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coronavirus 2020 odds Joe Biden

Coronavirus Has No Party Affiliation, but Disease Helping Joe Biden 2020 Odds

The COVID-19 novel coronavirus shouldn't be a political weapon, but the deadly disease is certainly helping former Vice President Joe Biden's odds of winning...

Devin O'Connor March 12, 2020
Joe Biden 2020 odds Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden Extends 2020 Democratic Lead, PredictIt Political Betting Trade Volume Surges

PredictIt bettors say former VP Joe Biden is nearly a sure thing to win the 2020 Democratic Party race and square off against President...

Devin O'Connor March 9, 2020
Mike Bloomberg 2020 odds

Mike Bloomberg Joins Las Vegas Democratic Debate, Odds Heavily Favor Bernie Sanders in Nevada Caucus

Mike Bloomberg has met the requirements to be on the Democratic debate stage tonight in Las Vegas at the Paris Theater. Though it's the...

Devin O'Connor February 19, 2020