Woman Allegedly Left Infant Alone in Car at Oklahoma Casino for Five Hours

Posted on: June 22, 2024, 03:56h. 

Last updated on: June 22, 2024, 03:56h.

A woman left her medically compromised, 16-month-old child unsupervised in a vehicle for more than five hours while the mom was inside a casino gambling, Oklahoma police revealed this week.

Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Tulsa
Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Tulsa, pictured above. A woman was arrested for allegedly leaving her child alone in a car there. (Image: Booking.com)

Dacie Yeager was charged with child neglect for her actions on May 31 at the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Tulsa.

Security guards at the Catoosa, Okla. gaming property initially spotted the child alone in the car. The engine was left running and the vehicle doors were locked.

Police officers forced open the car and rescued the child. The infant, who’s reportedly on a feeding tube, was taken to a local hospital.

Yeager drove to the casino at 9:30 a.m. and didn’t return to the car until 3 p.m. when she ran out of the casino as police were by the car.

Yeager initially told officers the child was left in the car for about 20 minutes. But after checking casino surveillance video it turned out she was alone for more than five hours, Catoosa officers said.

Woman Questioned by Cops

Recently released body cam video from a police officer revealed the interchange between the suspect and the officer, as provided by Oklahoma TV station KWTV.

Officer: “Ma’am stop right there. Give me your ID right quick.”

Officer: “Why are we leaving a baby in the car?”

Yeager: “I went to go find his dad.”

Officer: “Why are we leaving an infant in the car?”

Yeager: “I went to go find his dad.”

Officer: “This is stuff I put people in prison for. Why are we leaving an infant in the car?”

Yeager: “I was literally out…”

Officer: “We need to make sure this kid is okay.”

Yeager: “I’m a nurse.”

Officer: “Is the kid okay?”

Officer: “Did you gamble a little bit when you got here?”

Yeager: “Yeah…”

Yeager was charged and booked in Rogers County jail. She posted bond and the case is pending in local court.

The child was taken by child welfare staff.

Police Chief Condemns Actions

“The mom said she had given birth to the child early, it has some medical problem, has a feeding tube that hadn’t been addressed, when they got to the hospital the child had a filthy diaper,” Catoosa Police Chief Ronnie Benight told KWTV.

How irresponsible can you be? If you’ve got a problem, get help. Especially if it is to the point where you are endangering your children,” Benight added. “Somebody could break into your car and steal the car, car could quit running, the air conditioning could stop.”

The high temperature that day in Catoosa was 78 degrees, according to AccuWeather.