and dynamic friction factors of the tires, as well as the clutch and engine torque,” according to a 2007 post on Physics Forums authored by user “Comp.Cobra.”

Full Pull doesn’t mention how it will assign odds for its events, or if that job will be outsourced to a traditional sportsbook operator or a gaming technology firm.

Tractor Betting Adds to Wagering

Some naysayers might be inclined to criticize the audience for tractor-pull betting and the competition’s highly specific regional appeal. Then again, NASCAR once endured such criticisms, and it’s one of the largest nonteam sports in the U.S. today.

Plus, sports betting isn’t the place for regional snobbery. For several years now, Colorado bettors have been enamored with table tennis, while every Fourth of July, bettors in New York and New Jersey plunk down millions of dollars on hot dog-eating competitions.

Less than two years ago, Nevada regulators approved betting on Dana White’s Power Slap League. That’s slap boxing. Bottom line: the betting menu is growing and getting more unique, and tractor-pulling fits with that growth.