Asia the Best Market for Online VIP Gambling: SoftSwiss Survey

Posted on: October 13, 2023, 06:51h. 

Last updated on: October 13, 2023, 12:13h.

Insights derived from an analysis by SoftSwiss, a global iGaming technology provider, and a data examination of its Casino Platform reveal distinctive trends across three key regions. Europe, Latin America, and Asia excel in online gaming, but Asia shows a higher concentration of VIP betting.

The SoftSwiss logo outside its offices
The SoftSwiss logo outside its offices. A new survey the company conducted indicates that iGaming activity by VIPs in Asia is greater than in other regions. (Image: SoftSwiss)

Asia emerges as a front-runner in high-stakes online gambling, with a noteworthy 71.6% of players favoring mobile betting. This showcases a preference that surpasses that of Europe and Latin America. The U.S. market wasn’t part of the survey.

In contrast, the percentage of female players in Asia is notably lower at 6.2%, indicating a gender distribution variance compared to Europe and Latin America. Despite Asia’s dominance, it’s not the leader in revenue generation.

Within the Asian demographic, players aged 31 to 40 stand out as the most prevalent group engaging in projects powered by the SoftSwiss Casino Platform. Slots are the go-to option, claiming more than 80% of all online gaming activity.

Europe Close Behind

The average spending of European players is significantly higher compared to other regions. This dominance in the iGaming market can be attributed to Europe’s advanced infrastructure, strong regulatory framework, and the high disposable income of its population.

The diverse cultural landscape in Europe fuels the demand for various iGaming products and services. As a result, Europe remains at the forefront of investment and financial success in the iGaming industry, surpassing the growth and reach of Latin America and Asia by a considerable margin.

Mobile devices are the preferred choice for betting, as 68.3% of individuals go for their portable devices when they want to gamble. It’s worth noting that the average amount wagered, although lower than in Asia, surpasses that of Latin America.

The iGaming industry unveils intriguing patterns within its innovative atmosphere. While gender identification isn’t obligatory in most online casinos, statistics indicate that nearly half of the player population, accounting for 47% of the overall gaming community, consists of men.

Europe is at the forefront when it comes to the proportion of female gamers, accounting for approximately 18.11% of the total, closely pursued by Latin America. Asia isn’t far behind in the race.

The discrepancy between male and female gamers is a result of the rising presence of women in the European economy. This pattern aligns with their improved educational attainment and enhanced prospects for earning personal income.

In Europe’s contemporary digital landscape, a dominant portion of Internet users belongs to the 31 to 40 age bracket. Notably, this specific demographic exhibits a notable fondness for slots, while card games and roulette take up the second and third spots, respectively, in terms of preference.

Latin American Growth Continues

The iGaming sector in Latin America displays a bright future, as more and more individuals embrace the convenience of online casinos and bookmakers, driving its continuous expansion. Envisioning remarkable progress in the coming years, countries aiming to adopt these regulations foresee tremendous growth.

Surpassing Europe’s numbers, SoftSwiss Casino Platform’s data for Latin America indicates that a significant majority of active players, accounting for 69.2%, utilize their mobile devices for online casino gambling.

Men dominate the gaming scene in Latin America, comprising the primary player base, whereas women only account for 17.4%. Among the various age groups, the largest contingent falls within the 31-40 range, representing 20.8% of the overall population.

The Latin American gaming market has been growing rapidly for several years. Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico have been fueling the expansion, and Brazil’s attempts to reintroduce gambling to the country could propel the region even higher.