Betting on Hamster Races is Real, and It’s Live on Twitch

Posted on: July 24, 2023, 07:33h. 

Last updated on: July 24, 2023, 12:53h.

Streaming platform Twitch might be shying away from many forms of gambling content, but it’s adding a new one. Gambling on hamster races is real, and bettors can follow all the action on the Amazon-owned platform.

An example of a hamster race from a Hamstersgg stream on Twitch
An example of a hamster race from a Hamstersgg stream on Twitch. The streaming platform has called a halt to questionable gambling content, but this channel is live. (Image: Hamstersgg via Twitch) is a website that bills itself as the home of the “world’s first live streamed hamster race.” The site features a prominent link to the Hamstersgg Twitch page, where viewers can catch the races.

The website seems to be very new – a lookup of the domain name shows that it was only registered this past May. The site only launched its races and betting activity less than two weeks ago.

Rapid Rodent Races

There’s not much information available about the platform and the fact that it only accepts bets through cryptocurrency adds to the anonymity. Entering the site with a username and password isn’t possible – connecting a crypto wallet is the only way.

Twitter user Jonah “RealJonahBlake” Blake posted about the site, hinting that it could be based “somewhere” in Europe. He added that there were bets as high as $2,000 and, on occasion, as many as 4,000 viewers between Hamsters’ platforms.

The races apparently take place every hour, with the hamsters running through tubes to the finish line. The first one to cross is the winner, and those who bet on that rodent collect their winnings.

There are cameras atop each tube that follow the action, which the website owners assert is completely legitimate. Jonah points out that the hamsters don’t have to race, and no one forces them to dart out the gate when it opens. What isn’t clear is what happens to the bets on that hamster if it doesn’t race.

Another Twitter user, PZ, explained in a post that some hamsters, including Rocky and Buster, can regularly attract bets of $500. One of their competitors, CK, would be an underdog at any sportsbook that posted hamster racing odds. He’s won just eight races out of 334.

The Twitch page doesn’t have a lot of traction, only showing 942 followers. There’s also a Telegram feed, hamstersgg_official, that has 6,687 members.

In addition, there’s a hamstersgg_betting feed on Telegram. This one, however, seems to be designed more to pump a crypto related to the platform. It has 160,382 subscribers.

Odd Move for Twitch

Less than two months ago, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy said that online gambling needs better regulations. He said in an interview with Twitch streamer Filian that gambling sites should “adhere to the regulations of most countries…”

Twitch had banned a lot of gambling content following backlash from certain high-profile content creators. The concern has been that many operators, especially those with a Curacao license, use influencers to push their sites, but don’t provide the protections that are found in “most major countries.”

It seems odd, then, that Twitch, even in the face of declining viewership, would allow on its platform. One could argue that perhaps it hasn’t had time to step in, but two weeks should be more than enough for Twitch’s and Amazon’s robust software development skills to detect a gambling site.