Resorts World Las Vegas Controversial Taco Joint El Cabron Shutters

Posted on: June 2, 2022, 07:51h. 

Last updated on: June 2, 2022, 08:52h.

Resorts World Las Vegas is down an eatery at the $4.3 billion Strip complex.

Resorts World Las Vegas Tacos El Cabron
Tacos El Cabron outside Resorts World Las Vegas has closed permanently. The eatery became the subject of a regulatory controversy in April of 2022. (Image: Yelp)

Soon after Resorts World opened on the Strip’s northern end in June 2021, a taco joint called Tacos El Cabron began serving street tacos and San Diego-style Mission burritos outside the casino’s plaza entrance on the ground level. Less than a year later, the taco stand has closed.

The restaurant in April became engulfed in scandal after allegations regarding its ownership were raised. The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) initiated a probe into Tacos El Cabron’s ownership structure after San Diego resident and frequent Las Vegas gambler Brandon Sattler said a convicted felon had a stake in the operation.

Nevada gaming laws prohibit convicted felons from owning 5% or more of a business located on the grounds of a non-restricted gaming enterprise, such as Resort World. Sattler alleged that David Stroj, who has been convicted on illegal bookmaking charges, was a partial owner of the taco establishment.

Stroj denied he had any skin in the taco game, and claimed that his father, Peter Stroj, maintained full ownership of the restaurant.

Tacos Tossed

Resorts World responded to the claims that a convicted felon owned a business on its casino’s premises. It claimed that it was left in the dark regarding David Stroj’s alleged position. The casino said if the younger Stroj was discovered to have a more than 5% stake in Tacos El Cabron, “We will act immediately to ensure full compliance with all gaming authorities.”

Though no word was made public whether David Stroj was found to have such ownership, Tacos El Cabron quietly shuttered last week.’s Scott Roeben of Vital Vegas reported on Twitter that the Tacos El Cabron signage had disappeared from the small building.

The taco drama stems far beyond David’s alleged ownership, as Sattler is reportedly no saint either. Sattler was banned from Resorts World after allegations were made that he ran a scheme that defrauded investors through a bogus company.

Plaintiffs sued Sattler on claims that he swindled more than $11 million of their money by lying about a startup company he was running called SattCom Video. Sattler said he had contracts with numerous casinos across the country to install television monitors inside their resorts.

But the plaintiffs said Sattler was instead using their investments to gamble. Sattler did not contest the allegations and was subsequently hit with a contempt order and money sanctions by a US Bankruptcy Court.

Sattler maintains that one of his SattCom Video clients was Tacos El Cabron. It’s there where Sattler claims he learned of David Stroj controlling a more than 5% stake in the eatery.

Sattler Payback

Sattler says he was banned from Resorts World Las Vegas in early 2022 by President Scott Sibella. Sattler claims he and Sibella have been friends for years. But the RW boss denied those allegations before the state gaming board amid the Tacos El Cabron scandal.

I guess there’s a person they’re investigating on a fraud. He threw my name out there that I know this person,” Sibella told the NGCB. “I met the person twice. He’s been a customer for 20 years. I don’t know him from Adam. He’s done no work at Resorts World.”

Sattler rejected Sibella’s claims, alleging that the two “partied” and “did drugs together.” Sattler added that the two “probably had sex with multiple women at the same time. We did a lot of different things together.”