Thai Lottery Player Attacked by Killer Bees Discovers True Meaning of “Gambling Sting”

Posted on: May 5, 2017, 03:00h. 

Last updated on: May 5, 2017, 01:02h.

Bee swarm Thai lottery player
Don’t try this at home (or anywhere): a Thai man (not the gentleman pictured here) was taken down by a swarm of bees when he tried to divine the winning lottery numbers from their nest. (Image: Reddit)

A superstitious Thai lottery contender, who believed he could mystically divine winning numbers from a giant bees’ nest, is slowly recovering in the hospital, after learning the hard way that there’s no fast track to getting rich.

To Bee or Not to Bee

The man, from Thailand‘s northeastern province of Khorat, learned that giant bees’ nests contain not winning lottery numbers at all, but bees.

Big angry bees, that when disturbed are liable to form into a giant swarm and attack the nearest human in sight. That’s according to the Buriram Times, which named the man only as “Jai” this week.

Concerned locals explained that Jai had been visited at his home by a friend, named Samai, who inquired why he had done nothing to remove the aforementioned bees’ nest from the rafters of his house.

But Jai erroneously believed the nest would bring him luck, and left it untouched. In many cultures, bees are thought to bring good fortune and prosperity.

Peer-to-Peer with the Bees

Intrigued by the notion of lucky bees, Samai suggested they climb up into the rafters and peer at the nest to see if they could discern some numbers for the forthcoming Thai lottery draw. Jai agreed. After all, he reasoned, what’s the worst that could happen?

Unfortunately, Jai is disabled in one leg and was unable to escape the ensuing swarm. While his friend leapt clear and ran off, suffering just a few minor stings, Jai was stung about 80 times on his face and body.

According to the Buriram Times, Jai was barely breathing by the time paramedics arrived. He was quickly taken to a local hospital, where his condition was deemed to be life-threatening. Fortunately, the fearless bee reader has since recovered “a little bit,” says the BT.

Motivation to Gamble

In a country where the average per capita annual income falls into the range of $2,100-$3,456, it’s easy to see how “bee reading” could seem appealing. Even “high-paying” jobs for educated Thais only average in the range of $725 per month. With a population of 65 million, 40 percent of Thais are considered to be living below the poverty line, according to World Bank data.