Resorts World Fraudster Called Out By ‘Robin Hood 702’, Results In His Stalking, Arrest

Posted on: January 18, 2022, 06:51h. 

Last updated on: January 19, 2022, 11:08h.

Professional gambler and Las Vegas persona “Robin Hood 702” claims he has been harassed and stalked by a former video games executive. The latter pleaded guilty to bilking $1.3 million from investors in a bogus company.

Robin Hood 702
Robert Cipriani, aka Robin Hood 702, claims he shares gambling winnings with the poor. But he faces prosecution for his criticism of Resorts World executives, who he says allowed criminals to gamble. (Image: San Diego Tribune)

But now Hood himself is the one threatened with prosecution by the Nevada District Attorney’s Office.

“Hood” is Robert J. Cipriani, who uses the medieval folk hero moniker paired with the Las Vegas area code because he says he shares his gambling winnings with the poor.

In 2016, Cipriani made international headlines when he helped the FBI bust drug kingpin Owen Hanson.

Hanson approached Cipriani in 2011 and asked him to gamble with $2.2 million in cash to launder it. Cipriani blew the lot. Fearing reprisal, he contacted the FBI.

But that’s another story.

Last October, Cipriani was incensed to discover that confessed fraudster Robert Alexander was gambling freely at Resorts World Las Vegas with money he felt should be used to repay his victims.

Who is Robert Alexander?

Alexander, 51, made $30 million by selling his video games promotion company to Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Grand Theft Auto creator Rockstar Games. But according to The New York Post, he blew his fortune in strip clubs and at craps tables.

His next venture was Kizzang, which offered sweepstakes-based online gaming through slots tournaments, fantasy sports, and scratch cards. According to federal prosecutors, Alexander resumed his excessive lifestyle. But this time, the money wasn’t his to squander.

Prosecutors say Alexander used Kizzang as his own personal piggy bank. He spent more than $450,000 at the gaming tables of Las Vegas. Another $579,000 went toward paying off his credit cards. According to the feds, Kizzang had no viable revenue streams.

Alexander has pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud and one count of securities fraud. But he has yet to be sentenced. He faces up to 40 years in prison and a possible fine of $5.25 million.

‘Stalking’ Claim

When Cipriani allegedly saw Alexander spending money like water at Resorts World, he says he contacted his old friends at the FBI. This triggered a request by Nevada gaming regulators for Resorts World to provide details of Alexander’s gambling history. This has been verified by The Nevada Current.

That’s when Cipriani says Alexander began following him around Resorts World on his mobility scooter while filming him on his phone. Cipriani says the alleged harassment lasted, on and off, for weeks.

On November 19, Cipriani snapped. He grabbed Alexander’s phone and took it to the casino cage in an attempt to prove the alleged harassment to casino staff.

Surveillance footage from the casino obtained by Cipriani, below, appears to corroborate this version of events.

But instead of proving his point, he was arrested, charged with larceny, and later released on bail.

Robin Hood 702
Cipriani appears to hand over Robert Alexander’s phone to casino employees in Resorts World security footage. Alexander, in scooter, looks on in the background. (Image: Resorts World Las Vegas)

Bail Violation

Cipriani subsequently vented by making several Twitter posts criticizing Resorts World management for allowing Alexander, and other alleged criminals, to gamble at the casino.

These violated conditions of his bail, which could now be revoked. Cipriani says he was unaware of these conditions. He is also facing a Category C felony complaint related to cheating at blackjack, which he says is trumped-up.

This hasn’t stopped him venting, though.

Resorts World has a lot of issues regarding lapses in their security due to budget constraints,” Cipriani alleged to “If they can’t protect high rollers from being harassed, threatened, and recorded, how are they going to protect the conventioneers?

“Genting’s Chairman KT Lim should have an independent investigation performed at Resorts World Las Vegas from an outside law firm to get to the bottom of why their Compliance Department and their President Scott Sibella are letting criminals gamble and be vendors at their property in Las Vegas,” he added.

“All of this shady activity at Resorts World will greatly impact the NY downstate gaming license Genting is trying to get approved,” Cipriani said.